Sad News

The news has just come through that one of the giants of the Alvis World, Ken Day, has passed away just short of his 100th Birthday.

In May 1988 Ken was made President Emeritus of the Alvis Owner Club. The former Chairman and newly appointed President acknowledged the huge contribution he had made to the Club.

On a personal note, I first recall memories of Ken when I was a child. My father was one of the silent majority who did not participate in AOC events due to health reasons but it was one of the highlights of the month for him when the AOC Bulletin dropped through the letterbox. Ken’s words on various Alvis topics would then be shared with me and enjoyed until the next Bulletin.

Later on when I first met Ken at one of the South West Alvis Weekends, I was positively tongue tied as for myself it was close to meeting Moses. Ken was ever gracious to the tongue tied young Member and we met up over the years at Alvis events.

Ken was the backbone of the Alvis Owner Club for many years and probably without him it might have folded. When he was made President Emeritus of The AOC it was with the universal endorsement of the Membership at the time. Ever gracious and honourable it is hard to think we shall see his like again.

Our condolences go to his widow Sheila who was such a rock and support to Ken over the years and to his family.


Many cars made the effort on VE Day to fly the flag even if for many it was to the end of the drive and back.
One of these was Samantha, a very well known Carbodies, Chassis 23461 who has been with her current owner since 1964. 2024 will be her diamond anniversary!

Don’t forget we have VJ Day coming up on the 14th August, so we can remember the ‘Forgotten Army’.

The Fourteen family

Other interesting photos to come along have winged their way from the South of France. This historic photograph of a Mulliners saloon was photographed driving around Glasgow going about its business. Does anyone know who she was/is?


One more for the detectives is this picture of a Mulliners Saloon lying derelict in a scrapyard somewhere. Do you know where she is?

The web link is but it is sad to watch these unloved vehicles rotting away.

The very nice Mulliners Saloon, Doris, has reappeared on carandclassic up for sale for £12 750. Let’s hope she finds her new home soon.

The unique and rather stylish Saloon, chassis 21060 has now been sold at Auction for £10125 including buyer’s premium. She did not reach the reserve of £10_12000 plus buyer’s premium. Someone has got a very nice Fourteen for a good price.

The site has 3 TA 14s available for sale, two Mulliners and one Tickford so worth a look if you are considering a purchase, also still has a selection.

The Section on this site ‘Articles Index’ has been updated and contains a larger alphabetical index to the majority of the old Alvis Owner Club Bulletins. The index can be cross referenced to old paper Bulletins or the DVD or Stick of the old Bulletins that can be acquired from The Alvis Archive Trust for about £30. The money goes towards the funds of The Alvis Archive Trust, and a wealth of technical Articles are then accessible from the early 1950s.

A former owner is trying to find if his Mulliners TA 14 is still around.
Last known under Danish ownership she may no longer carry her British registration number NNO 57, chassis no. 22048. Can anyone help locate this car?

Hot off the press today is the result of The Silverstone Classic online Auction. Lot 328 was a Duncan, chassis 21646 with an estimated sale price of £27000-£30000. Price was £27000 plus buyer’s premium of 13.5% excluding VAT.

It is lovely to get pictures of cars with their early owners but one of the Owner, Designer, Coachbuilder and Artist, Dominic Frederick all in one is pretty amazing.

It would be lovely to come across a colour photo of the Van but maybe Photoshop might give some idea as we know the bodywork was cream with the name Frederick’s in green red and gold. 21 fully framed chrome windows were installed and the interior decorated with hand painted roses of all colours.

This Ice cream van was not screen printed but hand painted, a true work of art and the whole project took 2 winters to complete during the low season of demand for Ice Cream. The Ice Cream must have been pretty good as the Company is still going in the North West. Sadly none of the 3 Ice Cream vans have survived and what a loss that is, this one was worthy of a place in The National Gallery.

Mixed Bag

Barton Motors of Preston were Dealers for TA 14s and are shown as still going strong. Hopefully not too many TA 14s were converted!

For those still mainly at home there is a project that could prove to be very useful by creating a home Foundry.

2 delightful ‘girls’ are currently cruising down to the Antipodes and all being well should arrive within the next 3 weeks at their new home in Oz. Our cars go all over the world backwards and forwards. Hopefully pictures of their arrival next month.

Many Alvis Owners will have many fond memories of the late Ernest Shenton, holder of many high offices with the Alvis Owner Club.

This superb photo of a Wyatt Woodie appeared as a centre fold in the AOC Bulletin 494 in 1995. Below is the very interesting and personal response from Ernest and shows how many interesting connections there were and still are in The Alvis World.

British Woodie Car Club is alive and well and can be seen at They are keen to have new Members with or without a Woodie as long as there is genuine interest in the breed. Also in the introduction you will see that they can advise on the specialist maintenance and restoration of these beautiful cars. Just don’t call them a Woody!

A Carbodies owner, chassis 22160 in Sweden is looking for some spare parts for his heater unit.

He has an original heater fitted in the Fourteen, but the hose connections, pipes etc. are not original. He is now trying to find the parts that were listed in the Parts Catalogue.

He is especially looking to find the original heater valve with controls as seen in the enclosed picture. But other related parts are also most welcome. I can put put anyone who can help in direct email contact with the enquirer and p&p will also be paid.

The Alvis TA 14 Anniversary Collection remains available to purchase in book form from the Alvis Owner Club, email Written by 2 of the most knowledgeable Alvis TA/TB 14 fettlers it contains a wealth of information and is an essential part of the TA/TB 14 owner’s library of technical books.
It is printed in A4 format on quality paper and has lots of colour photos. There are over 200 pages of technical and owner help and advice. A full reprint of a brake overhaul manual, the complete set of the Alvis works drawing office data sheets, and much much more. The book sales are handled by the AOC shop, the cost is about £25 plus p&p. It is sold on a non profit basis. Wonderful idea for the Christmas present list if you do not already have a copy.

Finally, whilst writing this Post, I kept thinking about our resident Tickford ‘Aunty May’ and how many times she and Samantha (mentioned towards the top) must have met up over the years. A quick flip through the photograph albums and there they are together at Crystal Palace 1970 and they haven’t aged a day.

Keep Safe in these difficult times.

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3 Responses to Sad News

  1. Alan Bratt says:

    Alvis tb14 ch 23509

  2. Glyn Jones says:

    I think, from the colour scheme of the tram, the TA14 may be cruising around Edinburgh rather than Glasgow. If so, then the pic would be 1956 or earlier as that nwas when this tram system closed.k

  3. Many thanks for this comment and it looks as though you are correct. The style of the tram and colour scheme plus dates fit.

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