Fake News

Well the last ‘Post’ was out on 1st April!

Those who viewed ‘Electric Blue’ a month ago may have to wait awhile before the real thing takes to the road. The Christmas November Post shows the actual car and a salutary lesson against the old adage, the camera never lies. Thought 0-60 mph in 8 seconds might have been the giveaway.

That being said almost immediately after penning the last blog ‘Wheeler Dealers’ featured a 1990’s Maserati (with a written-off engine) being converted to electric. A bit of a trend as mentioned before in the US.

This all follows in the spirit of the 1st April TA 14 Racing Car as promoted a few years ago. That was picked up at the time by the sharp eyed AOC TA/TB 14 Technical Advisor. It was amazing what could be done with a Tesco Toffee tin and Photoshop!

Not an April Fool is the promotion of the new Pirelli ‘Stella Bianca’ Cross Ply tyre currently being promoted by Longstone Tyres. The 600 16 tyre fits perfectly as a physical replacement tyre for TA and TB 14s. Somewhat at odds with the performance of our cars the tyres are V rated and have a performance rating up to 149 miles per hour.
‘As well as looking right, the focus is to make it handle the way it should without having the vague wandering at high cruising speeds you can get from other cross ply tyres’.
Many owners find the long-standing Avon Tourist Cross ply an excellent tyre but the ‘Stella’ may persuade some owners to revert back from radials.
The Avon Tourist is EXEMPT from the EU tyre labeling regulation EC1222/2009 because, the tyre is designed to be fitted only to vehicles registered for the first time before 1 October 1990.

Two Mulliners Saloon owners have been put in touch with a fellow Alvis Owner who can make a set of car carpets for that Model. Should anyone else be in need of a set of Mulliners Carpets I can put you in touch to get a quote even if you do not have the old carpets.

There are several Fourteens for sale on carandclassic. The Dutch Special and restoration Dhc. are still for sale in The Netherlands. 2 Mulliners Saloons plus 1 original Saloon, NSK 779 that has an unknown Coachbuilder and a very pleasing appearance. A restored Woodie that appears to be very elegant plus one of the rare Duncan’s so quite a selection. A very nice Tickford Drophead Chassis 23718 is for sale on the AOC website.

Somewhat quietly on the 25th May 2019 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. The EU regulation was aimed at improving privacy and giving greater control over personal information and how it is used. It runs alongside the Data Protection Act 2018. Some vehicle dealers have taken the view that provenance contains names and addresses and that has been destroyed or not passed on. Under the 6 lawful bases that personal data maybe kept it is believed that the provenance of a classic car vehicle should enable such material to be passed on in full. Should you be seeking to sell or buy a classic car with a dealer it is worth checking their position on the matter.

As always, spares on carandclassic classic and eBay. Red Triangle offer quite a lot of stock on eBay, much of it new old stock. One day the rear ashtray may be as scarce as hens teeth but now there it is, new old stock.

An interesting photo of an Airflow bodies TA 14, chassis 20529 has come from a 1947 Motoring magazine and is a compliment to an existing photo with the same background. The benefit of the first photo is that you can see the numberplate. It appears that the photos were publicity shots for the Airflow bodied Fourteens.

We have been now been able to add the details of a ‘found’ TA 14 Mulliners Saloon, chassis 20866 to our records. Lost since she was exported to New Zealand in 1947. The sad part of the story is that although complete she is viewed as being beyond repair.

Back in 1995, our then Chairman, John Wheeley made a memorable observation about classic car enthusiasts that rather summed up the view at the time.

‘The old car owner, at peace with the aroma of St. Bruno, good ales, Castrol R and an old dog on which to wipe his hands …’; however, before
we are carried away by the rosy glow of an apparent gentler past.

This Carbodies, chassis 23425 was purchased in this state, in the same year.

The new owner said ‘having got the ‘atrocity’ home (to Gwent) he started cleaning out the debris of untold years of neglect and opened the offside rear ashtray where he found an empty condom packet. Upon opening the nearside ashtray I was rather less than delighted to find the remains of the condom itself!’

Some interesting TA 14 material again this month on the main Alvis Archive Trust site so well worth a browse.

It is good to see that the Alvis Pippin Blog is back after an absence of 2 years. Interspersed with views on life and boat maintenance is plenty of interesting material following the restoration and life of Carbodies 22814 living near Cambridge. This Fourteen certainly leads an active life as the following extract shows!

‘Well, of course , I did the Dick Dastardly thing of seeking a short cut.

Reverse back down the Fen Road for 30 yards, then hang a left down the old, unmade, poorly maintained, tractor rutted and deeply unsuitable for elderly classics track for 3/4’s of a mile to the next road which leads to a manually operated rail crossing nearer the village.

The “Treble Zero” did all that was asked of it, slithering and wobbling on it’s tired springs and superannuated shock absorbers, all the way to the lowered gates of the manually operated crossing.

Only to see another sodding train, heading from Kings Cross, parked firmly in the way and blocking the crossing completely.

Nothing for it, then, but to turn around and slither, wobble, bump and grind one’s way back to the other crossing where it all started.

We got there…………. (And with a full complement of hubcaps too!)’ I can feel many cherished Fourteens wincing at that driving description.

For more on this story go to wbpippin.blogspot.com

For any new readers to that Blog follow back in time for a lot of fettling tips and experience.
Finally 22814 is providing an essential service to our NHS as she ferries her owner (a key worker) back and forth to work at Addenbrooks.

Think of them at the weekly clap for the NHS and perhaps give them a toot!

Keep Safe.


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2 Responses to Fake News

  1. raceman14 says:

    Dear Eileen,

    I am restoring my TB 14 chassis for the ALVIS CENTENARY EXHIBITION:

    The exhibition is ready for opening. We expect the 12th of may. A virtual visit until this date is possible using the link https://www.central-garage.de/3-d-rundgang.html

    If you use Alvis tour you will be able to walk through the exhibition. Sorry , because the majority if visitors will be Germans, the writing is in German too.

    For my TB 14 I’m seeking a complete steering column. Can you help?

    Best regards


  2. John Witts says:

    Hello Eileen,

    Thanks very much for the mention of my Alvis and the ‘Pippin’ blog!

    During the recent run of fine weather, I have been driving the TA14 to work ( I look after blood donors at The Cambridge Blood Donor Centre near The Addenbrookes Hospital), in order to raise morale…. (mainly mine….:-)

    My wife Jackie took the following film of me returning from work in some style:


    The 14 is definitely enjoying the exercise!

    Kind regards,


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