TA 14 Gallery 1


 TA 14s in Chassis Number order up to 21979. For 22000 onwards see Gallery 2

GVC 845 Chassis No. 20500 Coachbuilder Charlesworth

First prototype TA 14

Prototype TA14 carrying a 12/70 radiator


A pre-war Charlesworth Speed 25 saloon body was used.


 Retained for many years as a Company car by the Alvis factory

Registration unknown Engine No 20509 Chassis no. to be confirmed. Coachbuilder F J Bidee, Belgium

Only example known to have survived. 2017 Barn find! 

Probably left Alvis factory 1946.

845 LHW 560 Chassis No. 20510 Coachbuilder Coachwork Specialists Ltd


No photograph available or knowledge of her fate.

Left Alvis factory 10 July 1946

JVC 611 Chassis No. 20523

Photo to follow

Believed to have been built circa Aug 1946. Coachbuilder unknown, a works development car run by Mr Wallace of Alvis Ltd.

Finally left Alvis factory 17 May 1950

Chassis No. 20528  TA 14 racing car (see also 31 October 2017 Post)

20528 20528a

Body built in Belgium

Photos taken at Monthéry 15 September 1948

See AOC Bulletin 438 for article

The car  was remodelled for the 25 – 26 June 1949 24 hour Le Mans race and painted yellow. Owner driver Louis Eggen and co-driver Kraft  de la Sauix.

Event: Date: 26.6.1949
Track: Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans (France), 13.492 kms Organiser: Automobile Club de l’Ouest
Le Mans 24 Hours
Non championship race

No. Drivers Entrant Make Type Model Engine Gr.
1 Chambas / Morel André Chambas/Ecurie Verte Talbot-Lago GS Coupé Talbot S5.0
2 Vallé / Mairesse Ecurie France Talbot-Lago MD Talbot S5.0
3 Chaboud / Pozzi Charles Pozzi Delahaye 175S Delahaye S5.0
4 Flahault / Simon Charles Pozzi Delahaye 175S Delahaye S5.0
5 Delettrez / Delettrez Ets. Delettrez Delettrez Diesel S5.0
6 Hay / Wisdom H. S. F. Hay Bentley 4 ¼ Paulin Bentley S5.0
7 Rosier / Rosier Louis Rosier Talbot-Lago Spéciale Talbot S5.0
8 Chanal / Giraud-Cabantous Louis Villeneuve Delahaye 135CS Delahaye S5.0
9 Leblanc / Brault Henri Leblanc Delahaye 135CS Delahaye S5.0
10 Rolt / Jason Henry R. R. C. Walker Delahaye 135CS Delahaye S5.0
11 Brunet / Grignard Pierre Meyrat Delahaye 135CS Delahaye S5.0
12 Bouchard / Larrue René Bouchard Delahaye 135CS Delahaye S5.0
14 Gérard / Godia-Sales W. S. Watney Delage D6-3L Delage S3.0
15 Louveau / Jover Henri Louveau Delage D6-3L Delage S3.0
16 Versini / Serraud Marc Versini Delage D6-3L Delage S3.0
18 Veuillet / Mouche Auguste Veuillet Delage D6-3L Delage S3.0
19 Johnson / Brackenbury Aston Martin Aston Martin DB2 Lagonda S3.0
20 Bartlett / Mann Jack Bartlett Healey Coach Sport Riley S3.0
22 Selsdon / Chinetti Lord Selsdon Ferrari 166 MM Ferrari S2.0
23 Lucas / “Heldé” Chinetti/J. A. Plisson? Ferrari 166 MM Ferrari S2.0
26 Culpan / Aldington Mrs. P. de Travelyan Frazer Nash High Speed Bristol S2.0
27 Jones / Haines Arthur Jones Aston Martin DB2 Aston Martin S2.0
28 Maréchal / Mathieson Mrs R. P. Hichens Aston Martin DB2 Aston Martin S2.0
29 Lawrie / Parker Robert Lawrie (GB) Aston Martin DB1 Aston Martin S2.0
30 Monkhouse / Stapleton Peter Monkhouse Aston Martin Speed Model Aston Martin S2.0
31 Folland / Heal Dudley Folland Aston Martin Speed Model Aston Martin S2.0
32 Eggen / Kraft de la Saulx Louis Eggen Alvis TA14 S2.0
33 Clark / Morris-Goodall Ecurie Lapin Blanc (GB) HRG Lightweight Singer S1.5
34 Scott / Gee Ecurie Lapin Blanc HRG Lightweight Singer S1.5
35 Thompson / Fairman Ecurie Lapin Blanc HRG Lightweight Singer S1.5
36 Trouis / Eckerlein Just Emile Vernet Riley Lynx RMA Riley S1.5
37 Manzon / Trintignant Amedée Gordini Gordini T15S Gordini S1.5
41 Lachaize / Debille Auguste Lachaize D.B. Citroën S1.5
42 Deutsch / Bonnet René Bonnet D.B. Citroën S1.5
43 Phillips / Dryden George Phillips MG TC Special MG S1.5
44 de Montrémy / Dussous Monopole-Poissy Monopole Simca S1.1
45 Hémard / Liénard Monopole-Poissy Monopole Simca S1.1
46 Lecerf / Redge Robert Redge Simca Dého Simca S1.1
47 Mahé / Crovetto Norbert Jean Mahé Simca 8 Fiat S1.1
48 Vernet / Batault Just Emile Vernet Simca 8 S1.1
49 Trévoux / Lesurque Amedée Gordini Gordini TMM Gordini S1.1
50 Veyron / Scaron Amedée Gordini Simca Gordini T8 Simca S1.1
51 Tocheport / Caron Robert Tocheport Simca 8 S1.1
52 Guillard / Martin André Guillard Simca 8 S1.1
54 Elder / Camerano Mme. Viviane Elder Simca 8 Fiat S1.1
56 Savoye / Renault Jacques Savoye Singer Nine Singer S750
57 Hardy / Roger Camille Hardy Renault 4CV Renault S750
58 Krattner / Sutnar Let-Aviation Aero Minor Sport 750 S750
59 Poch / Hodač Jacques Poch Aero Minor Sport 750 S750
60 Baboin / Gay Ecurie Verte Simca 6 Fiat S750
John Gordon Lancia Astura Lancia
Entered cars that did not arrive:
No. Drivers Entrant Make Type Model Engine Gr.
38 Veyron / Rol Amedée Gordini Gordini T15S Gordini S1.5
39 Scaron / Giraud-Cabantous Amedée Gordini Gordini T15S Gordini S1.5
B. Michelot Simca 1100 Simca
H. Grange Riley Riley
R. Delpech Renault 4CV Renault
R. Delpech Renault 4CV Renault
E. Mouche Delahaye Delahaye
Ecurie Canot Renault 4CV Renault
Eugene Chaboud Delahaye Delahaye
J. A. Plisson Ferrari 166 Ferrari
Charles de Cortanze
Peter Clark HRG
J. H. Bartlett Aston Martin Aston Martin
Victor Polledry Simca 1100 Simca
Guy Lapchin Panhard Dyna Panhard
M. P. Tenbosch Frazer Nash
Luigi Chinetti Ferrari 166 MM Ferrari

