Lost and Found

Two Tickfords have been sought for some years by family Members of original owners.
Amazingly they both surfaced within a week of each other.

JUL 110, chassis 21100 is currently available to purchase, located in Kidderminster. The asking price is circa £8000 having failed to sell on Ebay for £6500. The car is a partly dismantled restoration project. It is too large a project for the early owner’s family.

KLL 115, chassis 22377 is a happier story. She is under restoration scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. The current owner will be showing her to the family in due course.

Browsing or researching through old Alvis Owner Club Bulletins can be a very slow process. Interesting Articles and snippets of information pop up and take pleasant minutes to read through.

One such Article is in Bulletin 247, pages 8 & 9 describing the ‘joys’ of restoring a Mulliners Saloon that had been stored for 10 years. The restoration took a couple of years in the 1970s and it is hard not to mutter, yes that sounds familiar. Anyway good reading for those with the paper Bulletins or disc. Incentive to others to buy a copy from the Alvis Archive Trust.

Anyone heading for Sri Lanka (Ceylon as a was) should investigate to see if they can get to Colombo where you should find Alvis Place, off Alvis Terrace, now there are photos to bring home. There are hotels available to stay in with the address Alvis Place.

The prototype 3 litre based upon the TA 14 Mulliners Saloon returned to Europe recently and is now available to purchase from Norway. Ideal car for those who appreciate the fine points of TA 14s but would like more power with the 3 litre engine and other modifications. It is the only one of the original 3 left and has the chassis number 3L3. Whilst it is advertised on ‘Car and Classic’ for £12, 000 we understand that the price might be £11 000 to an Alvis enthusiast.

Hopefully the current heatwave will not cause too much overheating for the rest of the summer.


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