Easter Bonnets

This Cartoon by ‘Apsley’, links a rather charming typo with a lovely Drawing from 1997, just right to bring out again for Easter. Who has not seen that look from their Fourteen!

 As the Motoring Season starts in earnest there are 2 separate enquirers each actively seeking a Fourteen Saloon. Should anyone be thinking about parting with their friend let me know and I can put you in touch.

 Those to be enticed into Alvis ownership would have had temptation put in their way at the 1947 Ostend Concours. See Publications. The Belgium TB 14 forerunner looking very stylish for the early post war years whilst the 1st Carbodies conveyed the prewar styling and solidity of the Alvis Marque. For the latter it is fitting to note that she is still going strong! It is not known whether either car participated in the record breaking Jabbeke-Aeltre standing speed test route. One for future sleuths.

The Carbodies featured above also played a prominent role in Alvis Advertising. Interesting to note the subtle changes made to the drawings as shown under Gallery 1 chassis 20599.

 For people wanting to check up on the initial history of their car, a good place to go to is The Kithead Trust, Droitwich. Many initial registration records for our cars are to be found there. Googling their name will take you to a very clear well laid out site that will take you through the research process and indicate if the Trust is able to help. For enquiries email kitheadtrust@live.co.uk and they are also a useful source of information on cars that may no longer be with us.

Regular readers may have recently noticed a new Banner headline, ‘Suppliers and Services’ on this site. This schedule from a few years ago should help with finding suppliers and specialists to help with the restoration and running of our cars. The list has been put up as is and as time permits will be checked and updated. Readers are asked to send any amendments and additions for the List. No Commercial Suppliers will be put on the List without the specific recommendation of an Alvis owner who has used the supplier. Hopefully this list will be a good starting point and our very grateful thanks to Richard Crabtree for his permission and help in publishing the list which he originally compiled in 2007.

A great opportunity to acquire spares has come up. The Alvis Owner Club, TA 14 Technical Advisor has decided the time has come to Spring Clean and part with his large quantity of TA spares in Norfolk, near Great Yarmouth. His details are in The AOC Bulletin and The Membership List. Items may be purchased individually but there is no List. Unfortunately there is no email address, only telephone no. or post.

 Whilst trying to sort out an historic possible mix up of chassis numbers a registration record shows Arthur Francis Varney of Alvis Ltd. registering an Austin 1200c.c., OJO 969. Surely only for comparison purposes!

 Whilst over 70 years on some of our senior citizens may have the odd creak, rattle and blemish, Duncan bodied chassis 20602 obviously had an unhappy owner right from the start. The 2 page letter dated 25th August 1948 from Duncan to Alvis responded  to complaints that.

1 It was extremely difficult to jack the car up due to the design of the Duncan body.

2. The chrome was rusting after only 5 months.

3. Vibration at the front end of the car and rattles.

 No doubt, after the extensive rebuild years later, the car is now free of all those problems. The letter is reproduced in full under chassis 20602, Gallery 1.

 Research into the last TA 14 in Uruguay, chassis 21697 continues and it is strange where research into one topic leads into another. It looks as though chassis 21697 was first owned by Saul Caviglia Staricco of 1210 Salt Street, Montevideo. The invaluable Google shows that he was a student of Anaesthesia before the war. It appears that some 10 years later he was a Doctor with the means to afford a new Alvis in 1948. Little could he have known that we should be carrying out research about him based on application to get the car approved and registered for the road in June 1948.

 Those who have ventured onto the Blog for Pippin and followed the ‘adventures’ of the Carbodies TA 14 may be interested to see a new picture on Gallery 2, chassis 22814. The  Drophead has forgone a respray back to her original Grey. Instead a rather fetching ‘Jaguar’ Blue from the 1960s has been used, reminiscent of the later Alvis 3 litres.

 Finally, Happy Easter to all and good luck to all those who venture out on Drive It Day, Sunday 23rd April, the Season begins.



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1 Response to Easter Bonnets

  1. John Witts says:

    What a wonderful Apsley cartoon!

    Had I known about it when I started the restoration of my Carbodies dhc, I would have used it as a blue-print!

    Things have been quiet on the Blog for Pippin for a while as we got distracted by a broken TA14 Tickford. It is now all mended and purring nicely, so we will press on with 22814.

    I hope to post something of Alvis interest on the Pippin Blog soon.

    Happy Easter and Drive it day to all.


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