TA 14 Gallery 2


In Chassis No. order 22001 onwards ( see separate Gallery for TB14s)


JUR 934 Chassis No. 22001 Coachbuilder Tickford  Drophead Coupe Body No. 2039

Photo below taken in the 1950s with ‘owner’  William Ernest Lucas, a founder member of the Coventry Building Society as well as being involved with Courtaulds.



In same family for more than 40 years.

Featured in Rod Hull and Emu’s Christmas Special

Photos taken at International Alvis Weekend 2014

Left Alvis Factory 12 April 1948

JYR 438 Chassis No. 22018 Coachbuilder Jones

22018 22018a

Last of the 45 Woodies built by Jones Now a very stylish hot rod with matching trailer!

Left Alvis factory  14 April 1948

GKV 737 Chassis No. 22030 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M443

A works car allocated to Mr Coslett

Left Alvis factory 13 May 1948

JYE 909 Chassis No.22038 Coachbuilder Carbodies body No. 0023/03/8


2018 For Sale – photos below

Left Alvis factory 7 May 1948

JYV 678 Chassis No. 22049 Coachbuilder W.H.Gaze and Sons

22049 Gaze JYV 678 Photo Barry Ward

22049 Gaze JYV 678 Photo Barry Ward

Beautifully restored example of a Woodie

Left Alvis factory 30 April 1948

Chassis No. 22053 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0026/03/8

Photos to follow

Exported new to Australia, still there in 2019

Left Alvis factory 12 May 1948

JYO 394 Chassis No. 22055 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0049/05/8


Left Alvis factory 22 August 1948

GBM 493 Chassis No. 22060 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0014/02/8

Engine swapped with 23104


Looking in fine fettle with her Hermes mascot.

Left Alvis factory 20 May 1948

Registration unknown Chassis No. 22062 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M431


Interesting historic letters

Photos sought of the car

Left Alvis factory 19 May 1948

KSL 410 Chassis No.22069 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1161

22069 22069e


Now converted into a 2 seater Special

Left Alvis Factory 14 June 1948

AVV 207 Chassis No. 22077 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0032/04/8


With current owner over 44 years and cherished by 5 generations of the family.

Left Alvis factory 12 May 1948

DPL 638 (Possibly TGP 82 previously) Chassis no. 22088 Coachbuilder Carbodies body No. 0021/03/8

Supplied ex-works to Group Captain Clarkson, Civil Air Attache, Washington, USA




Sold by Sotheby’s in the USA 2021

Left Alvis factory 30 August 1948

FVJ 1 Chassis No. 22089 Coachbuilder Carbodies  Body No. 0041/04/8

Hard top conversion of a drophead.

Left Alvis factory 11 June 1948

0 AFB 825, formerly 30-VZ-74, originally GDA 250. After living in Netherlands  2020 now living in Belgium 2020. Chassis No. 22092 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M380

Alvis standing with stable mate 1931 Ford Model A ‘Town Sedan’

Since 1975 the car has lived in the Netherlands

Left Alvis factory 20 May 1948

MPC 974 Chassis No. 22094 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0028/03/8

Same owner for 55 years. Sold at auction 2017

Left Alvis factory 24 May 1948

JYD 890  Chassis No. 22095 Coachbuilder Mulliners body no. M1148

Photo Old Sarum 1996

23461 LHS

JYD owner David Hickley standing with FCO owner David Jobson-Scott (l to r)

Whilst the number plate shown is JYO it is JYD registration

JYD 890

Left Alvis factory 18 June 1948

FWM 243 Chassis No. 22097 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 391

Now a Special



Left Alvis factory 26 May 1948

NFC 571 Chassis No. 22103 Coachbuilder  Carbodies Body No. 0013/02/8


Photo taken at International Alvis Weekend 2014. Sun visors are a nice practical accessory.

Left Alvis factory 25 May 1948

NPF 810 Chassis no. 22110 Coachbuilder Vanden Plas DHC

Believed to be the only one coachbuilt by Vanden Plas


Harold Cook in the driver’s seat, note Alvis liveried lorry in the background.

Harold was the Alvis chargehand tester and had been with Alvis since leaving school. He knew every squeak, rattle and knock on an Alvis ever made and did the engine tuning and road testing.




Left Alvis factory 12 May 1948

JPX 555 Chassis no. 22126 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No.0039/04/8

Alvis Day at Crystal Palace. Jim Oakman putting the car through it’s paces.

22126 Apr 66

3 April 1966 Jim ready to compete at Church Langford

22126a Apr 66



Left Alvis factory 3 June 1948

LUG 837, 22127 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0035/04/8

Photo taken July 2017 – Norfolk

Left Alvis factory 3 June 1948

JLM 520 Chassis No. 22128 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0036/04/8


Lovely period photo.

Left Alvis factory 8 June 1948

DHM 77 Chassis No. 22141 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M625

IMG_0001Resting in a Shropshire field with chassis 23722 in 2005

Left Alvis factory 13 August 1948

NPU 126 Chassis No. 22147 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 491

Photo to follow

Left Alvis factory 25 June 1948

52168H Chassis No. 22154 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0051/05/8



A true Australian car, originally delivery to Adelaide.

Left Alvis factory  26 July 1948

AKS 880 Chassis No.22156 Coachbuilder  Carbodies  Body No. 0046/05/8


Above photo taken in 1963 backed up to a Speed 20. Below on the open road!




Left Alvis factory 17 June 1948

EUJ 961  Chassis No. 22159 Coachbuilder  Carbodies Body No. 0048/05/8


Photo taken 2014. Proudly sitting on a hill in Sardinia after an epic drive from the UK.


2016 Resting in Sardinian shade

Left Alvis factory 3 June 1948

OUK 062 Chassis No. 22160 Formerly A29614 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0053/05/8

Originally heavily specified to cope with the Swedish climate – Alvis chain tensioner, Continental Lighting, Metric Speedo, 8 bladed fan, Spare wheel fitted, laminated screen and one year later a twin carburettor kit.

2018 Now fully restored.

Left Alvis factory 30 June 1948

LHU 123 Chassis no.22172 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body no. 0060/05/8



Photos taken at International Alvis weekends 2014 and 2015 respectively. Unusual  latter day front hood finishing.


Originally green. Engine from 23741.