Left Alvis factory 16 August 1946

ANH 47 Chassis No. 20529 Coachbuilder Airflow

First TA14 chassis to be bodied by Airflow.

Note height of headlights.

Left Alvis factory 7 August 1946

JG 80 15 (Registered in the Netherlands) Chassis no. 20532 Cabriolet Coachbuilder Pennock 

One of only two coach built by this company, the other was a Graber style drophead coupe.

Reportedly this has a replica body made by a company called Veth in Arnhem.

20532 1946 Alvis TA 14 body by S.I.N.C.A. Brussels, front 

20532a 1946 Alvis TA 14 body by S.I.N.C.A. Brussels, interior

20532b 1946 Alvis TA 14 body by S.I.N.C.A. Brussels, back

20532c 1946 Alvis TA 14 body by S.I.N.C.A. Brussels, side

Photo below taken 2015


Left Alvis factory 21 August 1946

HVF 2 Chassis No. 20549 Coachbuilder Duncan


Left Alvis factory 22 August 1946

Chassis No. 20553 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M2

December 1946 Exported from Dover to Switzerland. The first saloon to be exported to Europe after the War.

Left Alvis factory 10 December 1946

KVT 719 Chassis No. 20557 Utility Shooting Brake Coachbuilder S H Wyatt


RG 7

One of only two built by S H Wyatt

Left Alvis Factory on 26 August 1946

AG-06-08 Chassis No. 20558 probably bodied by Vandenplas Belgium

See also ‘Cars of Interest’

Reg not known Chassis No. 20563 Coachbuilder Country joiner! Rebuilt by Thomas Allsop Ltd


No photograph available or knowledge of her fate.

Left Alvis factory 1 October 1946

GAC 289 Chassis No.20566 Coachbuilder Richard Mead of Dorridge


First Alvis chassis for this company. Aluminium body, full length doors.

Left Alvis factory 6 September 1946

JLP 344 Chassis No. 20573 Coachwork Mulliners Body No. M1



Photos thought to be 20573 participating in the 9 November 1946 Lord Mayor’s Parade.

Subsequently sold to Lord Grantley.

Left Alvis factory 14 November 1946 but completed 18 October 1946.

KBH 879 Chassis No. 20574 Coachbuilder Vincents

Great period photo


Left Alvis factory 11 September 1946

Registration unknown chassis No. 20575  Drophead coupe possibly Van den Plas


Shown with George A. Van der Wilde, December 1958, Antwerp. left Alvis factory 10 September 1946, exported to Belgium.

ZH 101 285 Chassis No. 20576 Coachbuilder Worblaufen

1947 Geneve Motor Show

Rear of car in centre of picture at the 1947 Geneve Motor Show

Rare one off


20576 by Worblaufen - photo Werner Gutherz

20576 by Worblaufen – photo Werner Gutherz

20576 by Worblaufen - photo Werner Gutherz

20576 by Worblaufen – photo Werner Gutherz

Originally exported to Switzerland. With current Swiss owner for many years.

Left Alvis factory 30 September 1946

KUB 663 Chassis No. 20588 Utility Shooting Brake Coachbuilder Ernest Dews Ltd


Only one made by Ernest Dews Ltd, Brighouse, Yorkshire.

Left Alvis Factory 18 September 1946

KVT 718 Chassis No. 20593 Coachbuilder believed to be Barnard of Norwich

2020 Very nice condition

Left Alvis factory 24 September 1946

EBL 282 Chassis No. 20596 Coachbuilder Jones

Taken in East Anglia 1984

Left Alvis factory 12 September 1946

GHP 314 Chassis No.20599 Coachbuilder Carbodies   Allocated as Pre-production Model

Alvis Leonides poered Westland helicopter with cars

Left hand car


Photo circa 1989, Wigan, in transit between the Wirral and Consett

The first chassis delivered to Carbodies

Left Alvis factory ???

FWS 962 Chassis no. 20602 Fixed Head Pillarless Coupe by Coachbuilder Duncan.

Obviously not a happy customer!!!!!

Originally bodied as a Woodie that was found to be of unacceptable quality, chassis re-issued to Duncan



Second body made by Duncan. Left Alvis Factory 23 September 1946

FVE 609 Chassis No. 20610 Utility Shooting Brake Coachbuilder T B Scotney




Built by T B Scotney, St Ives, Huntingdon – A nice example of a Woodie built by a packing case manufacturer!! Left Alvis Factory 23 September 1946.

JNB 847 Chassis No.20613 Coachbuilder Knibbs and Parkyn

20613 20613b 20613

Sat in garage 1968 – May 1990 when photos were taken

Left Alvis factory 27 September 1946

LNU 61 Chassis No. 20618 Coachbuilder ‘A local carpenter’ but maybe a Reeves & Kenning.


