Summer has come at last!!

Is it that the weather this year has so far been ‘faltering’ or are we indeed using our cars less? During a two month tour of Scandanavia and the Low countries not one single prewar or prewar style vehicle was spotted. Plenty of 1950s old American cars. 
Some new photos of 21623 on The Gallery and in both photos, two Tickford blondes together with 21830 in each shot.
New photos of 21571 showing 2 owners for a span of nearly forty years for another Tickford Dhc..
It seems we are now in the selling period for 14s and the opportunity to pick up a new 14. A real gem is a part restored RHD Mulliners Saloon, chassis 22560, for sale about 60 miles west of Stockholm, Sweden. The previous owner must have been a perfectionist judging by the rolling chassis and engine restoration to date. Approximately 60% of the work has already been done, the body prepared and box after box of restored items are neatly stacked. The car will be advertised in the July Calendar of the AOC.
Another car of interest, chassis 20532, is just now available in Belgium. One of two believed to have been bodied by Pennock originally. the car is believed to have been rebodied by Veth and enquiries about this are currently being made. View in The Gallery to see the unusual body.
The Alvis Archive photo competition is still in progress with time to enter a favourite photo. Lee O’Brien’s 14, as mentioned last month, is one of the recent entries. The sad remains of the car may be advertised in The July Calendar of the AOC.
A lady contacted The AOC a few weeks ago with enquiries relating to a TD 21. Following this contact we established that she still has her late father’s TA 14 Carbodies, chassis 23366, stored since 1975 and most definitely not for sale. Not only is the car now known to us again but she has kindly dug out the old family photo album showing several pictures of the car. Some will go onto The Gallery next month. How many of us could do the same and pass on photos to relevant Car Clubs?
A new 14 owner has been enquiring about a workshop manual for 14s. The nearest has been the Wallage reprints as detailed under Publications. It now appears that they have ceased trading so enquiries will be made to see if we can reprint this, no guarantees however.
In Denmark a 1950s Volvo slowed down and turned right, at the last minute it was possible to see it’s trafficator with no other turning lights. No problem for us who gave it a wide berth but useful to review just how clear your turning system is to other road users who may not be clued up on old cars.
Happy motoring in the summer sun.


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