Left Alvis factory 7 July 1948

JYM 533 Chassis No. 22178 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body no. 0055/05/8

Works record says Tickford! JYM shown following GJC 200 (Mulliners Chassis no. 22992)


Left Alvis factory 21 June 1948

JYR 754 Chassis no. 22186 Coachbuilder Jones

Get out and get under!!!


Below is from a Christie’s sale catalogue from 11th July 1978. The Guide price was listed as £1500 to £2,000.

22186c 22186d

Left Alvis factory 4 June 1948

SL 3297 Chassis No. 22188 Coachbuilder for Fife Furnishing Company

Rebodied as a special by David Royle Ltd


Left Alvis factory 18 June 1948 

24012 Chassis No. 22200 Body No. M503 Coachbuilder Mulliners

Exported to Canada as a new car now living in the US. Originally black over grey livery with grey leather upholstery.

Left Alvis factory 5 May 1949

KGC 539 Chassis No. 22204 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No.2050

Fresh from winning the Post War Driving Test at East Anglian Alvis Day 2017

Photos 2017

For Sale 2019 in the USA

Left Alvis factory 3 June 1948

EDR 172 Chassis no.22212 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No.0109/07/8


EDR with owner Brian Maile proudly displaying his trophies. Famously EDR suffered one of it’s doors opening at speed!



Left Alvis factory 26 July 1948

KTU 255 Chassis No. 22219 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M605

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 22219.png

Last heard of in Germany.

Left Alvis factory 21 August 1948

HSK 269 was GSC 117 Chassis No. 22231 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0074/06/8

Was Blue and Cream. Spent time in the USA


Photo taken IAW 2015

Major uplift undertaken. For sale 2019

Left Alvis factory 9 July 1948

JFJ 379 Chassis No. 22232 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0099/06/8


Left Alvis factory 6 August 1948

485UXL formerly FKU 612 Chassis No. 22264 Carbodies Body No. 0094/06/08 

22264c 22264b 22264a 22264d

Left Alvis factory 6 August 1948

KLE 20 Chassis No. 22266 Coachbuilder Tickford

Outside Garage

Lands of Loyal Hotel April 2015 (both photos above)

Aran May 2017

Very attractive car

Left Alvis factory 24 June 1948

FBE 282 Chassis No. 22268 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0075/06/8


2021 Meeting up with friends

Left Alvis factory 15 July 1948

EUT 425 Chassis No. 22281 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M548

In the sunshine at Brooklands


For sale in 2020

Left the Alvis factory 9 July 1948

KKR 509 Now KLE-DN-45 Chassis No. 22290 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0077/06/8

Living in Germany

Left Alvis factory 22 July 1948

AA 940 LB, previously KLE 743 and then AA 940 LB Chassis No. 22296 Coachbuilder Tickford

In a rather sorry state.

22296a 22296c 22296b



Now living in France, seen here taking part in the 2014 Fougeres Rally parade, Brittany.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 22296-2-1.png

Left Alvis  Factory  29 June 1948

 LKJ 100 Chassis No. 22297 Coachbuilder Tickford


Photo taken at Midland Alvis Day 1984


Left Alvis factory 28 June 1948

1948 VH 73 formerly KLT 911 Chassis No. 22300 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. 2057

2020 Living in France

Left Alvis factory 2 July 1948

42 A 86 was ‘A ALVIS’ Chassis No. 22301 Coachbuilder Tickford

Lived in the USA for many years. Now in the Netherlands.

Left Alvis factory 2 July 1948

OPU 438 Chassis No. 22302 Coachbuilder Tickford


Midland Alvis Day 1984. Parked next to TB14 Chassis no.23551

22302 (2)

The red car parked next to JP 6441

Left Alvis factory 8 July 1948

EUT 537 Chassis No. 22312 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0097/06/8

Lovely example of a Carbodies

Left Alvis factory 27 July 1948

K 63853 Chassis No. 22324 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0087/06/8


Exported to Canada in 1950. 2023 Still there and restoration in progress.

Left Alvis factory 12 May 1950

LUM 920 Chassis No. 22329 Coachbuilder Tickford



Better known as ‘Bluebell’

Bottom photo shows her participating in the Lord Mayor’s parade in the days of British Rail (pre 2001).

Left Alvis factory 14 July 1948

KLO 319 Chassis no. 22331 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. 2061



Stripped for restoration

Post restoration 2013

Left Alvis factory 16 July 1948

GSP 100 Chassis No 22332 Coachbuilder Duncan – rare Drop head coupe

22332a 22332b 22332c 22332d 22332e 22332f 22332h

10th July 2016 – Handbuilt over a 3.5 year period and among the nicest Specials we have encountered – Alvis TA14 chassis, Triumph 2.5 litre engine, 4-speed manual / overdrive gearbox – Bespoke aluminium body, ash frame, alternator, halogen headlights, heated seats, aeronautical switchgear Supplied new to Squadron Leader W.J. Gear MBE, ‘GSP 100′ began life as an Alvis TA14 Saloon. A long time attendee at Vintage Sports Car Club events and with thirty-five years’ motor industry experience to his credit, the vendor became the car’s sixth keeper during April 2010. Keen to create a homage to the distinctive boat-tailed two-seater grand prix cars of the 1920s such as the Alfa Romeo P2 and Bugatti Type 35, he set about completely transforming the Alvis over the next three and a half years. Already bereft of its bodywork, the TA14 was stripped to a bare chassis (which was found to be true when jig checked) before being fitted with a notably handsome two-seater aluminium over ash body. The latter was beautifully crafted by Pete Southan who was one of the team responsible for resurrecting the ex-Lindner / Nocker Low Drag Lightweight E-type. Determined to improve the car’s performance the vendor installed a refurbished Triumph six-cylinder engine and four-speed manual plus overdrive gearbox. The 2498cc unit has been altered to disguise its c.1960s origins but the original Alvis 1892cc four-cylinder powerplant and transmission come with the car should a new owner wish to re-instate them. Other enhancements to the Special’s usability include an alternator, immobiliser, heated seats and halogen headlights. Sporting an aeronautical ignition switch, large diameter rev counter and assorted warning lights, the polished aluminium dashboard is complemented by a bespoke detachable wood-rimmed steering wheel and Navy Blue tonneau cover. A useful luggage / tool cubby exists behind the seats and the car has completed some 1,000 ‘shakedown’ miles including a trip up the Shelsey Walsh hillclimb course in May 2014.