Owned by one family from new until deceased.

Left Alvis factory 2 October 1946

JSV 648 formerly JXM 901 Chassis No. 20623 Coachbuilder possibly Barnard


20623 20623a 20623b

1975 owner advised coachwork built by an anonymous boat builder or possibly Barnard

Left Alvis factory 18 December 1946

 JUR 827 chassis no. 20626 Coachbuilder Knibbs and Parkyn. Also claims to be a Mead body on an MG chassis!!



A restoration project in 1996! Left Alvis factory 11 October 1946

LPF 914 Chassis No.20628 Coachbuilder W H Gaze & Sons

Originally Green and Oak

Photos  2017

Left Alvis factory 2 October 1946

GVF 297 Chassis No. 20633 Coachbuilder Barnards Ltd. Norwich

Originally believed to have been bodied by Lea Francis, now confirmed as Barnards.

2020 very sound basis for the restoration currently underway.

Left Alvis factory 4 Oct 1946

EAY 374 Chassis No. 20645 Coachbuilder L.E. Jackson of Loughborough

Maybe a photo of this Utility

Left Alvis factory 18 October 1946

DNT 825 Chassis No. 20653 Unknown Coachbuilder


All set for the shooting party!!

20653a 20653b


For sale photos in 2016

Left Alvis factory 29 Oct 1946

EJF 41 Chassis No. 20671 Coachbuilder L.E. Jackson of Loughborough

Maybe a photo of this Utility, might also be a Squires

Left Alvis factory 18 October 1946

Chassis No.20674 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M5

Stored in South Africa for 38 years now fully restored 2021.

Left Alvis factory 21 Nov 1946, shipped to South Africa.

JMB 933 Chassis No. 20691 Coachbuilder Knibbs and Parkyn


Extract from the ‘Pink’ April 2009 showing a Knibbs and Parkyn coachbuilt car


Photo 2013 at High Bickington, Devon

20691a 20691b 20691c

Photos 2016 also at High Bickington

Left Alvis factory 26 October 1946

FYG 392 Chassis no. 20703  Coachbuilder Jennings of Sandbach


Only known body by this Coachbuilder

Left Alvis Factory 15 Nov 1946

KSU 320 Previously ACW 12 Chassis No. 20706 Coachbuilder Unknown Currently a 2 + 2 Special

20706a 20706b 20706c

Left Alvis Factory 13 January 1947

1AS Chassis no.20711 Special

‘Beaujolais Boys!’

Formerly an unidentified utility and rebodied by Norman Roper Marshall in 1970s. Now GRU 930



Snapshots of GRU 930!




Left Alvis Factory 18 Nov 1946

Chassis No.20716

3 cabriolets built on TA14 chassis by Graber of Switzerland.

The cars were named ‘Tropic Coupes’. It is not known if 20716 is one of the cars in the photos.

Left Alvis factory 4 November 1946

FWW 861 Chassis No. 20722 Coachbuilder Unknown, Originally a Shooting Brake

Converted into a Pick-up in 1958

Left Alvis factory 22 October 1946

GAC 197 Chassis No. 20723 Coachbuilder Cooper Motor Bodies, Putney Bridge Road, SW15


20723 20723a


20723 screen

1 off aluminium body

Out of deep storage since 1974 in the US

Oct 2015 For Sale in the US at $25,000

Left Alvis factory 29 October 1946

GDU 784 Chassis no. 20726 Castle Bodies utility


Left Alvis Factory 6 Nov 1946              Rebodied as Mulliners saloon 16 Jan 1948 (M1126)

MML 554 Chassis No. 20730 Coachbuilder High Elms

20730 MML 554

Photo taken at Crystal Palace Alvis Day 1966

Left Alvis factory 28 October 1946

HRO 840 Chassis No. 20750 Coachbuilder McMullen

20750 20705a

Photo above 30 December 2018

A beautiful example of a Woodie. Left Alvis factory 28 November 1946

FVC 866 Chassis No. 20757 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M7

Alvis Leonides poered Westland helicopter with cars

Right Hand car

Reported stolen 24 August 1963

Left Alvis factory  16 September 1947

FVC 865 Chassis No. 20763 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M13

Alvis Leonides poered Westland helicopter with cars

Second car from the left

Left Alvis factory  16 September 1947

LRB 167 Chassis no. 20771 Utility  Unknown Coachbuilder



Left Alvis Factory 6 Dec 1946  Bodied in oak and mahogany.

FA 8690 Chassis No. 20772 Coachbuilder unknown

Left Alvis factory 30 November 1946

NNU 290 Chassis No. 20773 Coachbuilder Duncan

Extracted from Bulletin 258


continued next page:-

to St Davids next month. We have had the van since 1947 and theTA14 since 1954 and she is now in better shape than ever.

Left Alvis factory 16 December 1946

DRP 267 Chassis No. 20777   Utility by Mackanass


Prior to renovation when it is believed the body was lengthened.


Left Alvis Factory 9 Dec 1946     Only one believed to have been bodied by Mackanass

97903 Chassis no. 20781



20781bBodied on standard chassis ordered by S.I.N.C.A, main Alvis importer for Belgium. Body shape possibly inspired by the contemporary Allard J series.

Left Alvis Factory 12 Dec 1946

JAL 158 Chassis No. 20785 was AM-31-84 in Holland Coachbuilder Angel Bodies




What a beautiful ‘outside in’ woodie!!!

Left Alvis Factory 7 December 1946. Only one bodied by this Company remaining.

