More discoveries

These photos come from Peter Seaward of the H-S Collection,  who owned the cars:

23081 1974 HWD 311 TA14

In June 1974 we inspected another black rather tidy TA14 with a gentleman owner in Earls Colne, Essex but never expected to acquire this car in January 2010 from Nottingham – still in black this car is HWD 311. This car is now repainted in Green and remains a member of the collection attending events during the summer and resides in our York premises

23081 HWD 311 TA14 Essex 06-1974

22940 ECX 363 TA14 Leeds Dec 1993

22940 ECX 363 TA14 May 1974 ns

ECX 363 was acquired from an elderly lady in Bradford in January 1973. It was tidied up and rallied in 1974 and 5, in December 1993 it was moved from our garage in Leeds 9 to the Hanson’ s home garage in Leeds 8 with a view to a more thorough restoration which was started but not completed and the car was reduced to spares

22940 ECX 363 TA14 May 1974 Peter Seaward20645 Jackson

LUM 920 Ron SpinksFor some press cuttings on the Tickford “Bluebell”, click on Bluebell

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