Seventieth Celebrations

Well, we are almost there, our Seventieth celebrations at IAW are at the weekend. So hope to see as many as possible at Wroxall Abbey, Warwickshire. A father and son team will be attending with a TA 14 and TF 21 so they really will be able to celebrate. One surprise bonus for those attending is the TA/TB 14 hour on Sunday afternoon. We are honoured to have as our guest, ‘Young Ron’, Ron Walton who worked at the Alvis Factory in the 1940s when our cars were built and may indeed have personally road tested your car! We have persuaded Ron to talk about his experiences and take questions. Some may have read his most entertaining book, ‘Young Ron’. For those who have not read the book it is a fascinating and personal glimpse into the past and copjes are still available from the Alvis Archive Trust, Ron might even autograph your copy. When Ron retired you may like to know that his choice of retirement cars were of course TA 14s. Chassis numbers Mulliners 20792 and Tickford 21683, not quite exclusively as other more modern Alvis did join the stable. Attendees should be warned however to keep an eye out for a rare beast, a Mini Countryman as Ron pilots himself to Wroxall. Did I say rare beast, well it is when it is a Cooper S!

Anyone attending Wroxall should know that anything ordered from Red Triangle now, within reason, can be collected at Wroxall and no postage charge made. Also they may have copies of the reproduction Driver’s Manual and also reproduction Spares Handbook for sale as some more copies are being run off. Invaluable if you don’t have one already and nice to keep a pristine copy as well as the dog eared one in the glove box.

Also Chris Prince is attending so you could contact him if you think he might have some spares you need and can bring.

The new book about Post War Alvis Cars will be available at IAW and will be a good addition to your Library. Full details are on the main Alvis Archive Website and copies can be ordered if you can’t make it to IAW. Followers are entitled to purchase the book at the Special price of £11.99, post free when the special code is given. Something tells me ‘Aunty May’ may have to dip further into her funds to send a copy to Uruguay, see below! There are new copies of Ken Day’s magnificent book on Alvis, the 4th and last edition. Also DVDs of the old Bulletins and reproduction brochures will be available.

We sometimes feature labours of love but the following is a magnificent achievement in bringing a Fourteen back from the dead.

Chassis 23761 was indeed just a chassis 4 years ago. Four years of Saturdays later, the Phoenix has woken and this delightful Special can now be seen driving around in the Netherlands. Don’t think about racing against her as she has a 3 litre engine from a TA 21. Her owner has kept her very close to a TA 14 by ensuring she has many TA 14 fittings. Photos soon to go up in The Gallery.

 Email contact has now been established with the TA 14 owners in the Museum of Transportation, Rio Branco, Cerro Largo, Uruguay. We are sending out new copies of the driver’s manual and spares book to help them maintain their Mulliners that drives around. We also have a Mulliners brochure,  cuff links and scarf for the Museum. Does anyone have anything else they can donate to the Museum? They are looking for books and technical leaflets in particular for their library. Let me know if you can offer anything and I’ll confirm if still needed. Your donation will be given with your name and details should you so wish.

 Dave Culshaw, the Alvis Owner Club former Registrar, author of Culshaw Corner and PPS on the main AAT site has been expelled from the Alvis Owner Club. I am able to confirm that for the time being Dave has offered to continue access to his extensive Fourteen personal records to myself in order to assist Fourteen owners in their research.

 Chassis 21369, Mulliners TA 14, body no. M177 built in 1947 has been found in a collapsed hay barn in Ireland. Yes, amazingly we still have barn finds.There is a search to find her registration. 3 Mulliners were exported to Ireland in a batch to Motor Distributors of Dublin. They were chassis 21368, 21369 and 21370. Both 21368 and 21370 have registrations starting with ZH so that is a clue. Does anyone know more about 21369?

 Another TB 14 in America looks likely to emerge from hibernation since 1995 to be restored. Chassis 23588, now with engine 22086, ECL 265. She was purchased in 1970 by a US Air Force Pilot and his son and daughter hope to have the car restored so we wish them good fortune with the project.

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