Left Alvis factory 13 July 1948

JYN 992 Subsequently had an unknown Irish Registration Chassis No. 22335 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M604


2004 Sold at Auction without documentation.

Left Alvis factory 21 July 1948

Y 13905 Chassis No.22350 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1442


Exported new to Sweden

2022 major restoration in progress

Left Alvis factory 17 June 1949

DRS 224 now 08-NT-56  Chassis no.22368 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M506

Before respray.

Now living very happily in the Netherlands


Left Alvis factory 28 October 1949

GSG 639 then ALVIS 14, Chassis No. 22372 Coachbuilder Duncan

One of only two dropheads by Duncan


Now living in Italy

Left Alvis factory 20 July 1948

JYV 280 Chassis no. 22374 Coachbuilder Jones



Left Alvis factory 20 July 1948

KLL 115 Chassis No. 22377 Coachbuilder Tickford

Early French Holiday Possibly 1949 – see Bulletin 512 Pages 86 -90 for the full article



22377c 22377d

Part of the family


Left Alvis factory 22 July 1948

FKU 669 Chassis No.22385 Coachbuilder Carbodies, Body No.0128/07/8


Good restoration project!

Left Alvis factory 18 August 1948

KBP 161   Chassis No.22388     Carbodies DHC  Body No. 0107/07/8

1950s photo


Left Alvis factory 31 August 1948

GSP 98 Chassis No, 22391 Coachbuilder McDunn

Photos to follow

Has lived in Switzerland since leaving Britain in the 1970s

Left Alvis factory 13 Aug 1948

HAC 795 Chassis no. 22396 Coachbuilder Mulliners  Body No.M659

Photos dated 1959



Left Alvis factory 3 September 1948

ERX 161 Chassis no. 22397  Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0174/09/8 

At East Anglian Alvis Day with Terry Richardson mid 1980s



Left Alvis factory 15 October 1948

HHP 703 Chassis No. 22464 Chassis No. Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M681

Beautifully polished for S W Alvis Day  at Sherbourne Castle 1999

22464 SWAD June 99


Lower photo taken at International Alvis weekend 2014

Left Alvis factory 3 September 1948

HDG 469 Chassis No. 22466 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0151/08/8


Barn find from a deceased estate. Sound and complete

Left Alvis factory 10 September 1948

JPO 900 Now DE 12 42 Chassis No. 22470 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0143/08/8

Has lived in the Netherlands for many years.

Left Alvis factory 6 September 1948

75 VD 42 was FBE 618 Chassis No. 22473 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M679

P1000028 P1000029

Above FOR SALE photos 2014 in Holland

Left Alvis Factory 10 September 1948

XKR 718A (Originally DCL 128) Chassis No. 22496 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0149/08/8

Originally a standard Carbodies DHC, now a 2 axle rigid body coupe special


Left Alvis factory 7 September 1948

TA 14 ( Originally GOT 524) Chassis no. 22500 Coachbuilder Mulliners body No. M705

1950s photos above


Left Alvis factory 14 September 1948

KLE 486 Chassis No. 22504 Coachbuilder Brooklands Motors Ltd.



Designed by the original owner, aluminium body panels, box ply panels on the doors.

Left Alvis factory 15 September 1948

FCY 830 Now 49-UA-09 Chassis No. 22507 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. m 700

Living in the Netherlands

Left Alvis factory 5 October 1948

KAR 551 now CSU 637 Chassis No. 22510 Mulliners Saloon Body No. M1178

22510a 22510

22510bDr Lancelot Ware, co-founder of Mensa, was once an owner.

Left Alvis factory 16 September 1948

FWN 36 Chassis No. 22511 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M696

One owner 1965 – 2006

Photo taken circa 2000 outside the house of the original owner – Southgate, Gower


Left Alvis factory 2 December 1948

JPW 390 Chassis No. 22521 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0191/10/8

Emerged 2018 after 40 years hibernation. For sale for £8000

Left Alvis Factory 16 Nov 1948

ENJ 153  Chassis No. 22551 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M736

22551 22551a

2016 Restoration project! Advertised on Ebay not sold!

Left Alvis factory 6 October 1948

JP 6441 Chassis No. 22528 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0155/08/8

22302 (2)

Same owner for 40 years

Left Alvis factory 13 September 1948

GOT 769 Chassis No. 22538  Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0158/08/8

Has the declared Chassis No. of a saloon. Photo taken Midlands Alvis Day 1984


Left Alvis factory 15 September 1948

ARB 14 (Original Reg. PRF 865, then ARB 14, TAS 855 and now back to PRF 865) Chassis No. 22548 Coachbuilder Carbodies  Body No. 0159/08/8

Ron Buck’s legendary TA14 at Midland Alvis Day 1985 (B & W photos 1 & 2)




A sporty TA 14!

A young Ron checking things out. Possibly at Crystal Palace


Under bonnet beyond compare!


Rumour had it that the hood was always up to preserve the immaculate hairdo of Ron’s wife Hazel.

Left Alvis factory 23 September 1948

MPH 926 Chassis No. 22556 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No.0186/09/8


Spent 39 years in N Ireland

Left Alvis factory 9 November 1948

Y9807  Chassis No. 22560 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M724

P1000983 P1000984 P1000985

Under restoration in Sweden 60% completed

Left Alvis factory 4 October 1948

GNM 596 Chassis No. 22562 Coachbuilder Carbodies  Body No. 0168/09/8

Interesting two tone  colour scheme!





Left Alvis factory 6 October 1948

LHW 320 Chassis No. 22563 Coachbuilder Carbodies DHC Body No. 0173/09/8

‘Blodwyn’ has been in the same family for two generations since 1985, stored for a long period  – back on the road 2012




Upper photo taken at International Alvis Weekend 2014, lower photo IAW 2015 braving the rain for the driving test – ‘Girls having fun!’


Left Alvis factory 29 October 1948

JOF 198 Chassis No.22565 Coachbuilder Carbodies  DHC Body No. 0172/09/8

Same owner since 1967!




Left Alvis factory 6 October 1948

LND 702 Chassis No. 22568  Coachbuilder King and Taylor


See article AOC Bulletin 422 Pages 4-7

Rebodied and exhibited twice at 1948 and 49 Motor Shows. Different to standard TB14s. Many differences including boot lid 10″ longer (no metal tonneau). Base of windscreen pillars more bulbous with tail light lenses horizontal not vertical.

