Weird cars

Terrible to think that one of our cars features in a book of that name but there she is a TB 14, well it is an historic photo!

This publication ‘Weird Cars’ by Stephen Vokins was published by Haines, ISBN No. 978 0 85733 237 0, 2nd edition Page 155. Look her up in The Gallery under chassis 23571, registration EFE 671 and does anyone know where she is now? She was originally green with cream interior, green carpet and fawn hood and last heard of in Heald Green, Cheshire.

Not in weird cars but another TB 14 search.

A well-known car of the 1980s is sought by her former owner. ORB 244, chassis 23551 was last heard of in the 1990s so unlikely by then that she would have been a candidate for the scrap yard. Has she gone overseas or is she tucked up in a garage somewhere? Photos will go on the gallery in March.

‘Supporting’ our TA 14 70th Anniversary Year it is nice to see that the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs has announced that FIVA made the designation of 2016 as World Motoring Heritage Year, a good coincidence!

‘The Alvis Owner Club Board has decided to take further the possibility of sponsoring an ‘Alvis Rose’ for the Centenary Celebrations in 2020. The Red/White rose is doing well in its trials so fingers crossed that we may be able to surround our garages with The Alvis Rose much as The Alvis Factory had roses growing in front of the building, eye witness account.

For those who might be tempted to acquire a Woodie, a rare Cornbrook bodied shooting brake is now for sale. On offer from Christoph Grohe (a former Fourteen owner) near Geneva is chassis no. 21367, price upon application. She was JNA 998 and is right hand drive. She has been in Switzerland for over a quarter of a century and was restored before then. Coloured Green with a brown leather interior she looks complete from the photos and the advert can be found on Google, Christoph Grohe. You will see the AOC badge on the photo.

PPS Dave Culshaw. Hope everyone spotted the very interesting Article on the main site about Aluminium bodied cars? Reference contained in the Article about Fourteens. Quite amazing the threads that link our cars to others.

For tasty cars but no Alvis, visit The Linq Hotel, Las Vegas, discount for Seniors with photo I.D. Largest Classic Car sales showroom in the world, do not take credit card but wonderful example of cars including many British.

The Regular Newlands Corner get together on  Sunday 13th March from 10.30 a.m. onwards  at Newlands Visitor Centre will feature Fourteens and TF 21s for their seventieth and fiftieth anniversary years. At least two Duncan TA 14s and one TF 21 hope to be there and I am told there will be a cake.

Finally the big celebration at International Weekend in May is coming up fast. We shall have a dedicated Fourteen parking area and wonderful opportunity to meet other owners and compare notes and photos. More details next month to whet the appetite and yes there will be a cake!

Here is a fine pair of weird machines - MTV is alive and well in Lincolnshire and paired here with a Salamander at the RAF Scampton Fire Museum

Here is a fine pair of weird machines – MTV is alive and well in Lincolnshire and paired here with a Salamander at the RAF Scampton Fire Museum


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