Ladies in Distress

Can anyone help 3 once lovely TA 14s who are in need of very serious restoration.
There is an advert on eBay under Alvis Classic Cars and bidding finishes tomorrow.
There has only been 1 bid so far of £2200 and the reserve is £5500. The cars can also be seen on carandclassic in the eBay box.
The cars comprise 2 Mulliners Saloons and one Carbodies Drophead. We have chassis and registration number details for one Mulliners and one Drophead and they check out. Hope to get the chassis and registration details for the 2nd Mulliners shortly.
Would be such a shame to see them broken up. The seller is very helpful in providing information about the cars. There are photos of the cars on the site.

Carbodies Dhc. chassis no. 23031, registration no. GMJ 492
Mulliners Saloon chassis no. 20965, registration number SVS 424, has been AAX 323A.

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