Summer News!!

Plenty of Fourteen activity underway at the moment.

A TB 14, living in Germany, has been honoured with an invitation to be one of the only 50 ‘Masterpieces’ to be on display at the prestigious Concours d’Elegance ‘Jewels in the Park’ at Dyck Castle, Germany, 1-3 August.

In the ‘Articles’ section you will find Mavis’ service and repair history from when she was a new car until 1987, more information to come for the later years. It is rare for a car to have such a complete history and shows the issues of the day for repair needs through the years and probably parallels the histories of our own cars. Mavis is MVX 963, a very smart Mulliners Saloon.

The lovely Ascot Grey RHD TB 14 chassis no. 23579, owned for 35 years by the late Melle Visser and Maria his wife, is now coming up for sale representing a wonderful opportunity to acquire one of these rare cars in lovely condition. Both Maria and the TB will be attending International Alvis Day next month.
At the other end of the TB scale, a Scottish gentleman is seeking a TB 14 further down ‘the need to restore range’ so hopefully like buses, another one will come along soon.
Another lost TB 14 has turned up, chassis 23526 with registration FBK 732, amazing how they have been tucked away. She will be a restoration project.

A lovely tale now with a happy ending. An elderly lady spoke to someone about how lovely it would be to see if her late father’s car (A Carbodies TA 14) was still around. That person took the time and trouble to contact us and we were able to confirm that the car still existed. The current owner wrote and sent photos of the car and an original photo has been sent back to him. Needless to say we heard that the lady was over the moon and in due course we shall get a copy of the photo from the car’s early days.

A gentleman in Loughton, Essex has a box of somewhat rusty TA 14 bits to give away if someone will collect them. Another gentleman has a surplus chassis and bulkhead for sale, would make a great restoration project particularly for a Woodie unless someone would like to recreate one of the glorious Ice Cream Vans or?

For all those going to the International Alvis day next month, there will be an Alvis Archive Stand to enjoy and the ability to meet some of the authors. For anyone who would like to see our records for their  Fourteen, the computer will be there for us to check it out. Please also bring any old photos of Fourteens for the Gallery.
For now, enjoy the summer motoring and if anyone wants more details about anything above email to
Eileen and Terry

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