Finally left Alvis factory 4 October 1950 and sold as ‘Shop Soiled’.

CHH 991 Chassis no. 22569 Coachbuilder Carbodies DHC Body No. 0162/08/8

Arthur Fairburn racing the military!!! Out to prove that driving a TA 14 was not like driving a tank? Go Arthur go!!!


Left Alvis factory 23 September 1948

KGD 212 Chassis No. 22583 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M721

22583 22583a 22583b

Lifelong resident of Sweden. Last owned by BAe Systems, Haggulunds, Sweden.

For Sale August 2015

Left Alvis factory 26 October 1948

Original registration DCL 200, has been WATT2 Chassis No. 22598 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No.0175/09/8

Beautiful example of a Carbodies with splendid whitewall tyres.

Left Alvis factory 10 October 1948

GGB 709 Chassis No.22600 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No.M772

Hoisted ashore from MacBrayne’s RMS Claymore at Oban circa 1962



Featuring in local Press quiz


The subsequent Press article


Left Alvis factory 21 October 1948

GGB929 Chassis No. 22616 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0182/09/8

Note the winter muffler in the black and white photo above!

British Racing Green until the mid 90’s

Left Alvis factory 1 November 1948

485 UXL Formerly FKU 612 Chassis No. 22624 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0094/06/8

Photos to follow

Left Alvis factory 6 August 1948

KGF 85 Chassis No 22626 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0057/05/8

22626i 22626d


Works Record says Carbodies shell, but fitted out by Tickfords, n.b. earlier body number well out of sequence.

Left Alvis factory 12 October 1948

EG 8945 Chassis No. 22655 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M781

A very traditional Mulliners in plain black as so many were originally produced


Photo above 2018, living in Europe

Left Alvis factory 1 November 1948

MPJ 901 Chassis no. 22674 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0187/09/8


Left Alvis factory 9 November 1948

KLE 488 Chassis No. 22679 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M662

Photo taken East Anglian Day 2017

Left Alvis factory 19 November 1948

FVJ 694 Chassis No. 22680 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M811

For sale in 1987.

Totally rebuilt in 1960s as a 2 + 2 roadster

Left Alvis Factory 18 November 1948

HWK 437 chassis No. 22681 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0208/11/8

Almost certainly on the Carbodies stand at the 1948 London Motor Show

Left Alvis factory 19 January 1949

KGD 212 ( Originally LHN 444) Chassis No. 22683 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M825

Early 80s, having a new head gasket fitted at the East Anglian Alvis Day having travelled all the way from Sweden!


Left Alvis factory 6 December 1948

GVB 143 Chassis No. 22695 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0202/11/8


Early and late photos of GVB. purchased in 2009 by the son of a former owner. 2013 under restoration.

Note the mascot

brooklands-of-bond-street-mascot brooklands-of-bond-street-mascot1

Evidently the ‘Flying Lady’ mascot was fitted by the dealer Brooklands of Bond Street on some Tickford TA14s it sold.



2021 Back on the road again!! (2 photos above)

Left the Alvis factory 24 November 1948

KYB 861 Chassis No. 22700 Coachbuilder  Carbodies Body No. 0194/10/8


Was Grey in 1970

Left Alvis factory 26 November 1948

KLE 19 Chassis No. 22709 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M805




Two bottom photos taken 2022

Left Alvis factory 10 November 1948

AC-995 CB Formerly FOW 203 Chassis No. 22736 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0209/11/8



1999 with a former owner in N Ireland.

Restored in the 1990s by Richard Mead. 

2022 living in Department Moselle, France.

Left Alvis factory 6 December 1948

KLE 742 Chassis No. 22738 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M842



Above photo taken at the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2015

22738 Forde Abbey June 2015

Photo taken at the SW Alvis Day 2015 – Forde Abbey with long term owner Tony Moore.

Car now resides with his son.

2019 S W Alvis Day winning the D F W Eve Trophy for the best all round Fourteen

Left Alvis Factory 2 December 1948

TMX 156 Chassis No. 22753 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M849

Photo taken at Midland Alvis Day 1984/5


Now living in Malta

22753b 22753a

Pictured above with a Mark IV Jaguar, both looking very smart.

Left Alvis factory 3 December 1948

MUA 57 Chassis No. 22761 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M845

Lovely photo from late 1950s/ early 1960s. Not many cars!!!

Left Alvis factory 7 December 1948

KTT 858 Chassis No. 22770 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M874

By 1966 she had covered 109000 miles. Snazzy white walls! Photo 1 Midland Alvis Day at Gaydon 1996, photos 2 & 3 January 2006.




Left Alvis factory 7 December 1948

JVU 839 Chassis No.22772 Coachbuilder Mulliners

Body No. M884

Extract from Driver’s Manual

Possibly has not survived, engine went to Chassis 22103

Left Alvis factory 13 December 1948

LAU 798 Chassis No. 22782 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M868

22782f July 83

22782i July 83

Photos taken July 83 after a 6 year restoration in the 1980s done by father and son. See details in the ‘Articles’ section.

Before Restoration March 77

22782 Mar 77

Alas subsequently kept in barn and stripped!!

Now back as it was! (Sept 2014)

22782j Sept 1992

Left Alvis factory 10 December 1948

KYC 77 Chassis No. 22787 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0249/01/9

Off the road 1982 – 2002 then restored

22787 22787b 22787c

Left Alvis factory 23 February 1949

FFU 297 Chassis No. 22814 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0224/12/8

Under restoration


2017 Restoration progressing – looking splendid in ‘Jaguar Blue’. Follow progress by searching  ‘Alvis Pippin’.

Left Alvis factory 22 December 1948

FOW 98 Chassis No. 22816 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body no. M893

Photo taken at Chessington.


Left Alvis factory 31 December 1948

KLH 473 Chassis No. 22829 Coachbuilder Mulliners  Body No. M926



After 27 years with the same owner she was looking for a new friend and patron. ( Aug 2014).

