Rogues Gallery


Posted here are registrations and photos of unidentified cars. Any information which you may have on them would be much appreciated.

ME 5715
GNK 531
RV HH 384
LAF 946
SMH 27
KJD 212
TMH 200
JYM 538

KMB 58 Last known owner Dr Pearson, Where is the car now and what is the Chassis No.?

ZB 6868 A registration allocated by Cork/ Eire, circa 11 Aug 1947. Likeliest candidates are Chassis Nos. 21277 and 21274. Runners up Chassis nos. 21242, 21213 and 21211.

1. Woodie

Any knowledge of this car would be welcome.

Registration ZS 212

Photo by Grorge McKaige dated 1949 in Melbourne Australia - via Nick Georgano

Photo by George McKaige dated 1949 in Melbourne Australia – via Nick Georgano

2. Can anyone remember this car? The body was beyond restoration but the rest was saved to become a Special.

flower2wreck 010 flower2wreck 011 flower2wreck 012

4. Mulliners FCY 603

Possibly Chassis No. 22189 Mulliners body No. M519

Believed to have been collected from Cardiff distributors F. N. Morgan & Co. Ltd.October 1948 and to have been maroon in colour. Believed T. Cyril Jenkins owned her 1948 to 1950

RG 3

5. Mulliners

Possibly Chassis No. 22599 Mulliners Body No. M748

Did she find a new home?

RG 4

6. Woodie HPX 550

Interesting backdrop! Evidently Urquart’s Petersfield were the coachbuilders. They also bodied Rileys and Lea Francis.

RG 5

7.  Rather far gone!

Any information?

9 Carbodies

RG 11

Is this chassis 22913?

10. Carbodies DHC MZ 5715

Is this 23087?

RG 12

 11. Woodie

RG 13

12. TB14

RG 14

13 Carbodies

Driver sporting a bucket. Must be an Alvis Day driving test!

RG 15

14 Photographed in Glasgow 1940/50. Can anyone identify this Mulliners Saloon?

16. Chassis No. 20800


Can Aussie friends help to identify her? No details known.

Left Alvis factory 1 January 1947

17. EJY 506 Chassis No. 23125 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0287/04/9


Can anyone confirm these details?

Left Alvis factory 25 April 1949

18. TXL 391 Is this a second Worblaufen?

TXL 391

TXL 391a

Photos taken in Belgium. May have been rebodied – no trafficators!

19. MZG TA14 H


Photo taken in Germany of a ‘Special’ TA 14

20. LAF 946

LAF 946

No known Fourteen bodies by Allsop of Sheffield. Registration is Cornish circa October/ November 1948.

 21. Strictly Non Standard!


 22. JLF 504

JLF 504

Might be chassis No 20693 or 21057. Possibly supplied by Brooklands to West Country Booksellers 8 May 1947 and owned by Gordon Grant of Taunton.

23. Woodie

IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006

Probably coachbuilder Kevill – Davis and March.

Photos appears to be when she was new – no number plate.

24. Special not with original registration


25. Tickford


A damaged Tickford – possibly dropped whilst being unloaded from a ship. Was she rescued or written off?

Notes from Wayne Brooks:-

I received this copy of a period photo of a badly crashed, probably written off, TA14 drophead, silver with maroon wings, and landau irons, probably in the Chicago, area from Bill Potter (son of Earl Edward D. Potter 2822 US).  On the back is written “indla derm 12800 Stony Island” (Probably 12800 Stony Island Avenue, Chicago, IL, in the Illinois International Port District)  The Tickford appears to be perched on a pallet.  I wonder if the poor thing was dropped while unloading it from a ship?  Earl Potter imported over 200, mostly English, collector cars, including at least five pre-war Alvis, via the Port of Chicago.  So he would have spent some time in that area.  According to the records held by Bill Potter, Earl did not import any TA14s???


27. 318486

Does anyone have any information about this car?

28. GKV 737

Does anyone have any information about this Mulliners saloon?

29. Photo taken in Egypt in the 1940s

Has the car  survived?

30 Does anyone know the details of this car?

31 . LPL 271

Jack Hawkins’ car in ‘Fortune is a Woman’


Was she scrapped?

7 Responses to Rogues Gallery

  1. Nick Simpson says:

    No 18 is a standard Carbodies dhc with a permanent ‘hard-top’. Similar to 22290/KKR509

  2. Colin Newby says:

    Number 8 may be a Mulliner, but is not a standard Mulliner saloon, the back of the body is a completely different shape, also the doors are not fitted with draft excluders at the top of the windows

  3. Colin Newby says:

    No 4 is a fibreglass replica of a Duncan drophead, built by Les Siddall

  4. Robert Hyde says:

    Number 19 appears quite frequently on the web, usually wearing a plate for an ADAC Saarland Classic rally. It bears a considerable resemblance, but is not identical, to another special which is quoted to have been built by Comptons of Welshpool.

  5. kurzydlowski says:

    good morning,
    regarding number 19 i know the owner and the chassis number. We have exposed our cars on some meetings together. Did you got infos on the german Alvis contact ? If not i’ll ask my friend if it’ ok the send the info.
    by the way, i own a 14dhc by carbodies # 22736, first plated FOW203, now plated AC-995 CB in Departement Moselle, France
    best regards

    • Thank you so much for really good information. Could you ask for the information to be sent to me at eileen4ta.tb14s@rocketmail for privacy. Will write to you in a week about your car as we are away in Campervan and very poor internet.

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