Spring is in the air! We hope!

What a weather month, thoughts go out to anyone affected by the British Floods, American Snow and Aussie Heatwaves etc.. Hope all cars are in places of safety.
More photos have been posted up of a wide selection of Fourteens and under Cars of Interest there are more photos of the TA 14 racing model. One of the Fourteen Members is undertaking a research project around this model and any information anyone has would be much appreciated. Also we are seeking information about the Belgian importer S.I.N.C.A and if anyone has knowledge perhaps they could get in touch.
The next lot of photos to be loaded up will be of TB 14s, hearts may be broken by the 1970 advert of one for sale for £150! There is one coming up for sale soon  but I think it will exceed that figure by a margin. Also there will be a wonderful photo of a TB restoration being undertaken in Australia, polished metal body at this stage.
Also coming up are some samples of Mavis’ early invoices, MVX 963, chassis 21785. She left the Alvis Factory 09/02/1948 and by 31/08/1949 she was having the bulkhead rubber and sunshine roof rubber strips replaced, that should resonate with the Saloon owning readers.
On the main Archive site we now have some superb Albums and Album two has a selection of Fourteen photos that will eventually migrate over to this site in due course. Very worthwhile checking this out.
Now something for the diary. The Alvis Owner Club has agreed that TA/TB 14s will be a featured car for their 70th anniversary at International Alvis Day 2016. We are grateful to the Organising Committeee for their agreement. I shall be writing out again to see what ideas and input people may wish to have. A first idea is as to whether it would be a good idea to have a Special Fourteen event at the venue the day before similar to the 50th Anniversary Day in 1996. With cars and many owners twenty years older now I am not sure there would be the support for a totally separate weekend somewhere else over and above International Alvis Day, maybe I am wrong.
For something completely different, from Wigan comes a tale which may or may not bear scrutiny.
Evidently TA 14s, TA 21s and TCs sold well in Australia but not the later models as you could not throw a dead sheep over the front wing and drive off!
Finally many thanks for the kind words about the site from readers, they are appreciated.

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