2020 For sale again.

Left Alvis factory 30 December 1948

JPW 835 Chassis No. 22830 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0227/12/8



A very nice example of a Carbodies

Left Alvis factory 12 January 1949

HMV 9282 Formerly JFJ 806 Chassis no. 22854 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0236/12/8

Living in Houston, Texas 2019

Left Alvis factory 3 February 1949

GTM 960 Chassis No 22858 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No.0242/01/9



Stored since 1970 Last MOT in 1970 showed 30,392 miles!

Sold at auction 2018 Now up for auction April 2021

Left Alvis factory 28 January 1949

KLM 53 Chassis No. 22863 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body no. M946

Photo taken about 1961 in a Bolton back lane. The grandaughter of the owner is doing all the polishing.

A great line up of 14s.

Left Alvis factory 21 January 1949

KYC 77 chassis No. 22878 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0238/01/9


Attractive restored Carbodies. For Sale 2022

Left Alvis factory 9 March 1949

GSF 619 Chassis No.22880 Coachbuilder Mulliners, Body No. M962


Photo taken outside Exeter University, Staff  Club

Left Alvis factory 17 January 1949

ERX 774 Chassis No. 22882 Coachbuilder Mulliners  Body No. M970

Old For Sale notice



Left Alvis factory 19 January 1949

HAS 197 ( Originally DST 18 ) Chassis No. 22883 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M933

Traditional British Racing Green

Mike Walker has shared his 21st century modifications with us so I checked out the records I have for HAS 197. I have posted up the photo that shows an attractive Mulliners Saloon who was originally DST 18 and has body number M.933. She has had 6 owners from new, the first one being early Member 1203. Unfortunately I do not have the Factory record card or guarantee card but when we are able to check further with Red Triangle I'll see if they can be traced. Incidentally the correct Name for Mulliners is with an s on the end so I am advised.

Mike Walker has shared his 21st century modifications with us (SEE CHAT ROOM) so I checked out the records I have for HAS 197, an attractive Mulliners Saloon who was originally DST 18 and has body number M.933. She has had 6 owners from new, the first one being early Member 1203. Unfortunately I do not have the Factory record card or guarantee card but when we are able to check further with Red Triangle I’ll see if they can be traced.

Left Alvis factory 12 January 1949

LWB 593 Chassis No. 22889 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M938




2022 Restoration project

Left Alvis factory 25 April 1949

KLM 58 Chassis no. 22892 Mulliners saloon

The two tone colour scheme shown to good effect on this lovely example of a Mulliners saloon.

KLM 58 Chassis no. 22892 Mulliners saloon

KLM 58
Chassis no. 22892
Mulliners saloon


Showing off her working sunroof

With her owner in 2017 and resplendent in new Green/Cream Livery to match the interior trimmed in Green in the 1970s.

Left Alvis factory 20 January 1949

FMW 424 Chassis No. 22895 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M983 


Very nice line drawing but no photograph!

Left Alvis factory 24 January 1949

SFF 796 has also been CRN 42. Owner reclaimed original registration. Chassis No. 22900 Coachbuilder Mulliners  Body No. M975


Pictured with proud owners.

Left Alvis factory 24 January 1949

GWF 774 Chassis No.22919 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M990

22919a 22919b

In daily use 2015

Left Alvis factory 1949

HWK 667 Chassis No. 22921 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M998

This photo used for an early Alvis marketing brochure.

Left Alvis Factory 8 February 1949

GFF 893 Chassis No. 22932 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1205


2022 in Italy

Left Alvis factory 9 February 1949 

ERX 161 Chassis No. 22937 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No.0246/01/9

22919 22919c 22919g


Left Alvis factory 14 February 1949

ECX 363 Chassis No. 22940 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1194

In June 1974 we inspected another black rather tidy TA14 with a gentleman owner in Earls Colne, Essex but never expected to acquire this car in January 2010 from Nottingham – still in black this car is HWD 311. This car is now repainted in Green and remains a member of the collection attending events during the summer and resides in our York premises.

Left Alvis factory 16 February 1949

FAV 169 Chassis No. 22941 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M994

2 seater special built by the owner


Rebuilt as Yellow special by a retired aircraft engineer




Fitted with a TA21 3 litre engine. For sale 2022

Left Alvis factory 7 February 1949

JOK 606 Chassis No. 22947 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1215

Same owner for over 25 years. Photo S W Alvis Day at Littlecote Manor, June 1994


Left Alvis factory10 February 1949

KLO 314 Chassis No.   22971 coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1245

The lazy way to travel!



left Alvis factory 25 February 1949

LWB 955 Now HX 21239 Chassis No. 22979  Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1244


1992 Under restoration in USA

Aug 2015 For Sale in USA

Left Alvis factory 8 February 1949

FKY 43 now MAS 211 Chassis no. 22986 Coachbuilder Carbodies DHC Body No. 0250/02/9


22986aFound deserted in a farmyard and restored. A happy ending.

Left Alvis factory 3 March 1949

BMZ 4645 Chassis No. 22987 Carbodies 0249/01/9

Resident in Mumbai

Rumoured that first owner was a Bollywood star. Been with present owner since 1971.

Left Alvis factory 23 February 1949 RHD

ERP 685 Chassis No. 22988 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1240

Photos to follow

2022 Car emerged, had been stored in N Ireland for over 50 years.

Left Alvis factory 7 March 1949

NPA 880, German Registration to follow Chassis No. 22996 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1246

Rebodied as a two seater Special in the late 1970s by Bryn Engineering

Photo above: Peter Murray participating in 1992 Alvis Northern time trial.

2020 Living in Germany

Left Alvis factory 21 March 1949

KLP 11 Chassis No. 22999 Coachbuilder  Mulliners Body No. M 1192


2022 Recommissioning project

Left Alvis factory 3 March 1949

MPL 559 Chassis No. 23000 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1221

20730 MML 554

Photo taken at Crystal Palace Alvis Day 1966

Left Alvis factory 7 March 1949

GFR 357 ( originally KMN 864)  Chassis No. 23002 Coachbuilder Carbodies DHC Body No. 0254/02/9

Looking a bit sad! Original registration was in the Isle of Man, subsequently registered in England 14 May 1953


Left Alvis factory 15 March 1949

FDM 544 Chassis No. 23009 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1256

download (4)


download (7)

2020 Being recommissioned to be back on the road after 40 years off the road.

For Sale 2022


Left Alvis factory 7 March 1949

LMA 658 Chassis No. 23010 coachbuilder Mulliners body No. M1299



Beautiful example of a saloon with elegant coachline.

