On the road again!!

Further releases of Lockdown beckon and for many thoughts now turn to the open road.
Camping will restart on the 4th July so maybe time to pack up the Alvis and travel.
‘Auntie May’, Chassis 21830 took a trip from Kent to John a Groats, Cape Wrath and back again in 1968 and proved an admirable packhorse for everything including the kitchen sink. Hard to believe she was only 19 years old at the time, even harder to believe the oldest Alvis was only 48. The roads in the North of Scotland were under going a Crofters Redevelopment Programme to eliminate the small ferries. Not a pleasant feeling being the last vehicle off the tiny ferry and feeling the deck lifting up at the front. Evidently a few lorries found their way into the Lochs by sliding off the back.

For those travelling further afield a recommendation can be made for JD’s British Cars, Auto Repair Shop, Nashville, Tennessee. With TB 14 23588 shortly to leave after restoration looks like there will be another very satisfied customer and happy car.

Hopefully the owner will steer clear of the exploits of another TB 14, chassis 23545 that proudly demonstrated luggage carrying capacity by transporting a wardrobe! Who ever said a TB 14 had limited carrying capacity! The owner at the time was a certain ‘Apsley’ who drew the Cartoon below.


To complete the TB 14 theme, nearly 20 years ago chassis 23555 was meandering through North Carolina and in the middle of nowhere comes across ‘Alvis Road’. Shown pictured in Alvis Road. You will notice the different bonnet line to accommodate a rather large American replacement engine. See ‘Cars of Interest’ for more information.

How many Alvis roads are there? I have one not far away.

For anyone thinking of selling or buying at Auction in the South of England, Hobbs Parker of Ashford, Kent has a link with Fourteens. Just mention TA or TB 14s and you will be dealing with the son of a Mulliners owner,  chassis no. 23256.  Hopefully with Lockdown easing she will finish having her respray.

This month only at Hobbs Parker there is a nice 12/60 for Auction on the 17 July along side a goodly range of low/mid price vehicles.

A nice Carbodies Drophead, KGF 85 has been added to the cars for sale on carandclassic and is ready for the new owner to drive away.

Has anyone respayed a TA 14 Maroon to match the original Glasso paint number of 119897. An owner would like to get the most original match possible for his family car.

A Fourteen enthusiast also provides a carpet service to make carpets for Fourteens and has just completed a set for a Mulliners Fourteen Owner who is very pleased with the results. Based in the North West I can pass on any enquiries. There is a pattern for Mulliners Saloon cars so if your old carpet no longer exists this could be very useful.

The TA 14 Saloon, chassis 22979, immortalised in a rug design last month, spent time as a feted exhibit in the Saratoga Automobile Museum, New York, not to be confused with the Sarasota Car Museum in Florida. Sadly she did not form part of the permanent collection and was put up for sale. Understand the car is still in America.
The owner who donated her to the museum was a traveller and in Italy he found this interesting advert for Orange Juice.

Ever fancied an Aston Martin Volante, Vantage or perhaps even stretch to a Superleggera all the while remaining in the Alvis fold? Well in 1950 it nearly became possible. Alvis were having a lot of problems with their Tickford supplier, a subsidiary of Aston Martin, so much so that they considered buying out Aston Martin at the time. Bet Tickford owners never realised they could say ‘bodied by Aston Martin’!

Maybe not an Aston Martin but how about a Wolseley Fourteen?

The Alvis Dealership of Waterhouse of Bradford took a number of TA 14 running chassis and the majority but not all were bodied as Woodies. 2 examples, chassis 20961 and 21376 received Wolseley 14 bodies resulting in Fourteens of the style below. Sadly these cars are lost but with the regular appearance of Barn finds, who knows.

Talking of Barn finds yet another TA 14 has surfaced into the known world. Chassis 23065, DFV 91 is sadly believed to be beyond restoration but may live on in some form in the future. Good to be able to add another one to the known list.

Even better is an Australian Garage find that surfaced on Facebook and is being investigated.

The stylish theme of the times was emphasised by this period advert showing a distinctive Dick Tracy theme.

As always the proverbial Cross Ply versus radial rumbles on. Fortunately never to have low profile tyres added to the equation. Always worth remembering that radials take the car about 1 inch nearer the ground and the dreaded scraping! Need to ensure that the Springs are not worn.

With the hottest days of the year just behind us and no doubt more to come the topic of Cooling fans becomes of greater interest.

Finally with Dentists starting to open Surgeries and treat patients let’s hope there is no Virus second wave to close them and leaving us to rely on Alvis Dentistry as demonstrated by a straight eight Front Wheel Drive Owner.

Hopefully not!


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