Magnificent Mulliners

For anyone contemplating or taking on the restoration of a Mulliners Saloon, suggest affixing this photograph on the wall of the garage for inspiration.
This beautiful example lives in Europe and must replicate the sight that met first owners of Mulliners Saloons when they collected their brand new car in the late 1940s.

The very nice Carbodies mentioned last month, chassis 22681, was sold by Anglia Car Auctions last month for £14 416 including buyer’s premium, so we hope to see her with her new owner soon.

Plenty of Alvis vehicles for sale on the Car and Classic Website this month. 102 offered for sale, the number available seems to be rising slowly. There are 6 TA 14s and 1 TB 14 available. The Auction result for the red TB 14 is not yet known or as to whether the car was sold. It will be interesting to see how close the final price is to the £43 040 total price at Auction in Scotland in November, achieved by a nice example of a TB 14, chassis No. 23513.
eBay continues to offer a selection of spare parts so worth keeping a watching brief.

Still needing the wheel nut tool, spats or drawings for a Carbodies and small metal piece for the steering wheel for the dip switch, these for an American Owner. Also a pristine Nave Plate for the man cave!

Still some of the new Carbodies rear window rubber strip for sale as mentioned in the last Post. I can pass on any enquiries to the vendor.

Have you checked your shock absorber links recently? To see below what they should look like under dirt and grime.

For those who turn up to South West Alvis Day with their Fourteen, there is the D.F.W.Eve trophy for the best all round TA/TB14. First awarded in 1982 many cars have been able to win the award for a combination of Concours and Driving tests and to avoid the same car always winning no Fourteen can win the award for more than 3 years in a row.

Many Fourteen owners have reached the time of life when extra time can be devoted to Alvis matters following retirement.
For some still working there is a lot to fit in with work, family etc.
A 10 year restoration project, competing with other ‘interesting’ vehicles sees Carbodies 22695 getting closer to the open road with the 2nd generation owner.

The gearbox sound of a Fourteen is pretty unique and can be identified blindfold from other motors. Normally the gears are engaged gently in a slow acceleration and there is the perception that a Fourteen is not the nippiest Alvis on the planet but think again.
In 1985 the overall Midland Sprint Champion results were as follows.

Joint 3rd, Rivers Fletcher, Speed 25 Special. Brian Chant in Brutus, 4.3 litre Special.

2nd Stan Hicken, Speed 25 Special.

1st Bob Hyde, TA 14.

Says it all.

Donald Munro was well known in Post War Sporting Circles and he saw the potential of the TA 14 but not quite as we know them.
In 1952 he commissioned a new bespoke Drophead body to replace an accident damaged body that had to be removed from a chassis he acquired.
The car was to be his car for regular business use.
These photos show the stylish body that was built by Jarvis of Shepherd’s Bush, London.

The highest praise came by saying the car was rattle free.

Finally with Summer on its way the joys of open Motoring are upon us.
Did you ever realise the joys of such Motoring are enhanced by 6 seater TA 14s?
Bluebell, chassis 22329, a well known Tickford demonstrates how to add on the additional seating capacity. This is perhaps now falling into the category of ‘don’t do this today’. Bluebell is now cared for by the 3rd generation of her family.

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