TBs everywhere!

Many times when someone is looking for a TB 14 they can prove quite hard to find but not at the moment.
Chassis 23513 is coming up for Auction at the end of the month in Perth, Scotland and looks an attractive prospect. Classic Car Weekly will have an article and photo of the car this week that should prove to be interesting reading. The Motoring journalist Chris Hope has taken the car out for a spin and as ever with TB 14s there is a smile on his face as he drives down the road. See details on the general Alvis Section of the carandclassic website – also from the Auctioneers, Morris and Leslie. The sale is on 24th November and there is a guide price of £45-£50 000.

A very nice red version is up for sale in and for those with deep pockets the asking price is €125 000. Trouble is with the current exchange rate the £ is not on the side of British purchasers. Prices such as these show that TB 14s have now become one of the more sought after models in the Alvis range. Details of the car are on the website, carandclassic along with 80 other Alvis Cars at the time of writing.

The part restored TB 14, chassis 23515 is still for sale and at £22 000 looks like a good financial bet. Details also on carandclassic in the general Alvis Section. A lot of parts included so this looks a very good buy.

In addition to TBs for sale, one TB 14, chassis 23579 has the honour of knowing that a Member of the family was racing a 90 year old Alvis around the Le Mans circuit this summer. Even those who are not racing aficionados will enjoy the Article written in the September/October Bulletin of the Alvis Owner Club Bulletin giving a behind the scenes window into the trials, tribulations and successes of the Classic Car Racing scene. For those living in the West Country watch out for a smart black TB 14 lining itself up to take the corners at the best angle!

As always an interesting selection of TA 14s on carandclassic. One recent addition is another ‘discovered’ Carbodies TA 14. Chassis 22521 has been in storage for 40 years and has only just emerged and become available to purchase. A restoration project priced at £8000 looks a good bet.

A Car that has slumbered for nearly as long is a Mulliners Saloon, chassis 20674, that has spent all her life in South Africa. Exported as a new car she has recently emerged from 38 years in storage and is now being restored. Some spares are required:

Wooden trim above the dashboard including ashtrays
Body Panel below the boot.

For those in the Cambridge area there is a new Carbodies restoration now back on the road. Chassis 22814 is still awaiting her new Hood and then subsequent retrimming but in the meantime she is a lovely sight in blue following an extensive renovation by her proud owner and she drives beautifully. Anyone wanting to read about the restoration in a literally ‘blow by blow’ account can use a search engine and put in PippinAlvis.
Looking at the records of her restoration it is quite remarkable to see in such detail the work that has gone in to produce such a lovely car.

A superb photo from the Archives shows a new Airflow Bodied TA 14 in her prime. Very individual lines but perhaps not quite enough room in the doors to fit the ubiquitous TB 14 Cocktail Cabinet. She is chassis 20529, ANH 47, one of the very early TA 14s.

We all know how frustrating it can be when the usual sources of spares such as Red Triangle and Chris Prince cannot supply a part that is needed.
The electronic Calendar produced by the Alvis Owner Club usually has a list of spares for sale but sometimes there are more that the vendor has not scheduled so always worth checking.

eBay is becoming a very useful place to locate spares and this month’s selection includes a lot of new ‘old’ spares. Also available a spare tyre cover and bonnet. A rear seat pull out ashtray at £35 might suit someone. Search Alvis Car Parts. Also on eBay search Alvis Automobilia for a selection of original and reproduction TA 14 Brochures and advertisements.

Seeking Spares can be a slow process and a Carbodies Owner in Houston Texas is still seeking a Nave Plate and small silvered lever for the steering wheel. Also 2 owners are seeking sunroofs. I can pass on any details of spares that are for sale.

The only one left of the 3 prototype TA 21 Saloons, chassis 3L3 has secured a safe new home in The Netherlands and should be moving down from Norway soon. She has not spent long in Norway having been repatriated recently from California.
Thank goodness she will not be turned into a Special as she is a one off historic vehicle. Despite being a prototype TA 21 she is actually a modified TA 14 with a 3 litre engine now having 100bhp. She had been uprated to TC21/100 specification from the original single Solex and 83 bhp. So if you are overtaken in The Netherlands by a TA 14 you will know why
A claim to fame for this car is that in the 1970s she was loaned to Granada studios to appear in their film about Philby, Burgess and McLean. So now have to try and find a copy of the film. The extract below is of the car in the 1970s.


Finally to confirm that the name of this site has now been changed to alvis14.com and this should make it easier for search engines to find the site.


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