NHX95 Chassis No.20789 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body no. M16


Photo taken at ‘Halfpenny at War’ venue May 2013

Restored in 1990

Left Alvis factory 13 January 1947

ANH 10 Chassis No. 20792 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body no. M20




Pictured smiling above is the owner at the time Ron Walton who worked for Alvis. Author of ‘Young Ron’ – see publications

Left Alvis Factory 28 Feb 1947

CUD 819 Chassis No.20804 Coachbuilder Airflow

Photos taken London 1984

20804 20804a 20804b

One of the few remaining elegant Airflow Woodlands – scheduled for restoration with ‘sister’ car 21112

Left Alvis factory 19 December 1946

MRB 602 Chassis No 20816 Coachbuilder Lindley’s of Long Eaton


One of only two made for local firms. Twin to chassis 21895, KAL 517 which is now a two seater tourer.

Left Alvis factory 10 January 1947

HDU 160 Chassis No. 20821 Coachbuilder Carbodies

Aluminium body specially built by Carbodies for the Director’s wife Mrs Dorothy Jones.

Unique pillarless 2 door saloon modelled on the 1936 Hillman Hawk.

Showing Mrs Jones and her daughter Judy at Chateau Impney near Droitwich 1950.

Left Alvis factory 8 June 1948

JYW 289 Chassis No. 20829 Coachbuilder Rawson of Harlington see ‘Cars of Interest’

EOU 1 (Now 274 UXO) Chassis No 20838  Coachbuilder Mulliners



Left Alvis Factory 21 Jan 1947

HAH 883 Chassis No. 20835 Coachbuilder Reliance 

1950s photos

Left Alvis factory 7 February 1947

JGJ 832 Chassis No. 20849 Coachbuilder Caravans of Kenilworth

Only known example of a TA 14 Shooting Brake built by this firm.

Left Alvis factory 13 January 1947

LNU 743 Chassis No. 20853 Coachbuilder Reeve & Kenning

Photos showing the car before restoration 2016

2020 post restoration

Left the Alvis factory 23 Jan 1947

C2299, chassis no.20883, coachbuilder Mulliners, body no.M26



Located in The British Car Museum, Te Awanga, New Zealand.

Left Alvis factory 11th February 1947.

FKV 600 Chassis No. 20889 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M41


Photo with Mrs Parkes, first wife of Alvis Chairman and Managing Director. Sadly Mrs Parkes died in the early 1950s. See AOC Bulletin 317 pages 55 -58 for article.

Left Alvis factory 11 March 1947

FSP 73 Chassis No.20906 Coachbuilder G W Dick & Sons, Fife, Scotland


Photo from a newspaper clipping 11 May 1949 which extolled the merits of Mr Dick’s company

Left Alvis factory 14 February 1947

HV 39 LP formerly CVG 541 Chassis No. 20918 Coachbuilder Duncan

Duncan with ‘miniature’ presented to owners Frank and Olive Ball in 1978


Moved to Holland in 1980 still with Dutch owner

Left Alvis factory 3 March 1947

JHN 273 Chassis No.20925 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M40

20925a 20925

She towed a caravan in 1954, probably the one in the picture – with her proud owners at Eggleston.

Left Alvis factory 31 March 1947

GVF 535 Chassis No. 20953 Barnards of Norwich Shooting Brake



GVF 535 Chassis no. 20953 Barnards Woodie

GVF 535
Chassis no. 20953
Barnards Woodie

A beautiful restoration. Left Alvis factory 3 April 1947

GAK 305 Chassis No. 20961  Coachbuilder Waterhouse, Wolesley body


At least two of these were made by fitting Wolesley bodies onto the TA14 running chassis.

Note the running boards!

Left Alvis factory 30 March 1947

SVS 424 Formerly AAX 323A in 1993 Chassis No. 20965 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 49

img_340415922022 Left hand car in photo – partly dismantled and for sale

Left Alvis factory 22 April 1947

NRE 912 Chassis No. 20977   Coachbuilder Jensen

Duxford 1991



Rebodied by Thomas William Marshall in 1963.

Left Alvis factory 27 March 1947

DUT 824 Chassis No. 20978 Coachbuilder Phillips

Unique coach-built body by Phillips.

Left Alvis factory 31 March 1947

CVG 119 Chassis No.20998 Coachbuilder Duncan


The first Duncan TA14 built. Shown with the only Duncan Minx


Photo leaving on its test run

At RAC Club Jubilee Year 1947 – Regents Park, London. With lady racing driver Mrs Kay Petre of Brooklands fame.

Used on a promotional tour of Scotland by Mrs Kay Petre .




Ian Duncan, who established the company, shown with a Duncan Healey (note the similarity from the bonnet back to the Alvis version) and his own design of a Duncan Dragonfly.


Above photo IAW 2016

See also ‘Cars of Interest’

Left Alvis factory 12 May 1947

GVF 787 Chassis No. 21010 Coachbuilder Barnards of Norwich, Shooting Brake


Unusual light colour for an early  Woodie.

Left Alvis factory 5 May 1947

JTV 459 Chassis no. 21011 Coachbuilder Jensen


See Guthrie in ‘Cars of Interest’

Left Alvis factory 29 April 1947

LRB 990 Chassis No. 21016 Coachbuilder Car Panels Ltd of Nuneaton





Only one made. Note the high saloon roof at the rear. For sale 2022

Left Alvis Factory 8 May 1947

JAL 201  Chassis No. 21018 Coachbuilder Jensen


21018b Bodium Casle

Bodium Castle in the background

Left Alvis Factory 29 April 1947

JGH 536 Chassis No. 21020 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M71

20730 MML 554

Photo taken at Crystal Palace Alvis Day 1966

Left Alvis factory 2 May 1947

LRB 768 Chassis No. 21021 Coachbuilder Richard Mead

21021e Knebworth

Photo taken at Knebworth

21021f Mid A D 84

Midland Alvis Day 1984

21021 Silverstone 94 21021a Silverstone 94 21021b Siverstone 94

Above photos taken at Silverstone 1994 ( Fully restored in 1992)

Aluminium body with full length doors. One of two surviving Richard Mead dropheads.

