Historic Photos

It is really lovely when a period photograph comes to light and even better when we have direct links to the early owners.

LYD 995, chassis 23763 is one such Mulliners. A photo taken in 1951 at North Hill, Minehead, Somerset shows Mr W.E. Challice with his daughter in 1951. Mr Challice ran W. E. Challice Ltd. in Cannington, Bridgewater and was an Alvis Dealer. We know that at least 2 other Mulliners TA 14s were sold by him, chassis 22059 and chassis 22359.
Mr Challice must have liked the car as he ran it from Spring 1950 until the eventual sale to Kraft Productions of Cornborough Place, Bridgewater, Somerset where the trail goes cold.

Another charming photo is that of chassis 20821, HDU 160.
This interesting TA 14 is a 2 door fixed head.

For those needing some Bonnet catches there is a set of 4 on eBay with an asking price of £24-99. They look as though they are suitable for a TA 14 and are used.

For £275 there is a new ‘old stock’ manifold also on eBay.

A complete windscreen opener is also available for £50 does not seem a lot.
The bonnet top for £150 could also be a good buy if you need one.
Other items of trim and spares available so worth while keeping an eye on eBay Alvis Spare Parts.

Under the books and Manuals there are usually some items of interest.
The Catalogue of Spare Parts for TA/TB 14s is on offer for £125 in its original style. To acquire a cheaper copy order a reprint from Red Triangle. The original Drivers Manual for a starting bid of £14.99 was promptly snapped up and represented good value for money.
For anyone wanting to buy brochures from past Alvis Owner Club National/International events there are quite a few up for sale on eBay and the going rate seems around £10 plus p&p. Nice to have if your car was a participant at the event.
Interesting to note that old Alvis Day pamphlets are on offer, £10 to £15. Should be of interest if you Car was attending that year.

There is an interesting website for a Company called Trade Classics. The main business is the sales of Classic Cars by Auction or Private Treaty. Their website is tradeclassics.com and they do include some very interesting Articles. One that caught the eye is on importing classic cars from overseas. The Article is clearly set out and a very useful introductory guide to the topic for anyone contemplating this route.

Something of interest if your TA 14 is off the road or maybe you are between Fourteens.
‘BookAClassic’ can offer the opportunity to hire a TA 14 with a chauffeur or sometimes self drive at an hourly rate. Check the website at bookaclassic.co.uk to find out more. The temptations of the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, E type Jaguars etc. will surely fade once the Black Carbodies drophead comes into view. Also there is the opportunity to offer your own car as available, ideally as chauffeured and not the self-drive option. The Carbodies is in the Potters Bar Area and can be hired for £120 per hour with a chauffeur, minimum hire £550. The self drive option is not available. Lovely idea if you want a trip down memory lane if you used to own a TA 14 or there is a family wedding coming up.

When was the last time you were called a dipstick? Thinking about it prompted a Google search to try and understand why someone would be called a fluid check mechanism?
Quite surprisingly the expression has no relationship to the above but originates in the 1920s when one could be called a dip, perhaps linked to dippy.

Finally the heatwave seems to be over but hopefully not the summer. As we all know the Fourteens have a slight tendency to overheat and it was ever thus.
Below is the advice given out to new owners at the time once they were reporting back with overheating problems. In the 1960s and 70s there was quite a thing for 8 bladed fans as were fitted to many export cars going to hotter climates.

Happy Motoring for September.


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