Following on from the black and white period photos of chassis 23745, FRX 259 taken in the 1950s, some colour photos taken around 1978 are also of interest and were found in the same box of dolls. It is unusual to have photos showing just how effective the opening windscreen can be. Also a car that enjoyed fresh air motoring as her sunroof is fully open, this at a time when many Mulliners started to drive around with their sunroofs sealed shut due to leaks. There is also a very good view of the interior of the rear door, not the subject of many photos but very useful as a guide to restorers.
Could not leave comments about Dutch Fourteens without mentioning chassis 22470, DE-12-42 formerly JPO 900. She is a lovely active Carbodies who goes out and about and does quite a lot of work for Charities in Parades etc.. A very original vehicle resplendent in British Racing Green. Next time you are in the Netherlands near Christmas you may see her in action transporting St. Nicholas! For those thinking it is a long way off, Santas, elves and a few St. Nicholas were spotted on Midsummer Weekend in Northern Denmark. Obviously a mince pie may not be the first choice when there is a hotdog around.

Should your Fourteen be feeling sporty there is the opportunity coming up to tackle the Prescott Hill Climb at whatever speed is fancied. The event is the Pre-War Prescott Garden Party & Hillclimb near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire on Saturday 20th July. The event is to raise money for the R.A.F. Charitable Trust. As our cars look pre-war we are invited. For further details go to prewarprescott.com.
After the Duncan photos last month, for further Duncan information go to the North Walsham Heritage site as detailed below.
Readers of the main Alvis Archive Trust Site will have seen the very sad news of the passing of Tony Phillips-Smith the name behind Apsley and the Motoring cartoons. Tony was a Fourteen owner, TA and TB and quite a few of his cartoons are of Fourteens as shown with a couple of examples below. The Alvis Archive Trust has copies of his recent cartoon compilation book for sale.
At times there may be an interest in acquiring an Article from the Classic Motoring press. When problems in acquiring a back copy, one can be ordered at:
The above address should be modified for example to delete classic-cars-magazine/august-2018 and substitute the required publication and edition.
The example above was for an Article detailing Martin Hiscox and his collection of Classic Cars. These include The Burns Special, a TD 21 modified to take a 5.4 litre V8 engine.
More importantly in 2017, Martin purchased LHU 123, a Carbodies TA 14 for his wife Heather. When you own an Insurance Company you obviously want to have the best for your Collection.
A Mulliners Saloon, chassis 23396 MKX 152 seems to have been slumbering away. Lost to knowledge for many years since the 1960s. She is currently being kept in ‘Barn Find’ condition but is in good shape. There are an increasing number of cars who are out and about now in ‘Barn find patina’ and they look good.
Over the years quite a few Celebrity owners have been identified with Fourteens.
One less well known name today is that of Air Vice Marshall, Robert Stanley Aitkin of London SW3. He purchased chassis no. 23308 JYE 909 when she was brand new and first registered on 1st May 1948. Decorated with the Military Cross he surely would be pleased to know that JYE 909 is still wearing her same colours and going strong over 70 years after he bought her.
In 1952 he bought a 4.3 litre that starred in the Alec Guinness version of Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy. Obviously that did not measure up to the TA 14 as he sold the car in August 1953.
Fourteen ownership is global and a very interesting story has emerged from down under. A recent new Member of the Alvis Owner Club with a TB 14 was perusing the TB 14 Gallery. Noticing 2 delightful cartoons he realised that the cartoonist was signed skrib, the reverse spelling of the surname of his father who was also one of the founders of the Alvis Owner Club. He even remembers putting together the magazines with his father when they were Alvistas! He now intends to purchase the electronic set of old Bulletins from the Alvis Archive Trust but if anyone has original Bulletins with the cartoons he would be very interested and I can put you in touch.
A good selection of Fourteens for sale this month on carandclassic.co.uk.
2 Mulliners including the delightful ‘Doris’ who is looking for a caring new home.
3 Carbodies
1 Tickford. There may be some Tickfords rather uneasy in their garages to see an asking price of £37995 for one of their kind.
I continental drophead
Not on the TA 14 site but on the main Alvis site of carandclassic.co.uk are 2 TB 14s, one rhd and one lhd.
A TB 14 rhd is for sale in Germany but not up on carandclassic. Not fully Concours but has been restored. Contact details can be passed on to the owner if required.
The part restored Mulliners Saloon remains available in Southern Sweden for less than £5k, a bargain when you see the amount of quality work already done and no ferries until you get to Dover. Contact can be provided with the current owner.
Red Triangle’s parts Department have an extensive menu of new parts. Sometimes Paul can find quite obscure parts you would not expect them to have so always worth trying them for parts at parts@redtriangle.co.uk.
Also worth checking in with is Chris Prince’s website for anything to do with Alvis Cars and spare parts. His email address is chris@chrisprince.co.uk. A strong stomach is needed for some of the photos of damaged vehicles. PHOTO
For Alvis books worth going to Amazon who have a good selection of both new and used books at amazon.co.uk and some of the new books have good price reductions, after all, see above, Christmas is coming.
The spares requirements mentioned last month are still to be filled so please check back. In particular perhaps there is hope that someone has up to 5 wheel nuts for the gentleman in South Africa?
Keep cool.


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    Eileen, good morning. Thanks for keeping me on your TA 14 mailing list which I always forward to my brother Andy. He does not appear to get anything from the AOC for his TA21 representative of such marvellous quality you provide. As I am unwell at the moment is there any chance you could forward anything on TA14’s in the future.l By way of this note I need to inform you I have just sold my TA14 to a mr Simon Smith of Biddenham in Bedfordshire. He is clearly a classic car enthusiast and I have forwarded details of the Club so I guess you will pick up his membership details from there as he said he would join immediately Many thanks for all your past communications Kind regards Rob

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