Left Alvis factory 4 May 1947

FVE 321 Chassis No. 21023 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M65

Photo 1990 at Chapelton Barton, Umberleigh, North Devon with her owner Mr P Brown and Chris the owner of Chassis No. 22565

Left Alvis factory 8 May 1947

Chassis No. 21030 Coachbuilder A.C.

Believed to be still around.

Left Alvis factory 23 May 1947

GLO 5 Chassis No. 21041 Coachbuilder Reeve and Kenning

21041b 21041a 21041

2017 To be restored

Left Alvis factory 9 May 1947

HUF 860 Chassis No. 21057 Coachbuilder Caffyns, originally a Utility.

Rebodied as a Special by Duncan enthusiast.

Special designed to look like a Duncan drophead.

Left Alvis factory 8 May 1947

DWH 22 (Now NSK 779) Chassis No. 21060 Coachbuilder Unknown but probably native to Bolton.

Left Alvis Factory 11 June 1947 It is believed the body took 2 years to build

FGA 671 Chassis No. 21076 Coachbuilder Mulliners  Body No. M 108

Same owner for 59 years. Sold at auction June 2017

Left Alvis factory 16 June 1947

GER 815 Chassis No. 21090 Estate Coachbuilder Radford


Left Alvis Factory 16 May 1947     Standing next to HKV 352 Chassis No.23165 Mulliners saloon

CFK 506 Chassis No. 21095 Coachbuilder unknown.

Believed to be a one off!

Left Alvis factory 20 May 1947

KWE 503 Chassis No. 21103 Coachbuilder W. Wright & Son


1947 photo taken prior to dispatch to Ice Cream vendor ‘Carolis’

Windscreen wiper hardly fit for purpose!

Left Alvis factory 20 May 1947

JTV 600 Chassis No.21104 Coachbuilder Jensen


DTV 600 DTV 600bOriginally fawn and now green.

Left Alvis factory 28 May 1947

LNW 737 Chassis No.21112 Coachbuilder Airflow Woodland

21112 21112a

One of the few remaining elegant Airflow Woodlands – scheduled for restoration with ‘sister’ car 20804.

Left Alvis factory 30 May 1947

LPK 719 Chassis No. 21118  Coachbuilder W. H. Gaze & Sons


Left Factory 29 May 1947      Unfortunately destroyed in 1985 following an accident. She saved the lives of her family.

M6885 Formerly NSV 525 Formerly SMX 267 Chassis No. 21130 Coachbuilder A. C. Cars Co. Ltd.

Spent some time in St Maarten with the Governor

Last photos 2019 in the Netherlands

Left Alvis factory 16 May 1947

H 17156 Chassis No. 21167 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M149

Delivered new Sweden and still there.

Left Alvis factory 15 Aug 1947

EWA 295B ( formerly FKW 3) Chassis No. 21169


See under celebrity Cars. This is the Jack Straw one!

Then a wreck.

21169a 21169b 21169c

Now rebuilt and re-registered as EAS 818

RG 6a RG 6

Left Alvis factory 6 June 1947

HBJ 910 Chassis No. 21188 Coachbuilder Jones

2020 Still going strong.

Left Alvis factory 20 June 1947

Chassis No. 21194 Coachbuilder L.E. Jackson of Loughborough

Maybe a photo of this Utility

Left Alvis factory 26 June 1947

EF 13 52 Chassis No.21234 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1012



2015 Surfaced in Lisbon, Portugal. Has unusual modifications to headlamps and bumpers.

Left Alvis factory 1 August 1947 and exported to Portugal

KWA 69 Chassis No. 21237 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M170, rebuilt as  a Special, Engine No. 21881

Successful racing Special at Midland Sprint, Curborough, 12 August 1979

2021 photos – a good honest Special still going strong. 2023 – Been with he same owner for over 58 years.

Left Alvis factory 14 July 1947

GUY 260 Chassis No. 21251 Coachbuilder Richard Mead, originally a one off aluminium body



Converted in the USA to ‘1930’s racing Special with a TA21 engine 24773

Recently sold (January 2016) by Bonhams in Stockdale, Arizona.



  Left Alvis factory 9 July 1947

DRP 786 Chassis No. 21273 Airflow Saloon


Silverstone July 1970

Note the sweeping front wings. 10/16 Saloon bodied cars produced

Left Alvis Factory 14 July 1947.

Chassis No.21283

See LVT 346 Chassis No. 21399

JLX 905 ( Previously TA 1923) Chassis No. 21293 A Gaze coachbuild Body No. G975 and marketed  by ‘Vincents of Reading’ – manufacturers of horse boxes to the Royal family.






Imported back from South Africa in 1994

Left the Alvis factory 14 August 1947

JYF 57 Chassis No. 21301 Gaze Shooting brake


Above photos taken in 1960



December 2005 photo above. Stunning cars. Woodie for the bride, Speed 20 for the bridesmaids.

Left Alvis Factory 6 August 1947. Spent 1974 – 2000 with one owner

LUB 589 Chassis no. 21329 Duncan Fixed Head Coupe

An early photo of the car in her prime!


Left Alvis Factory 7 August 1947

FIL 5134    Chassis No. 21331    Duncan Fixed Head Coupe

An earlier photo, originally registered as DFN 300 and then FIL 5134 as shown. Subsequently JAT 39


Looking good at S E Alvis Day 2013

JAT 39 Chassis No,21331 Duncan 30 Sept 2013 SE Alvis Day

JAT 39 Chassis No,21331 Duncan
30 Sept 2013
SE Alvis Day

 WI 2298 Chassis No. 21332 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1030


A nice example of a two tone Mulliners

Left Alvis factory 3 September 1947

FB-06860 originally FGD 666 then TVS 968, Chassis No. 21339 Coachbuilder Duncan


Now living in Germany

Left Alvis factory 3 August 1947

JNA 998 Chassis No. 21367 Coachbuilder Cornbrook

21367 (2) 21367a (2)

21367 21367e 21367f

Rare one off Shooting Brake that has lived in Switzerland for many years and was for sale (2016)

Left Alvis factory 27 August 1947

HDV 936 Chassis No. 21376 Coachbuilder Waterhouse, Wolsley body.

see Chassis 20961 for photo of similar body.