Left Alvis factory 30 March 1949

GMJ 492 Chassis No. 23031 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0265/03/9


2022 Right hand car in photo – part dismantled and for sale

Left Alvis factory 5 April 1949

ADJ 812 Chassis No.23038

Bodied as an Ice Cream van. See ‘Cars of Interest’

HAA 658 Chassis No. 23042 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1284

Two tone with white front


Left Alvis factory 21 March 1949

FMW 927 Chassis No. 23047 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1313

Found in a collapsed shed in the Penzance area 1997

23047 Oct 1977


23047aLower photo taken at International Alvis Weekend 2014

Left Alvis factory 21 March 1949

KSV 601 Chassis No. 23055 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1286


2022 Middle car in photo – part dismantled and for sale.

Left Alvis factory 29 March 1949

DFE 826 Chassis No. 23056 Coachbuilder Carbodies DHC Body No. 0267/03/9

Photo 1 probably Crystal Palace




Golden Wedding of long term owner Cyril Sayer and his wife Elsie

Left Alvis factory 12 April 1949

FBL 250 Chassis No. 23058 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0266/03/9



Photo taken in Tenterden (Dec 2015), car acting as Rudolph and Sleigh!! Even has a red nose!!

Left Alvis factory 29 March 1949

HWD 252 Chassis No.23069 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1319


Became the replacement donor body for TA21 prototype 3L3

Left Alvis factory 4 April 1949

HWD 311 Chassis No. 23081 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1305

In June 1974 we inspected another black rather tidy TA14 with a gentleman owner in Earls Colne, Essex but never expected to acquire this car in January 2010 from Nottingham – still in black this car is HWD 311. This car is now repainted in Green and remains a member of the collection attending events during the summer and resides in our York premises. P Seaward

Left Alvis factory 8 April 1949

KLP 19 Then NP-01-TH Now AL-54_49 Chassis No. 23085 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0275/03/9

Living in the Netherlands

Left Alvis factory 5 April 1949

EY 9160 Chassis No. 23090 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1332


2022 Restoration project

Left Alvis factory 25 April 1949

JOM 316 Chassis No. 23094 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1339

Offered for sale as a restoration project  in 2001


Left Alvis factory 13 April 1949

LMA 886 Chassis No.23110 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1330

Now with a pickup body and looking very smart!!




Left Alvis factory 21 April 1949

KLP 620 Chassis No. 23116 see Celebrity cars section

KYD 571 Chassis No. 23118 Coachbuilder Mulliners  Body No. M1340

Saloon converted to a 4 seater special before 1978. With same owner for 40 years.

Photo below at the Norway Inn 2007



Photo above at IAW 2016

Left Alvis factory 29 April 1949

216 XUE formerly KLY 42 Chassis No. 23143 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1302

Sold at Auction February 2019

Left Alvis factory 22 April 1949

1-OA1-882 then OCE-785 ( originally TUS 386 and then KYP 87) Chassis No.  23160 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. 2071

Guarantee card indicates that it was an owner built Utility so probably re-bodied by Tickford

024 025 026

Left Alvis factory 3 May 1949

UMK 115 Now ANY 98K Chassis No. 23163 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. 2??? Engine from Chassis No. 21783

In owner’s garage – Australia 1997

Non standard Tickford rear window


Left Alvis factory 28 April 1949

EG 9473 Chassis No.23178 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0295/04/9

Interesting two tone colour scheme (2020)

Left Alvis factory 4 May 1949

KPX 68 Chassis No. 23199 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0306/04/9

Rear of KPX with her owner on the left. Car with the same owner for over 33 years. What is this furtive looking bunch of  ‘Alvi’ up to in the dark?


Photo above South East Alvis Day 1999

Left Alvis factory 16 May 1949

ALVIS 49 Formerly ECX 661 Chassis No. 23205 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0305/04/9

In USA. Rear fitted with truck springs which in turn required 500 lbs of steel to keep the car level!

Left Alvis factory13 May 1949

8409 ZP 49 Previously BFB 183 then LAS 468  Chassis No. 23206 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1367

See section ‘Major Rebuilds’ and ‘Cars of Interest’

Metamorphose Alvis TA14 n°23206_english

Left Alvis factory 18 May 1949

0TA 014 Chassis No.23210 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1404

Restored circa 1985. Delivered new to Australia – Photo taken 2019 Australia

Left Alvis factory 31 May 1949

TFL 788 Originally KUL 91 then AFT 261A Chassis No. 23215 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0302/04/9

TSL 788 (1)TSL 788

Probably the most Northerly based TA14 in Great Britain 

Left Alvis factory 17 May 1949

HKV 563 , has also been 772 FUF  and 6 KD Chassis No. 23222  Carbodies DHC Body No. 0322/05/09


At Chessington alongside Chassis No. 23461, a sister Carbodies. Originally owned by Mr J J Parkes

23222 23222a 23222b

Photos 2016 above

Patriotic car in 2020

Left Alvis factory 9 June 1949

SRE 349   Chassis No.23223     Carbodies DHC Body No.0320/05/9


1979 full rebuild from chassis up.

23223 (2)

Photo taken on Benbecula, Outer Hebrides in 1979

Doesn’t she still look smart now!

SRE 349 Chassis No.23223 Carbodies 30 Sept 2013 SE Alvis Day

SRE 349 Chassis No.23223 Carbodies
30 Sept 2013
SE Alvis Day

Left Alvis factory 13 June 1949

EET 990 Chassis No. 23224 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0316/05/9

In 1968 she toured France Spain & Portugal and did 678 miles in 24 hours on the last day.

Photos 2017 in France for restoration

Left Alvis factory 25 September 1949

FVN 762 Chassis No. 23236 Coachbuilder H Raine and Sons

One of two elegant vans built by H Raine. ( They also built two saloons)



Left Alvis factory 13 June 1949

MHT 118   Chassis No.23237    Mulliners saloon

Nice reflection of Auntie May (21830) in this well polished car.

MHT 118 Chassis No.23237 Mulliners 30 Sept 2013 SE Alvis Day

MHT 118 Chassis No.23237 Mulliners
30 Sept 2013
SE Alvis Day


Lower photo taken at International Alvis Weekend 2014

Left Alvis factory 15 June 1949

26 PT 01 formerly KYX 743 Chassis No. 23249 Coachbuilder Tickford Body No. ? Engine No. 21769


2022 Living in the Netherlands

Left Alvis factory 18 May 1949

SRE420 Chassis No.23256 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. 1400


A wedding in the 70s!


