Lazy summer days.

Can anyone help by supplying photos of Knibbs of Manchester bodied Fourteens? The owner of chassis 20613 is restoring his car and would welcome some good photos of a Knibbs to help with the restoration. He has supplied some photos of his car as taken in 1990 and they are now on Gallery 1. 

Still looking to find 2 headlamp rims and glasses plus a nave plate to send out to the Museum in Uruguay if anyone can help.

For those of a fettling bent, keep an eye on the major rebuilds Section. Very useful information can be gleaned from those who have been through the process. The Articles index can also show where other relevant Articles are in old Bulletins. The restoration of a Tickford, chassis 21623, threw up an interesting concept. ‘A little known feature is that the rear chassis ends can be bolted in different positions – minimizing length for garaging or increasing length for maximum protection.’ 

Any reader with a Tickford who does not know the Body number should check the following. The numbers were written on the back of wood trim to identify which pieces for individual cars. The number will be 4 digits starting with 2. A certain Tickford downstairs, 21830, is body no. 2020 but nearly 70 years ago someone at Tickford Newport Pagnell fitted one door capping marked 2019, different wood but then stained to match. Anyone claiming ownership of body no. 2019 can rest assured the door cap 2020 would not now be reclaimed. Other places to find the number are sun visors and pram irons. The numbers do not run sequentially for Alvis as mixed in with other manufacturers such as Daimler and Lagonda. 

Tyres are a perennial dilemma for those unsure about whether to change from cross ply to radial. ‘Aunty May’, chassis 21830 would not change from Avon Tourist cross ply but in the 1960s/1970s many made the change to radials and some then back again. Eminent early Member Mr L.V.Halliwell was asked in 1967 by Ken Day, now our President Emeritus, to write about his experience with new radial Pirelli Cinturatos. 

‘After about 2500 miles I find that the slight understeer characteristics have changed to marked over-steer. Steering is very much more precise and 5-8 m.p.h. Can be safely added to the speed for the average corner for the same noises. In the wet the breakaway is definitely later but more sudden, and I’m not yet altogether happy about this aspect but accept the fact as self criticism rather than deficiency in the tyres. Steering at low speeds is slightly stiffer, but the TA 14 never was a heavy car to handle and the difference is so little as to be unlikely to worry even lady-owners. I’m hoping for a high mileage and in the short distance so far covered there is no wear evident. The pressures being used are 28 p.s.i. Front and rear running light and 30 p.s.i. running light, and 30 p.s.i. Rear with family and luggage on board.’ so watch out for hard cornering Fourteens in the wet! The extract was taken from a Bulletin also showing the renowned lady racing driver Mrs Urquhart-Dykes taking her straight eight FWD Alvis around Brooklands etc.. So perhaps ladies were able to cope with a Fourteen!

 It is a well known fact amongst Fourteen enthusiasts that when the TB 14 was shown at the 1948 Motor Show so was the rather faster Jaguar XK120. The TB was priced at £150 15s 8d. and was £12 15s 7d dearer than the Jaguar so perhaps that was the cost of the Cocktail Cabinet and Vanity Unit, neither making it through to production. 

Finally apologies for the late arrival of the June Post that went under it’s own heading ‘The Proud Fourteens’. There was a reason. Terry was trying to send it from the security of the phone but in the wilds of the Norfolk Broads we could not get a good signal. As we were visiting my cousin, all would be well we could use their secure network. No go as they are in a black spot. So out to hang around the one spot in the village with a reasonable signal and wait for the police to turn up to find out what was going on walking round and round to get a signal and then pressing the wrong button.

Anyway the world still turned. 

The indices will be updated at the end of August so look again to see if your friend was up to anything many years ago. 

Enjoy the summer whilst it is here, have just had to use the Christmas word to book up a get together, it will be here only too soon.

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