International Alvis Weekend – 70 Years of Fourteens!

Hope to see as many TA/TB 14 owners at the International Weekend as possible. ‘Aunty May’, chassis 21830 has come out to have a good polish up and fettle before making the horrible journey around the M25 with no hard shoulder. Nice to get back to Spring weather and not just planning to get her out. Fourteens, together with the TF 21 youngsters, will be the main features of the Weekend and there are special competitions etc. on the Sunday. Come and join in even if your Fourteen is indisposed. We shall be having an exclusive Fourteen get together on the Sunday afternoon for an hour, circa 2.30 pm with Speakers and the ability to network with other owners.

Very pleased to confirm that our fellow Fourteen owner has now established the identity of the Barn find red TB 14. She is Chassis 23590, registration LXA 453. She is complete and photos of her can be seen on The Gallery. Our intrepid sleuth who found and researched this car will be writing an Article about her so look out for it in the Alvis Owner Club Bulletin as it will make very interesting reading. It is possible she may go up for sale in the future. She will make a fabulous restoration project. Sadly she is not one of the ones we are searching for as owned by James Mason or Mr Kenneth Clegg.

A wonderful cache of photos, many of Woodies, has emerged from deepest Kent. The chassis numbers are 21018, 21188, 21481, 21725, 21814, 21902, 21967, 23632 and they are well worth checking out on The Gallery.

Another interesting period shot of a TB 14 is under chassis 23571. How smart the spectators were in the 1950s.

We have tracked Andrew’s car, another TB14 from the 1990s up to 2008 in Ireland so this new lead is being actively pursued. Unfortunately the emails are bouncing so hopefully the phone number will still be live.

It is now 50 years since the unbelievable happened, a TA 14 was stolen and not recovered. The owner is still trying to find her so if any one has any knowledge please let us know. She is one of the rare Fixed Head Duncans, chassis number 21787 and was registration KTF 234. In our anniversary year it would be nice to put some closure on this search. Also it is perhaps a reminder to the rest of us that our cars are going up in value and our security measures may need to be reviewed.

For the princely sum of £6.50 have just taken delivery of the latest Holden brochure, Automobile Parts and Accessories, all 432 pages. Whilst the web site will give you details of something you want to purchase there is a lot in the brochure that you did not know you might want to purchase or gift ideas. Website and details are at

As above, ‘Aunty May’, chassis 21830 came out for the first time last week into the chilly Spring air for a wash and garage tidy up. Starter Motor and fuel pump played up but the traditional ‘whack’ soon put things to rights. Interesting to note that you can now buy ‘Pointless’ fuel pumps that are externally identical to the Pointed ones and they even retain the characteristic ‘Ticking’ so comforting to hear. Cost is circa £100. Sadly no sooner had I enthused about buying one than I was advised that they had a reputation for being unreliable so the spare one is coming out for refurbishment.

The same Fourteen owner recently passed on a useful tip that others may find interesting and indeed useful.

“We had a small problem with a horrible drip from the base of the choke carburettor.  Trying to remanufacture small O rings proved impossible. And our friendly organic Romanian neighbour (farmer) suggested to make two new gaskets from an old leather gardening glove. He said it was an old communist block trick.  Amazingly it seems to be working rather well.” So “leather” gardening gloves now go on the Christmas wish list.

For those looking for something a little larger there is a smart looking Duncan now up for sale with a dealer in Kent. To see all the details, photo and price go to but be prepared to have plenty on the Bank if you are interested.

A lovely photo has come over from Sardinia. Last year a TA14 made the very impressive journey to Sardinia under her own steam. Now her big sister a TA 21 has made the journey. A lovely photo of them reunited last week will be put on the Gallery in the near future. The TA 14 spent 3 months of the winter stored there in her garage under a ‘Carcoon’ and the owner was very impressed with how that cover had performed. The car started first time and no need to whack the starter motor or fuel pump.

Our Gallery page has become a little congested now so we shall be looking to break it up into Gallery 1, 2 etc. and then get back to adding a store of new material that is waiting to go on.

Look forward to meeting up with everyone who makes it to International. Any queries about the event or any other Fourteen matter please use the email address below.

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1 Response to International Alvis Weekend – 70 Years of Fourteens!

  1. Martin Wickham says:

    Hi Eileen

    Good to see an old pic of my car (21814). I bought it from a neighbour of Charles Mackonochie, in deepest Kent; I assume it was from there that the pictures originated. When i bought it the car had been in a barn for quite a while and was not in brilliant condition. I trailered it up to the Midlands, but somewhere en route the sun roof disappeared into the ether, because its mountings had rusted away. I never recovered it, so had to make a new one, together with a new sun roof tray. Sadly I have not yet achieved a proper rain-proof sun roof, but I still have hopes.

    Whilst looking through the gallery I noticed that GNM 275 Chassis No.21908 is listed as being in a convoy held in the Alvis car park. Not true. I cannot identify the location, but I do know that it is not the Alvis Car-park.

    NPF 810 Chassis no. 22110 shows Harold Cook in the driving seat. I knew him as Foreman of the Service Department at Broad Lane, where his brother Len also worked. Their nephew was Ron Cook who was later Superintendent of the Experimental Department at Holyhead Road. IT was folk like them that made Alvis feel like a family concern, even though it was not owned by a family.

    Best wishes Martin Wickham


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