Left Alvis factory 24 September 1947

FAK 707 Chassis No. 21389 Coachbuilder W H Gaze & Sons

21389 21389a 21389b

Elegant Shooting Brake – now rare! Featured in Series 7, Episode 3 of Foyle’s War

Left Alvis factory 16 September 1947

LVT 346 Chassis No.21399 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M198

(Some question over chassis no. could be 21283)


Car with first owner when nearly new. He bought the car for his son who unfortunately really wanted a sports car.


Photo of Stella, a subsequent owner, who drove the car and then stored her for many years.

21399b 21399a

‘Alice’ in 2015 looking as good as ever.

Left Alvis factory 28 November 1947

PF-ME-37H Formerly ZE 2146 ( Irish Plate) Chassis No. 21409 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M201

Now a Special by ‘Racing Green’

In attendance at Freiburg-Schauinsland Classic Rally, Germany 2018

Left Alvis factory 24 September 1947

MPF 298 Chassis no. 21421 Utility coachbuilder unknown

Rebodied in 1952 as 2 door tourer by Jarvis of Walmer Road, Shepherd’s Bush, London. The original body removed as the result of an accident.The project was commissioned by Donald Munro, well known in Sporting Circles at the time..


Top photo taken at Holyhead Road


Left Alvis factory 22 August 1947

EET 504 Chassis No. 21423 Coachbuilder W Wright & Son


Looks new when photo taken.

Left Alvis factory 4 September 1947

SL3171 Chassis No.21461 Coachbuilder G W Dick & Sons (4 all had differing coachbuilding skills) of Fife, Scotland

21461The  chassis was purchased by George Dick.  They also built another shooting brake on chassis no.20906. Photo taken on 23 July 1966 whilst the photographer was competing in the Glasgow – Largs RASC rally in his Crested Eagle BXR 853.

Left Alvis factory 2 October 1947

 JZ9758 Originally ZB 5792 Chassis No. 21464 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M222

Back in England 2021

Stored for over 41 years, engine turned once a month by hand by the owner.

Left Alvis factory 11 October 1947

GNP 515 Chassis No. 21470 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M255

2019 For sale in very original condition

Left Alvis factory 10 November 1947

JLX 909 Chassis No.21481 Coachbuilder W H Gaze and Sons

1950s photos above

21481 21481a 21481b

Looking rather boss eyed in the last photo!

Left Alvis factory 29 September 1947

PV 8349 Chassis No. 21486 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M230


Engine in Chassis 21386 – now scrapped.

Used for Mr and Mrs Parker’s Wedding and Golden Wedding

2016 restoration nearing completion.

Left Alvis factory 10 November 1947

JLU 897  Chassis No. 21503 Utility coach built by Gaze


Left Alvis Factory 3 November 1947

MI-HP 66 Chassis No. 21514 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No.M1063

Original registration ECO 106 Last known sighting in Germany

MI-HP 66


Left Alvis factory 3 December 1947

XSJ 153 Chassis No.21525 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M244


Re-bodied as a special. Original registration sought

Left Alvis factory 4 November 1947

GCG 144 Chassis No. 21533 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M248


Very good looking car.

Currently for sale in 2022 as owner emigrating.

Left Alvis factory 20 Nov 1947

SI 3184 Chassis No. 21534 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No.M1067


Ground up restoration with replica ‘Graber Tropic Coupe’ body.

Left Alvis factory 20 November 1947

JP 6741 Chassis No.21536 Coachbuilder Mulliners

How an engine should look!


1950s photos

Left Alvis Factory 5 December 1947

JDV 478 Chassis No. 21537 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M254


Stephen Foster standing by his car.

Left Alvis factory 12 November 1947

FGG 936 Chassis No.21541 Coachbuilder Duncan 


Crystal Palace May 1962


2008 Under restoration!

Left Alvis Factory 25 February 1948

RNB 686 Chassis No. 21542 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M261

Rebuilt as a 2 door ‘razor edge’ in 1993 See articles AOC Bulletins 424 Pages 8-10 and 425 Pages 13-17

Original immediately below


21542 21542a

Left Alvis factory 14 November 1947 for Australia

JLO 576 Chassis no 21557 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M282
Now a Special

Whole body was rotten only chassis and running gear were OK

Left Alvis factory 8 December 1947

H 7623 BBC formerly JYF 896 Chassis No. 21563 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. ?

2017 Enjoying the Southern Mediterranian Sunshine

Left Alvis factory 18 November 1947

JUR 184 Chassis No.21564 Utility


Believed to have been originally been a Brooklands Utility, now styled as a Tropic Coupe’

Left Alvis Factory 7 January 1948

HOM 368    Chassis No. 21567 coachbuilder  Mulliners Saloon  Body No. M280 – ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Stored from 1956 – 1983 when a full restoration began. Featured in the first Alvis calendar in 1986

21567 4 Dec 83


21567a June 86 Left

Photo taken June 96   Also to the right is GSF 399 Chassis No 22669 a  Carbodies drophead. 21567 left the Alvis factory 3 December 1947

DRV 645 Chassis No. 21571  Coachbuilder Tickford    Body No. 2021



Left in photo John Pretty owner 1992 – 2001 and to the right Frank Ford owner 1962 to 1992.  Note the P100s!


21571 Chatsworth House 96

After restoration


Looking very smart at IAW 2016

Left Alvis factory 8 January 1948

JUL 109 Chassis No. 21583 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No.?

Photo taken near the pier at Lowestoft , Suffolk

Both 1950s photos

Moved to the USA

Left Alvis factory 18 November 1947

JYL 705 Chassis No. 21623 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No.?

21623 21623a

Photo at Aston Martin Factory 1990s JYL end of line with red hood.

