June has busted out all over!!!

The picture of the Woodie last month has created considerable interest.
The location has been identified as being next to the ‘Coat of Arms Bridge’, Stivichall, Coventry, Warwickshire. For those who wish to visit, the Postcode is CV3 6PY. Maybe you recognize the car and she can go back? She may well have had the publicity photo taken before or after she was checked for her Guarantee.
Should you visit Coventry you could take a look at ‘Alvis House’, Manor House, Drive in the City Centre, what an address.

Look after your original style TA 14 Driver’s Manual. An original is currently advertised for £140. For those needing a replacement or spare, copies can be purchased from Red Triangle, parts@redtriangle.co.uk

The news that The Alvis Car Company is offering to build another continuation Model on the lines of the 1966 Graber bodied TF 21 is news that has been most interesting. No sign of the offer relating to TA/TB 14s but no doubt if you win the lottery they might be persuaded if there are any unused chassis numbers.

The 2 Fourteens, Carbodies, chassis 22094 and Mulliners, chassis 21076, both owned by the late Geoff Stobart, have found new homes, following their Auction on the General Election Day. Unsurprisingly this news was overshadowed in the National News. The Carbodies Drophead, with the delightful name of Persephone, (The Greek Goddess of Spring), sold for £5500 plus 10%. The Mulliners Saloon, with the interesting description that you would not be worried about parking in the Supermarket Car Park, sold for £4070 plus 10%. As far as is known the latter does not bear the name Persephone’s husband Hades!

For those looking for a Special with not too much work to be done to finish off, Car and Classic is showing one that has recently become available. The advert says most of the hard work has been done and the price asked is only £68 000.

Tickfords are now coming along like buses! Once almost Hens’ teeth,  on Car and Classic several are Tickfords so never a better time.
One interesting Tickford for sale is the well known car OPU 438, chassis 22302, once in the long term ownership of the Deputy Chairman of the Alvis Owner Club.

I have a prospective purchaser seeking to acquire a good running Tickford so contact me should you be thinking of passing your Tickford TA 14 onto a good new home. TA 21 & TC 21s would also be considered.

On the main Alvis Archive Trust site, alvisarchive.com there is the information about the 20th Anniversary of the revived Tickford Owners Club in Coventry on the 23rd July. Tickford bodied Alvis would be made most welcome.

A Carbodies is coming on the market soon and sounds very nice. Likely price to be in the region of £20 000.

It is possible that a Knibbs bodied car may be coming up for sale in Cornwall in the near future together with a quantity of Spares. The car requires restoration but is only 1 of 2 Knibbs bodied cars known to be left so a very attractive project.

For those not contemplating buying one of the above a model might be tempting. Whilst there seem to be plenty of Duncan Models for sale, not so many Saloons and Dropheads and the prices are creeping up. About £120 quoted for Mulliners in a choice of colours. Use a search Engine such as Google and you will see that some J &M models are currently available for 1/2 price.

We are still trying to track down 2 Tickfords, probably still in Western Europe. They are chassis 22301, now 42 A 86 and 23160 1 0AI 882 so should be grateful if anyone knows their current whereabouts?

When one has one’s Fourteen tucked up in the Garage it is important to keep the surroundings up to scratch
A product ‘Wet and Forget’ seems to get very good press, good enough for super yachts and designed to do away with Mould and keep it away. Useful on drives but can also be used on hoods and tonneau covers. Must be kept away from Decals.

Excellent to be able to get updates on 2 cars that were out of action. Chassis 22614 is now in a Cornish Garage and was once owned by a prominent Cornish Business Man, Simon Hendra. The name may ring a bell as his son  is the youngest ever Antique Specialist on The Antiques Roadshow. Whilst researching that car, a ‘thread’ took me to the poignant story about ‘Walnut’ the Whippet who single pawed rejuvenated the Newquay tourist industry. Walnut’s owner put out an online request for people and their dogs to be out on Newquay Beach for Walnut’s last walk. Needless to say it went viral with Media interest from all over the world and plenty of friends for Walnut’s last beach walk. Nothing to do with Alvis but Google for the full story and defy anyone not to have a lump in their throat.

Sadly must report that long term Alvis Owner, Tom Poole passed away recently and his funeral service has taken place. 
Tom owned a Tickford, chassis 22204, that is being rejuvenated. 
He owned several types of Alvis including a smooth-sided TA 14 Estate by an unknown Coachbuilder. An American was over here collecting Morgan Spares and needed a vehicle to take them back to the States. She returned in 1995 and is now living in Berkshire. According to Tom this was the only car he ever sold.
Tom was also well known for his popular East Anglian Jazz Days.
We have lost a character and our thoughts and condolences go to his daughters, Alison- and Joanna who is in a long term coma following a motor accident last year.

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