Replacing the head gasket in Poland July 1976 during a 2650 mile round trip to Zaparozhe in Russia.


Photo July 2015.  With same owner since 1983.

Left Alvis factory 2 June 1949

JRW 399 Chassis No. 23266 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1577

Photo taken at Midland Alvis day 1985. Sporting an owl possibly to assist with night vision.


Photo taken at IAW 2016


2017 Inspecting her new owner and garage in Scotland

Left Alvis factory 1 January 1950

GFY 467 Chassis No.23272 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1567

Beautifully polished with snazzy white walls


Left Alvis factory 13 January 1950

KYL 692 Chassis No. 23284 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1565

First owner may have been a director of the Dorchester Hotel.

Appeared in Inspector Morse episode ‘ Ghost in The Machine’

Appeared in the ‘Black Museum’ about the Acid Bath Murderer (he did not own a TA14 in reality).

Left Alvis factory 1 December 1949

MHW 623 Chassis No. 23285 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1589


1989, Having recently arrived from Wales

Photo taken July 2017 Norfolk

IMG_4707 (004)[19460]

June 2020 Owner Lambert Wilson celebrating his 90th Birthday with MHW

Left Alvis factory 2 December 1949

MLG 447 Chassis No. 23288 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1563

Now a 2 seater special


23288b 23288c

Left Alvis factory 18 November 1949

0-AAY-744 ( previously DR 40 81 and originally KYL 687) chassis No.23293 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1555

Long term resident of the Netherlands



2016 Moved to Belgium

Photo below – Celebrating Father’s Day!!!!! Cheers!


Left Alvis factory 23 November 1949

KVM 762 Chassis No. 23294 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1547

23294 23294a 23294b

Left Alvis factory 30 November 1949

OVW 152 Chassis No. 23308 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0328/05/09

With the same family for 42 years




Above two photos taken at International Alvis Weekends 2014 and 2015 respectively

Above photo April 2020 ‘Drive it Day’!

Left Alvis factory 10 August 1949 (Engine from 23140)

FNT 94 Chassis no.23312 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0326/05/09

Unusual but pretty paint colour!



Left Alvis factory 14 June 1949

HUY 228 Chassis No. 23323 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0330/05/9


Came 3rd in class and seventh overall in 1996 FIVA World Rally in Great Britain.

2015 – still only 70,000 miles from new.

Left Alvis factory 20 June 1949

KYN 299 Chassis No.23332 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1571

23332 23332d 23332h

Beautifully restored car

Left Alvis factory 15 Dec 1949

 HBT 397 Formerly FJB 88 Chassis No. 23338 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1407


Historic photo from 1967

Despite the attractive appearance the owner remarked she ‘leaked like a sieve through the sunshine roof’.

Left the Alvis factory 1 July 1949

NPE 600 Chassis No. 23344 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0333/05/9


2016 and looking very smart.

After a long spell with a former owner ‘Nippie’ is now settled with her new owner near Chichester.

Left Alvis factory 22 June 1949

NPC 645 Chassis No. 23346 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1441

Affectionally known as ‘Annie’


Photo taken at International Alvis Weekend 2014

Left Alvis Factory 27 June 1949

EVH 314 Chassis no. 23349 Coachbuilder Mulliners body No. M1542 (to the best of our knowledge)


Sadly destroyed by fire early on.

Left Alvis factory 21 July 1949

EDN 690 Chassis No. 23351 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1462. Now rebuilt as a Special

13969263 (1)


13969267 (1)

A very attractive Special

Left Alvis factory 14 July 1949

KND 286 Chassis No. 23361 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0345/06/09





Restored in 1998 For Sale 2022

Left Alvis Factory 12 July 1949

FPY 235 Chassis No. 23362 Coachbuilder Carbodies  Body No. 0337/05/9

1950s photos

2019 Mileage from new 51,000. Very original

2019 Seeking new owner

Left Alvis factory 27 June 1949

NPD 933 Now NE-GP84H Chassis No. 23378 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0350/06/9


The only Carbodies built with quarter lights. The probable model used for the Carlton Greeting Card

Left Alvis factory 8 August 1949

KUU 378 Chassis No. 23382 Coachbuilder Mulliners body No. M1463


23382aMay originally have had registration MPH 660. Emerged Barn Fresh in 1996!

Left Alvis factory 4 July 1949

KGF 85 Chassis No. 23395 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body no. 0339/05/9

Photo to folllow

Delivered to Australia as a new car.

2017 undergoing restoration

Left Alvis factory 12 August 1949

MKX 152 Chassis No. 23396 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1451

2019 Still going strong!

Left Alvis factory 1 July 1949

SRE 893 Chassis No. 23400 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1482




1960 Changed to a Special using the original chassis with Alvis post-war 3 litre engine and 1930’s style racing body

Left Alvis factory 19 July 1949

OFC 302 Chassis No. 23402 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0351/06/9


Two tone paintwork.

Left Alvis factory 19 July 1949

Registration not known Chassis No. 23407 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1489

Photos to follow

Scrapped in 1970 Some spare parts remain

Left Alvis factory 21 July 1949

KXA 966 Chassis No. 23412 originally a Mulliners Saloon (Body No. M1492) now a Special




Left the Alvis factory 25 July 1949

CRN 540 Chassis no. 23419 coachbuilder Mulliners body No. M1480

1 owner 1949 – 1978


Left Alvis factory 22 July 1949

SI 4269 Chassis No. 23435 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0394/08/9

Lives in Australia

Left Alvis factory 11 November 1949

JDF 460 Chassis No. 23437 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0395/08/9


On Wedding duties!

Total rebuild in 2002


23437a 23437e

Left Alvis factory 31 August 1949

BFB 777 Chassis No. 23460 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1531




Restoration was well underway in 2007

Left Alvis factory 26 October 1949

FCO 154 Chassis No. 23461 Coachbuilder Carbodies 

Photo taken at Old Sarum in 1966

23461 LHS

FCO owner David Jobson-Scott standing with JYO owner David Hickley


A further photo taken at Chessington with 772 FUF

Left Alvis factory 18 June 1948

NHW 4 and then BLH 492H Chassis No. 23474 Coachbuilder Bosistos based in Bristol

1 off aluminium body

Third photo – For sale advert

1950s photo

23474 23474a

Note changes between the two photos

Once owned by famous racing driver Archie Scott Brown


Sadly not looking too good hence price.

