‘Twas the night before Christmas

With Christmas almost upon us it is to be hoped that some enticing Alvis related gifts will be wrapped and laid out under the Christmas tree amongst the socks!

For future reference or to treat yourself it is worth going on the Red Triangle site, redtriangle.co.uk to see the tempting items available.

First item shown is the splendid new book Alvis Society-A Century of Drivers by the leading Alvis Motoring Historian Dave Culshaw.

A beautiful hardback book to grace your coffee table and full of fascinating information about the numerous famous people who have owned Alvis Cars, many of the cars being TA/TB 14s. Included in the book is the first ever complete listing of every Alvis car ever made, 1920-1967. A great addition to anyone’s Alvis related ‘library’. £44-95 + p&p. Also. Many previously unseen photos and original works material.

Next is the new ability to have a brand new Drivers’ Manual as per the original quality. Not a photocopy as has previously been available. Full details on the Red Triangle site but a very tempting item to go with your car and keep the photocopy in the glovebox.. £34-95 + p&p.

Sadly the new Coachbuilders plates do not yet include our own Coachbuilders but hopefully in time?

The Alvis tool roll with set of tools looks very tempting and useful to pop in the back of the Alvis.

The set of 8 prints of Alvis cars through the years shows a lovely red Carbodies and it is £9-95 +p&p for the single high quality print.

Finally some more books to acquire that make essential Alvis reading.

So if you received cash donations for Christmas………

With the ever ongoing need for spares it is worth checking out the large quantity of spares for sale by Alois Grubemuller at ag@cablelink.at. They are advertised on the AOC Calendar but there are more spares not photographed. Tucked up amongst the photos are spares and body parts for Fourteens and Alois is a Fourteen owner. Some nice Mulliners doors stand out. There are plenty more spares not in the photos so worth making contact to discuss requirements. Factor in postage from Austria.

Several bulk collections of spares for Fourteens have been sold recently but if you have any surplus we can always put them on ‘ABay’, see heading above and free for all. Helps to create more space in your garage or workshop unless of course you are in the buying mode. We can post up spares wanted as well. Always worth keeping a few of the larger spares such as rear wheel cover and chrome radiator. Some availability up on Abay. Nave plate spares are useful as difficult to get hold of these days.

For Tickford Dhc.owners we have recently been donated a pair of pram irons by a gentleman in Bradford currently restoring a Tickford. This means no pattern making if you seek to have pram irons cast.. These are somewhat as hen’s teeth if you do not have a set of your own or they are the hollow ones that are too fragile to use for casting having rotted from the inside! A set has already been cast from them by Monkman Brass Foundry of Bradford for a very acceptable price, see Suppliers and Services above for contact details of the Company. The pram irons can be borrowed to allow for the casting of a set. A donation to the Alvis Archive Trust will be required for the loan.

Also on Abay have a look at Beatrice. A lovely Carbodies, chassis 23361 who could be the perfect car for you to start 2023. She is an older restoration but still looks very good.

In this busy world it is nice to take time and browse through old Bulletins etc. to see Fourteens in their younger days. For those without paper Bulletins go to the site for The Alvis Archive Trust to purchase the disc or stick of all old Bulletins up to 2012, about £30. You can then upload the Bulletins onto your computer. Contact details on website alvisarchive.com to acquire the disk or stick.

Bulletin 142 from June 1965 devotes the front cover to show the proud owner of Carbodies chassis 22470 receiving the award for ‘Best Car in the car Park’ at the 10th National Alvis Day, Crystal Palace. A mere 17 years old at the time she looked very tidy. Later she moved to The Netherlands where she is very cherished.

Another Carbodies TA 14, chassis 22548 was the star of the show and featured on page 5 of the Bulletin. The registration ARB 14 was one of the most well known at the time being the property of the late Ron Buck and most deservedly usually won most prizes going.

ARB 14 has now reverted to her original registration and is alive and well in Southern England still attending Alvis Days and looking very smart.

Finally for the photos in Bulletin 142 comes the TA 14 described as the most immaculate Saloon in existence. Chassis 21536, JP 6741 is still going strong and now shown on DVLA as being Beige in colour.

So certainly the TA 14s were head turners back in the day as they are now.

As a potential Dutch purchaser of a new Drophead Alvis after the war you would probably have made a beeline for the 1949 Motor Show in Amsterdam. Expecting to see Carbodies or maybe Tickford coachbuilt cars you might not have recognised the Pennock with its strong leanings towards the American styling of the day. This cabriolet with its sleek faired In styling and whitewall tyres does not even bear the Alvis radiator but showed what could be done with the running Alvis chassis. Constructed on chassis no. thought to be 23494 she was later rebodied as a Special.

Staying on the Continent a barn find Carbodies has emerged in Germany and reported on Facebook Alvis Cars 1919-date.

Anyone with any further details of the car?

We are always appealing for photographs of our cars and it is much appreciated when someone goes out of their way to send some in.

This rare photograph of chassis 23474 recently arrived from the son of someone who used to work for University Motors, presumably they were offering the car for sale.

Sad to see the rather run down state of this unique car originally bodied by Bosistos of Bristol and owned by racing driver Archie Scott Brown. Currently no knowledge of her whereabouts.

Another very kind effort has been the sending to us from Belgium of a period photograph of The Tank, the only TA 14 racing car chassis 20528. This car ran in the 1949 Le Mans race driven by Louis Eggen and his Co driver Emmanuel Kraft de La Seaulx, Chevalier, both from Belgium.

The Tank lasted a very creditable 6 laps of the Le Mans race before engine trouble forced retirement. Fastest lap averaged 80.95 kph.

Sadly there are occasionally times when an owner, of a cherished car, passes away and it is left to family members/executors to deal with the cars.

In an effort to help people at these difficult times DVLA has a team dedicated to the sensitive handling and dealing with such matters. Go to the DVLA and ask for the ‘Sensitive Case Unit’ team.

Another very useful organisation is SAGA. Their website gives detailed advice on Inheritance etc.. one such example is that if the owner of a car passes away the insurance lapses immediately.

With advice that the weather may turn cold after Boxing Day why not enjoy a gentle drive in Canada with a very original green TB 14 that was put up for sale.

Go to vimeo.com/730471667 and enjoy the ride.

Great excitement recently when we received details of another Tickford body number (takes all sorts!). So this takes us up to 15 cars with body numbers. Removal of the wooden caps over the doors should then show a 4 digit number written on the back starting with a 2. Have a check to see if you can find the body number if not already known. It should also be on the back of every piece of internal decorative wood. Good for provenance if you find it.

Quite enjoyable to watch clips of film of old Motor Shows, particularly the Pathe news. The start of the 1948 London Motor Show featured the TB 14 prototype as it was one of the stars of the Show.

Finally another year draws to a close and one can only hope that the new one sees further reduction in Covid severity and peace in Ukraine.

Very Best Wishes to everyone for Christmas and New Year 2023 and thank you for reading.

Eileen and Terry.


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