Blue Moon

The 3 litre prototype for the TA 21 is now for sale in America and was in fact the first of the 3 prototypes to be adapted and bodied. Great that she still survives but bit of a squeeze for working on the engine. 3L3 was followed by 3L2 then

3L2 was given a very modern and striking body as shown below

There is a slight ‘nod to the American Styling that also influenced the rare ‘Tropic’ bodies put on the 14 chassis by Graber.
What a shame 3L2 was broken up.
For those with access to paper or electronic old AOC Bulletins, there is quite an extensive Article about the 3 litre prototypes in Bulletin 398, 1992.

The Driver’s manual for the new TA 21 was written by Ron Walton, author of ‘Young Ron’ and keen TA 14 man. Many will have met Ron at International Alvis Weekend 2016.
With the emphasis on making the car more appealing to lady drivers, a photo of an elegant lady was incorporated. This was not to demonstrate a feminine aspect of the new Model. The lady was shown ‘releasing the spare wheel tray and jacking up the car in a nonchalant manner’; these operations, as many owners will know requires the services of a weightlifter, never mind a beautifully dressed lady in high heels!

A further visit has been made to the Car Museum, at Rio Branco in the North of Uruguay, by our intrepid Alvis Club Member. Items for the Mulliners TA 14 and Museum were presented and it sounds like a great time was had by all. Hopefully photo to follow next month.

It is now nice to be able to offer the experience of visiting our own British Alvis Museum run by the Alvis Archive Trust. This means foreign visitors now have an Alvis Museum destination to add to their travels. Details on the main Alvis Archive site.

Ebay continues to be a good source of TA 14 spares and Memorabilia.
A note from France has highlighted the availability of 4 Nave Plates for the not unreasonable price of £77 and when this advert is pulled up there is also another advert for dashboard instruments that could be of interest. As always a selection of Fourteens to peruse and possibly purchase. Also an increasing amount of Manuals and pamphlets at seriously increasing prices. A 1966 National Alvis Day Programme on offer for £11. Nice to have if your car was there.

From the same ‘surfer’ came details of an Alvis with an identity crisis. This smart Woodie photo of a TA 14 in the USA or Oz appeared on a Lea Francis website. Of all the other car names at the time the Woodies bearing the Lea Francis badge appear the closest to the TA 14 Woodies and sometimes it is good to be able to see the badge to make the identification. The identity of this smart car would be welcome.

A Swedish owner who is restoring his Carbodies is searching for another Sun Visor. The photo shows the one to match or possibly 2 of the same vintage. This visor not being the same as the one available for Saloons.

To make sure this Post is not all Woodies, there are at least 3 TB 14s undergoing serious renovation and these photos from Sweden show one of them back to bare metal.

We should have the treat of seeing these cars completed in the not too distant future as all the renovations are active and ongoing. This English restoration shows progress up to the beautiful respray in red.

The one in the USA is progressing well.
For anyone with a well stocked cheque book, currently this lovely example is for sale in Cologne, Germany for £75k.


On the internet are some good clear photos of the car described as professionally restored. Soon it will become difficult to find a TB 14 without the Cocktail cabinet.

Garage costs are on many minds when assistance is needed but it appears this has always been the case. This vintage sign in Florida very clearly sets out the pricing structure for work.

Sticking to the American Theme, Alvis was keen to export cars to the USA after the war. Our TA 14s, even the Duncan’s, must have looked somewhat old fashioned when one could buy a car such as this Ford in 1950. The current owner bought this car about 40 years ago to remind him of the same model he owned as a student at College! 

Not advertised but probably available is a full set of window glasses for a TA 14 Gaze Utility that was recently sold. The new owner intends to put on a Special body and may not require the windows. They would probably be free to a good home if collected from Cambridge.

An enquiry has come through as to there whereabouts or fate of a Woodie, registration FA 9059. We have a slight conundrum as to the chassis number which is unknown but which might be 20774. It is possibly a Cooper bodied Woodie Due to the possibility of a mix up in Chassis numbers in the early days this may be a query that can be resolved with the Kithead Trust who hold many old original records. Should anyone have any knowledge of the car or it’s fate the family of an early owner would love to have contact.

To end on a very sad note, the sudden passing of Jennie Kindell is a great loss both to her family and the world of Alvis enthusiasts. At Alvis events over many years Jennie would be there, many times in an organising capacity to ensure the efficient running of events. Also much involved with the family Alvis Cars including Carbodies, ‘Blodwyn’, cared for by 3 generations of the family. Many will have also known Jennie in her role as ‘The Fast Grey Lady’ editing the monthly ‘Pink Calendar’ for the Alvis Owner Club. ‘51% Sweetheart, 49% Scary don’t push it’ was her slogan for the Pink and all new Fourteen owners were warned never, never try to slide anything in after a deadline!
Jennie will be so missed and our thoughts and prayers go out to Malcolm and family.

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