Photograph kindly donated by son of someone who used to work at University Motors.

Much appreciated for taking the time and trouble to send to us.

Left Alvis factory 11 August 1949

LTV 531 Chassis No. 23475 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0376/07/9


23475 (3)

Photos above from the 1977 TV Movie ‘Rogue Male’

23475 23475b

Exported to the USA in the 1970s, then Holland for restoration



23475a 23475b 23475c 23475d


Left Alvis factory 18 August 1949

KPX 846 Now DE-18-51 Chassis no. 23481 Coachbuilder Carbodies Body No. 0379/07/9

Demonstrating the Coupe de Ville hood position


Living in the Netherlands

Left Alvis factory 18 August 1949

KOB 860 Chassis No. 23489 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1515


1 of 2 Fourteen trophy winners in the 50s. Above photo taken at an Alvis Day at the Alvis factory. Note Carbodies building in the background.

Sadly written off following an accident in 1960.

Left Alvis factory 19 October 1949

UP 67 87 Formerly C66750 Chassis No. 23494 Coachbuilder Pennock

Displayed at Auto-Salon in Tulpenmer

23494 (2)

1950s photos of a very rare car.

Left Alvis factory 22 December 1949

MTA 577, also shows JP 1400, now Dutch plates AM 50 70, Chassis No.23499 Coachbuilder Mulliners, Body No. M544  Now a Special.

23499 with Simon Bowchier

Little left of the original car. Has Jaguar 6 cylinder engine and is living and racing in the Netherlands.

Left Alvis factory  8 August 1950

NNU 263 Chassis No. 23602 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1585


Photo circa 1999 A very tidy saloon.

Left Alvis factory 9 December 1949

MXR 85 (Upon re-importation from Singapore 1 June 1952) Chassis no. 23623 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1604



Left Alvis factory 5 May 1950

CHZ 7355 Formerly MPP 836 Chassis No. 23632 Coachbuilder Tickford

23632a 23632

Left Alvis factory 8 December 1949

VK 412 Chassis No. 23637 Coachbuilder Mulliners  Body No. M1607 ( SEE CHAT ROOM)

23637 as and where she was found after 30 years captivity - Photo Bruce Sharman - see Comments below

23637 as and where she was found after 30 years captivity – Photo Bruce Sharman

AG Melrose the garage that imported 23637 in 1949 - Photo Bruce Sharman

AG Melrose the garage that imported 23637 in 1949 – Photo Bruce Sharman

Left Alvis factory 10 January 1950

RHK 256 Chassis No. 23678 Coachbuilder Mulliners  Body No. M 1770

Photos to follow

Now being restored 2018 again as a Special

Left Alvis factory 6 June 1950

KYP 89 Chassis No.23694 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1665

Charming family photo taken in the 60’s.

Sadly scrapped for £50 some time ago.

Left Alvis factory 13 February 1950

DRS 542 Chassis no. 23715 Coachbuilder Mulliners body No. M1670

Very original. Restored in 1994 Photo immediately below taken 2006


23715c 23715b

For Sale 2022





Left Alvis factory 10 March 1950

DCK 564 Chassis No. 23718 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1694


Now believed to have been scrapped

Left Alvis factory 22 March 1950

KYX 744 Chassis No. 23719 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1671

Steve Tillyer doing the ‘deal’ with her former owner D H Pearce

23719a 23719

The Tillyer's TA14 Mulliner saloon


Nice example of one of the later saloons.

Left Alvis factory 6 March 1950

HWF 732 chassis No.23721 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1656

Photo 1995 opposite Queen’s Park, London NW6


Left Alvis factory 17 March 1950

FF 7788 Chassis No. 23722 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1655

IMG_0001Sitting in a Shropshire field 2005

Many years ago owned by a professional gambler. One month rent paid for garaging over 30 years ago then owner disappeared!

Left Alvis factory 24 March 1950

GVJ 919 Chassis No. 23727 Coachbuilder Mulliners  Body No. M1658

In need of restoration – photo 1989


Left Alvis factory 30 March 1950

DWH 923 Chassis no. 23731 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1664

Ready for a bit of TLC


Left Alvis factory 17 April 1950

FRX 259 Chassis No. 23745 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1727

1st photo taken at Buckfast Abbey July 1953 2nd photo Sandringham 1956

Now a very nice Special designed by ‘Racing Green’.

Left Alvis factory 3 May 1950

DZ 08 94 formerly MWE 465 Chassis No 23761 Coachwork Mulliners Body No. M1704

2011 rescued as a rolling chassis with dashboard.

2017 A very attractive Special residing in the Netherlands.

Left Alvis factory 13 May 1950

LYD 995 Chassis No. 23763 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No.1739

1951 at North Hill, Minehead, Somerset.

Shows Mr W.E. Challice, Alvis Agent with his daughter Wendy.

Left Alvis factory 25 May 1950

OPE 915 Now DH-43-84 Chassis No. 23778 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M 1773

2023 Now red!!


abRebodied as a Special

Living in the Netherlands

Left Alvis factory 15 June 1950

BJE 503 Chassis No. 23779 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No M1718


2015 – Attractive car undergoing some further restoration
Left Alvis factory 22 June 1950

FJY 184 chassis No. 23797 Coachbuilder Mulliners body No. M1782

A chameleon! Originally green, then black and now maroon.23797

Left Alvis factory 24 August 1950

KHP 520 Chassis No.23822 Coachbuilder Mulliners Body No. M1760


One of the last Mulliners built  and last Mulliners saloon known to have survived.

Left Alvis factory 22 November 1950

HWK 768 Chassis No. 3L1

One of 3 3 litre prototypes based on the ’14’ preceding the introduction of the TA21


Only known photograph.

HKV 778 Chassis No. 3L2

One of 3 3 litre prototypes based on the ’14’ preceding the introduction of the TA21


JDU 674 Chassis No. 3L3 Coachbuilder Mulliners


2022 Under restoration in Holland

One of the 3 3litre prototypes for the TA21 Based on TA14