Major Rebuilds


Inspiring photographs showing the before and after of a major restoration.

Chassis No.21623   JYL 705 (Extracted from The Bulletin No.459 Sept/ Oct 1999)


Chassis No.23378 Reg: NPD 933

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Featured in the same magazine 20 years later!!


IMG_0002 IMG_0001

Chassis no.22332 Reg: GSP 100

Kevin Vernon, the proud owner writes

“I have spent 35 years working as a motor mechanic and always had a very strong interest in pre-war cars, for many years I have had a desire to stretch my knowledge and body my own special in the style of a early thirties sports car.  An opportunity arose
when a friend of mine heard about GSP100, the owner was about to scrap the
car, he had owned it and done nothing with it for 9 years and was about to
move house, it was in a terrible state. I bought the rolling chassis and
running gear and I am now enjoying the body design and build process,
progress is a little slow as I have to fit it in with family life and
working quite long hours.  So the car is getting a new lease of life in a
slightly different guise, I don’t feel too guilty about loss of originality
because as you can see there was not much of the bodywork left”.




GSP 100 Chassis No. 22332

GSP 100
Chassis No. 22332

Chassis no. 21835 Reg; LVK 959 Mulliners Saloon


21835 LVK959 TA14 Mulliner 1996


21835 LVK959 TA14 Mulliner 2006


21835 LVK959 TA14 Mulliner 2012

Chassis No. 23206 (Originally BFB 183) ‘Lady d’Armor’

This magnificient and very beautiful car built to reflect the ‘Spirit of Yachting’ was built from a replica Vandem Plas special by French Naval Architect Jean-Yves Manac’h.

3 years of restoration – 3000 hrs, 2500 hrs by Jean-Yves himself. 33 coats of varnish on the new mahogany body.


LAS 468 Chassis No.23206

LAS 468
Chassis No.23206

After in 2011: 

Metamorphose Alvis TA14 n°23206_english

Chassis 23206 Lady d'Amour (formerly LAS 468)

Chassis 23206
Lady d’Armor
(formerly LAS 468)

IMG_0003 IMG_0004

NSV 525 (formerly SMX 267)  Chassis No. 21130 Coachbuilder A C Cars Co. Ltd.


21130a  21130c



Left Alvis Factory 16 May 1947                        ‘Work in Progress’

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