IN with the old!!!!!

To end the year perhaps it is appropriate to reflect on the innate quality of our cars that has stood them and us in such good stead over the years.

In 1946 The Autocar Magazine printed a report of the experience testing the new Alvis TA 14 Model. The TA 14 was found to be:

‘the most attractive car of its size which the well known company has produced, because it adds to the typical Alvis sure-footed and lively performance on the road a degree of all-round refinement which is quite impeccable. It steers lightly and with a confident certainty, and holds the road to perfection; the suspension is not hard, but most comfortable, the engine is very smooth and quite quiet, and the engine mounting conceals how many cylinders there are. ‘The car’s excellent tractability, well spaced gear ratios and powerful brakes all came in for praise, Autocar concluding that the TA 14’s ‘very high level of excellence puts this Alvis right in the front rank.’

So what more can one say?

Following on from the bodies designed by Bidee another has been identified on a Talbot Lago following the principle of one design fits all. See the last October Post to check against the other cars.

Those browsing the main Alvis Archive site may have spotted this advertisement for the Mackanass Woodie for sale. This was spotted at the St. Gallen‘s Classic Car Show in Switzerland. It is the only TA 14 known to have been bodied by Mackinass and looks a very attractive and well maintained Woodie. The prices for these desirable vehicles has been quietly creeping up and the exchange rate is about S Fr 0.76 to £1.

There are still a plentiful amount of spares for sale in Norfolk with the Technical Advisor for TA/TB 14s, details in The Bulletin. For anyone who is not a Member of the AOC I can ask the gentleman to contact you. I understand the spares include 1/2 dozen sets of front mudguards.

There are also some very useful TA 14 spares for sale privately in the North of England. These include a couple of engines and gearboxes, a bonnet and other spares. Let me know if you want contact details.

A Carbodies Owner in the Cambridge area is looking to acquire some Carbodies rear window rubber surround. Can anyone help to sell an appropriate amount or donate a small piece for copying. Also is anyone else interested in adding to a potential order. Let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

The Anglia Car Auctions sale in November ensured all cars went to new homes. Some immediately went up for sale again. Here are the sale proceeds details.

The TIckford TA 14 that was sold at Auction in November has now safely arrived in the USA. Quite interesting to see the snug fit in the container as she prepares to set her tyres on US soil for the first time. She is now tucked up in her garage for the winter, just as well as there is currently 2ft of snow outside and the temperature is minus 10F!

Staying in the USA one of the prototype models for the TA 21 has surfaced again. These cars were modified and fitted with 3 litre engines. They were not allocated a Fourteen chassis number. Originally after the war the TA 14 was to be offered as either a 2 litre or 3 litre model so this was not such a radical development.

One less down from the Brexit v Remain debate is that concerning Specials.
There is no doubt that some very attractive Specials can be made from TA 14s.
One such, chassis 23761 is living in Holland and what a beautiful backdrop of the tulip fields for the Spring.

For those into EBay there is currently one of the premium TA 14 Mulliners Sales brochures available for £89.99, prices are rising.

All over the world the arrival of Santa is looked forward to by children of all ages. Popular myth advises that, Christmas Eve he will be on his way with the presents piled into a sleigh pulled by a reindeer with a red nose! Oh no, no, no, an Urban Myth!
A rare sighting of the real delivery vehicle has occurred as shown below including the real red nose.

‘Now it is just time to say goodbye’ (as Pete and Dud would say!) to 2017 and wish everyone a Very Happy New Year.

Eileen, Terry and Aunty May (chassis 21830).

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