Left Alvis factory 20 January 1948 

JYF 60 Chassis No. 21630 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. 2???


Lovely period photo with the Brooklands Flying Lady

Left Alvis factory 5 Dec 1947

JYL 707  Formerly MSV 570 ( Also previously registered WKK 210) Chassis No.21631  Coachbuilder Tickford Body No.2008



Original owner Colonel Erskine, a much decorated War hero and later Lieutenant Governor of Jersey.

Left Alvis factory 5 December 1947

LUB 356 Chassis No. 21644 Coachbuilder Duncan Body No. AS 13


Photo taken at International Alvis Weekend 2014. Very original car.

2016-06-11 LUB heads SR parade (TIFF) IMG_2733 [511259]

Photo taken Abergavenny Steam Rally 29 May 2016

‘Hopefully no tail gating!’

Left Alvis factory 10 December 1947

JAH 263 Now 48 D 21 whilst the car was in Dublin Chassis No. 21646 Coachbuilder Duncan

21646b 21646f 21646 21646a

Left Alvis factory 29 December 1947

DDB 507  Chassis No. 21664 Utility Coachbuilder unknown


Nice woodie – been in the family some years

Left Alvis factory 18 January 1948

JLH 228, also has been 734 RBM, Chassis no. 21670, Coachbuilder Mulliners, Body no.M301.

21670 21670a 21670b


2021 in Wisconsin, USA  restoration work in progress.

Left Alvis factory 2nd January 1948.


J 1461  Formerly JYF 59  Chassis no. 21683  Coachbuilder Tickford   Body No. 2011


21683a 16 May 94

21683b 16 May 94

21683c 16 May 94

Left Alvis factory 23 December 1947

21697 Registration unknown Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No.M333




Discovered in a warehouse following 30 years of storage. Now in the Museo de los Medios de Transporte, Rio Branco, Dept. de Cerro Largo, Uruguay

Left Alvis factory 12 April 1948

ESA 352 Chassis No. 21707 Coachbuilder Duncan 



Lower photo taken in 2016

Unusual two tone colour scheme. Originally had Rexine trim.

Left Alvis factory 15 March 1948

JYP 372 Chassis No. 21723 Coachbuilder  Tickford  Body No. 2015

21723 in 80s

21723a in 80s

Left Alvis factory 13 January 1048  Photos taken at Bressingham in the 80s

SSL 207 Formerly MRA 361 Chassis No. 21725 Coachbuilder Unknown supplied by Clulow and Orton

1988 photo


21725a 21725b

1988 purchased with 42,000 miles on the clock after nearly 30 years of storage. Sunshine roof only opening over the ‘estate’ part – fresh air for dogs!

2023 Under restoration


Left Alvis factory 5 January 1948

07836J (NSW Australia) formerly 83617H Chassis no. 21732 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1118

Exported to Australia as a new car in 1948.

Left Alvis factory 11 March 1948

RSJ 915 Chassis No. 21738 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No 0004/12/7

21738 21738a

Left Alvis factory 29 January 1948

NKC 512 Originally JYF 900 Also JM2 when with John Moore of Littlewoods Chassis No. 21746 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. 2016

Photos to follow

With same family for over 50 years

Left Alvis factory 16 January 1948

Chassis No 21776 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 359

Left Alvis factory 2 March 1948

KPP 900 Chassis No. 21784 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1131

Car sadly no longer exists

Left Alvis factory 13 February 1948

MVX 963 Chassis No.21785 Mulliners saloon Body No. M1132


Known as Mavis.

An interesting record of her service history can be seen in the ‘Articles’ section.

Photo taken in 1972 Born in the same month and year as her current owner.

Recent photos

21785b 21785c 21785d

Left Alvis factory 9 February 1948

ADJ 1 Chassis No. 21786 Coachbuilder Duncan

Photos to follow

Stored for about 60 years and put away with 12500 miles on the clock. Emerged in 2020

Left Alvis factory 12 May 1948

KTF 234  chassis no.  21787 Coachbuilder Duncan


Left Alvis factory  20 February 1948     Car was stolen in 1966 and never recovered

KWE 186 Chassis No. 21805 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M355


Car was prepared for the Monte Carlo Rally but never took part.

21806a 21806c 21806d

Left Alvis factory 9 February 1948

Chassis 21806 Registration unknown  Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M376

21806 21806a 21806b

Found in a sheep shearing shed in Howlong, NSW Australia (2015), no rust!

In very sound condition. Interior has been re-trimmed but body colour original.

Left Alvis factory 12 May 1948 and exported to Marknell Bros. South Brisbane, Australia.

MPA 653 Chassis No. 21814 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M353



Photo taken at IAW 2016

Left Alvis factory 4 February 1948

ECO 532 Now DE 17 70 Chassis No. 21816 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 373

Long term resident of the Netherlands

Left Alvis factory 26 March 1948

OXX 82 Chassis No. 21822 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M366

Photos sought

Exported as a new car to Egypt. Registered OXX 82 upon re-importation March 1954

Left Alvis factory 2 April 1948

JYR 341 Chassis no.21824 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. 2024

21824 in 97

21824a in 97

Left Alvis factory 9 March 1948

JFJ 286 Chassis No.21830 Tickford Drophead


Marjorie Eve ( my mum), widow of Donald Eve  who owned ‘Aunty May’ 1959 – 1967. Photo 1969.

JFJ 286 Chassis 21830

JFJ 286 Chassis 21830


Better known as Aunty May. Left the Alvis factory 19 February 1948

LVK 959 Chassis No. 21835 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M408 ‘Inspiration’

21835 LVK959 TA14 Mulliner 1996  21835 LVK959 TA14 Mulliner 2012

21835 LVK959 TA14 Mulliner 2006

First photo 1996. Restored photos 2012


Photo taken at IAW 2016

Left Alvis factory 19 April 1948

CWH 878 Chassis No.21846 Coachbuilder Plant Bros.  1 of 2 known to have been coach built by this company


21846 21846a

Left Alvis factory 25 May 1948

Chassis No. 21852    HAC 713 DHC built by Richard Mead of Dorridge ( 1 of 8 bodies built). The body utilised pre-war Tickford parts.

