All Change

Well here we are, Brexit Day, for some a day of celebration, for others sadness. For the rest of the year our cars’ ability to cross The Channel will continue unchanged. No doubt the negotiations will in due course cover the treatment of Classic Car movement/import export.
Across The Pond the big day is whether President Trump is impeached and the implications for a Trade Deal that may also affect import export.
Some delightful TA 14 models available still on eBay. Unusually quite a stylish 1947 Woodie is on offer. Duncan open and closed versions also available plus Mulliners Saloon and one off J&M TA 14 delivery van.These are J & M Models and very good quality.
The TB 14 was mentioned in last month’s Post and is now owned and being restored by an Austrian gentleman. 3L3 is in The Netherlands and is undergoing restoration. JYL 709 last heard of in the USA but also shows as a green TA 14 on the DVLA site. KLM 53, whereabouts unknown and the registration is now on a Mercedes. HWD 252 lost her body and the registration is not on the DVLA website. MEH 762, whereabouts unknown, registration not shown on DVLA website.
With thoughts in the coming weeks going to getting back in the garage the following may be of interest.
Advice is being given to people who have placed wanted adverts. Always get a home address, ideally home phone number and photo of the relevant part before parting with any money. There are increasing numbers of scammers out there and often just a poor photo of the right type of car for the spares is provided.
This great photo from a Post War European Motor Show shows the very modern American styling that could be offered on the TA 14 chassis in the 1940s. Bodied by Vercruysse of Belgium, what a head turner. We do not have chassis number details for any car bodied by this Coachbuilder or Carrosorie as they say in Europe. Interesting to note that in the background is probably the first Tickford bodied TA 14, chassis used for the marketing campaign.
An interesting company SVW Spares Ltd. could be useful to Fourteen owners.
Based in Hull the Company’s core business relates to pre war MG cars. They do however provide parts and fabrication for Tickford built cars.
Chassis 21830 is still supporting an excellent set of Pram irons they made almost 30 years ago. They have the measurements and a moulds so should be able to fabricate new ones although be aware these are quite costly items. Well worth going on their website at and you can order a catalogue covering lots of bits and pieces.
Should you have a chip on the steering wheel a useful company to contact is D.H.Day of Swindon. They recover steering wheels in genuine celluloid, so no more need for the fluffy pink wheel cover. For lots more niche suppliers have a browse through Suppliers and Services.
Also on the spares and work topic have a look through Originally for owners of Austin 7s it has expanded to be of use to all Fourteen owners.
A cautionary tale!!!!!
The Alvis Owner Club of The Netherlands is celebrating the Alvis Centenary and there is a fine exhibition of cars on display at the Louwman Museum. An attractive Duncan in Summer Cream and a delightful Mulliners in 2 tone Green, display the Alvis Company’s wares in the 1940s.The exhibition runs until the 2nd February so still time to make a quick trip. Full details on the home page of the main Alvis Archive Trust site,
Suppliers and Services has been updated with details of a niche business for the Service and Restoration of Marlies Steering Boxes. They have the original drawings and new parts are made to original specifications. The bonus is that the owner has a TA 14 and there are several good testimonials from TA 14 owners with pictures of their cars. Only downside is, would it really feel like driving a TA 14 without a floaty steering wheel?
One of the Sections contains information about SU suppliers. We all know what they are but do you know why they are SU. On the basis that you might care, they were founded by GH and CT Skinner and the initials stood for Skinner Union. Now there is one for the pub quiz.
For over 70 years Chassis 20633 has been in the records as the only TA 14 bodied by Lea Francis but now no longer. Careful research by her owner and clarification by the AAT has confirmed that she was in fact bodied by Barnards. The good news is that she is now being restored and one day will look as good as the only other known survivor.

The latest Red Triangle Newsletter has been published and as usual makes for a very interesting read including hints and tips relevant to Fourteen owners. Should you not be receiving this, email You will need to provide some personal details and car details but you will also receive a copy of the excellent spares catalogue.
Another interesting site for browsing is The Automobile Catalogue at where you will find a considerable amount of data all pulled together. Someone has spent a lot of time getting a lot of facts and details.
Finally we may have Brexit but we still have a very strong network of European owners and enthusiasts who are very active in their interests regarding Fourteens. Only recently a German owner has carried out invaluable research into the Swiss Graber built TA 14s. From Sweden some historic photos to research and a Mulliners Saloon part restored that is the bargain of the century for any would be restorer. In Holland there is a strong network who own our cars and provide data and where 3L3 is being restored having arrived from Norway. France has our new TA/TB 14 Technical Advisor and the most beautiful Special. Italy has the rare Drophead Duncan. Sardinia has an intrepid Fourteen, Malta has a very active owner. Austria has a following for TB 14s that are very popular in Western Europe. Spain has a Drophead for sale. These are just a few examples of our close co-operation. So raise a glass in Celebration or Commiseration and the world moves on.
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