Celebrity Cars


KLM 58 was TMN 49

Chassis No. 22892 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M959

Briefly used in two films and enjoyed by Norman Wisdom!!

(extracts from AOC  Bulletin March/April 2014)

IMG_0001 IMG

Left Alvis factory20 January 1949

KPP 615 with Spencer Tracy??



KPP 615 (believed to be Chassis No.21515 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1057) in a photoshot with Spencer??

21515 left Alvis factory 2 February 1947

Roy Ramonde and MPJ 901


MPJ 901, Chassis No. 22674 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0187/09/8 belonged to Playboy cartoonist Roy Ramonde.

Car left Alvis factory 1948

James Mason showing off his collection of cars

Noticeably a TB14 in the background. He subsequently also owned a TD21.

Information about either Alvis would be welcome.

A young Jack Straw electioneering from a Woodie!

EWA 295B Chassis No. 21169

EWA 295B formerly FKW3
Chassis No. 21169


Courtesy of the Lancashire Evening Telegraph      Wednesday July 26 2000

Car rebuilt and now registered as EAS 818 – possibly an Agroback see Gallery

Peter Kavanagh’s Carbodies Drophead KLP 620 Chassis No. 23116 outside Broadcasting House


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