This very elegant car was black as shown but is now green – see below.
HAC 713 Chassis No. 21852

HAC 713
Chassis No. 21852






Lower photo taken at International Alvis Weekend 2014

Left Alvis factory 26 February 1948

SY 8750 Chassis No. 21861 Coachbuilder Duncan


Recently restored to an original colour scheme for Duncans

Left Alvis factory 17 March 1948

KPT 873 Chassis No.21865 Coachbuilder H Raine & Sons

Believed to be the only one left in existence out of 2 saloons and 2 vans.  Still  owned by the Raine family – see feature in ‘Cars of Interest’



See also ‘Cars of Interest’

Left Alvis factory  12 February1948

KWJ 573 Chassis No.21878 Coachbuilder Duncan



Left Alvis factory 1 March 1948

DEA 777 Chassis No. 21889 Coachbuilder Benson Motor Body Co. Ltd

Unique bodywork. Under restoration in 2009 before moving to Ireland.

Left Alvis factory 20 February 1948

NF 2134 Chassis No. 21891 Utility   Originally EMO 13, NF 2134 in New Zealand then registered WOODY4 and now ALVI5 in Australia


Fully rebodied in March 1968

Left Alvis factory 26 February 1948

LHU 453 Chassis No. 21901 Coachbuilder Tickford

Appeared in Mayfair Magazine in 1994

Left Alvis factory 26 Feb 1948

FUN 200 Chassis No. 21902 Coachbuilder unknown

21902 21902a

1988 She had spent 25 years in the open and been vandalised. Numberplate now owned by a showman.

Left Alvis factory 15 May 1948

JYF 58 Chassis No. 21905 Coachbuilder W H Gaze & Sons


JYF sitting next to 1934 Speed 20, JY4889.

In 1961 JYF was  involved in a bad accident in Parliament Square, London. A ‘Senior Service’ lorry entered the Square from Parliament Street and hit her. JYF was the only known TA14 to have been in the Ambulance Service.

JYF 58 Chaasis No.21905 Gaze Woody

JYF 58
Chaasis No.21905
Gaze Woody

Left Alvis Factory 27 February 1948

MK-HE-616 formerly MK 0498 and originally GNM 275  Chassis No.21908 DHC built by APA Ltd.


Midland Alvis Day 1967 at the Rover works

GNM 275 in a cavalcade in the Alvis car park 1967 followed by JYM 533 Chassis No.22178 – Carbodies Body No. 0055/05/8, then a Grey Lady (TC21/100) and two more Fourteens.

Resident in Germany since 1978.

21908 TA14 by APA Ltd - resident in Germany since 1978 but does anyone know about APA Ltd?

GNM 275
Chassis No.21908

Above photo taken in Eastbourne 1949. Proud owner K T J Bone ( in a tie) looking on.

Mr Bone meets Miss Australia – 1st left at the top of above extracts

2020 with current owner in Germany.

See also ‘Cars of Interest’

Left Alvis factory 19 April 1948

508 NOU (Californian plate) Originally GBM 732  Chassis No. 21913 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0015/03/8

508 NOU 508 NOUa 508 NOUd

Has spent many years in the USA. 2020 for sale in the Netherlands for restoration

Left Alvis factory 14 June 1948

AGL 646 Chassis No.21917 Coachbuilder unknown, Mock drophead now a Special


21917a 21917i

Sadly body scrapped, remains saved for a Special

Left Alvis factory 30 March 1948

LWA 683 Chassis No. 21918 Coachbuilder unknown, originally described as having been a van. Long term family car driven on adventures.





Fully restored and looking wonderful!!!

Left Alvis factory 7 April 1948

MUA 790 Chassis No. 21934 Coachbuilder Tickford  

One owner  1960 – 2002


2022 Currently undergoing a major restoration in Yorkshire.


Left Alvis factory 23 March 1948

LUM 921 Chassis No. 21936 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. 2048

Photos to follow

Off the road 1975 – 2021 Now restored

Left Alvis factory 12 November 1948

KWJ 522 Chassis No. 21939 Coachbuilder Unknown

Photos to follow

In the same family since 1953

Left Alvis factory 13 April 1948

KGC 532 Chassis No. 21943 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. 2???


2023 to be offered for sale as a restoration project, car is complete.

Left Alvis factory 31 March 1949

AH 29 10 Chassis No. 21947 formerly KWJ 396 Coachbuilder Duncan Body FHC Now a 2 seater Special by Rod Jolley and Trevor Hirst



Very fine special living in Holland

Left Alvis factory 16 March 1948

CRS 788 Chassis No. 21954 Coachbuilder Unknown

Photos 2017

Spent time in America

Left Alvis Factory 12 April 1948

GWD 436 Chassis No. 21955 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M394




A very attractive two tone example

Left Alvis factory 19 May 1948

FUS 46 Chassis No.21966 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No.M420


Left Alvis factory 13 April 1948

GKV 475 Chassis No. 21967 Coachbuilder Mulliners  Body No. M437

Arthur Varney’s Works car ( Chief Engineer Alvis Aero Division)

21967 21967a

Left Alvis factory 16 April 1948

KGC 533 Chassis No.21971 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. ?

Helping out another TA 14 by collecting a spare engine

Slight over exuberance on the 1970 Tour of Britain

Left Alvis factory 9 April 1948

FFU 28 Chassis No. 21979 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. ?


A participant at Alvis Day pre 1988

Left Alvis factory 20 April

JRR 650 Chassis No. 21995? Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1149?


Son of former owner commented ‘my dad’s Alvis TA14 ( windscreen wound open – he used to stick his fishing rod through there)’.

Interesting historic photos. Best information means she probably is 21995

Left Alvis factory 24 April 1948