Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin

You could be sitting in an Alvis chair if that is the case. The retailer, Benchmark, describes the chair as

‘The Alvis range is smart and luxurious with clean lines. The frame is made from solid oak with a natural white oil finish. The arms display beautiful comb joints and are a perfect width to rest a glass. The seat and back cushions are traditionally sprung and very comfortable.
We can upholster it in a fabric or leather of your choice. Bespoke timber finishes are available.’

Terence Conran is one of the founders of Benchmark and he selected the name.

The Times recorded the chair as a design classic in 2004.
‘I have selected the Alvis chair, a recent Conran design because it seems to sum up the essence of the modern yet opulently comfortable. Alvis, some say, was the best ever British motor car …’.

Sadly news has just come through of Terence Conrad’s death today.

So for the long winter months maybe this considered purchase could keep you close to your Alvis? A chair in matching leather or fabric to the car could be rather nice.

What do you call 3 TA 14 Woodies for sale at Auction? Not sure of the official title but certainly tasty!
CCA Auctions have their on line Auction on the 18th September and viewings are available Monday-Thursday 14th-17th September by appointment.
The Woodies to be auctioned are described in considerable detail on the Auctioneer’s website at and there are plenty of photos.

Lot 515 is a Barnard and I recall it being at Red Triangle at some stage. Chassis 20593, GVF 535. Estimate £9-12k.

Lot 540 has no reserve, chassis 20772, FA 8690.

Lot 541 is another Barnard and is described as a restoration project. Estimate £6-8k. Chassis 20623, JSV 648.

Very useful condition reports, photos and information are provided by the Auctioneers.

Should a smart older restoration Mulliners with good provenance suit the bill, how about one formerly owned by Lancelot Lionel Ware OBE? He was one of the founders of MENSA so quite a unique car. She is for sale at Auction on the 3rd October with Mathewsons of ‘Bangers and Cash’ TV fame. Full details and lots of photos at and no guide price yet.

As always a good selection of Fourteens for sale on

We are still trying to identify the chassis number of this elusive German TA 14 Special in order to update the records. These photos were taken at an event in Germany in 2011, do you know the contact details for the owner?

The Saloon with the tram photo in the last Post has now been confirmed to have been driving around Edinburgh and not Glasgow so an edit will be made. Eagle eyes identified the trams as belonging to Edinburgh so many thanks. Another photo with probably a Maroon Fourteen has now been received from France showing such a different world to the crowded roads today. Can anyone read the numberplate?

Another photo arriving from France shows a nice aspect through the front window of a Worblaufen or Graber bodied TA 14 at the 1948 Geneva Motor Show and emphasises how modern some TA 14s were.

Trouble is you can find a couple of hours have disappeared whilst you then go on to the next interesting historic car clips on You Tube and the next and the next.

‘Driving through old London 1950’ shows a Grey Carbodies with a fawn hood parked at the side of the road. The clip is most enjoyable to watch and lasts 5 minutes twenty seconds. The Carbodies comes up at about 2 minutes twenty seconds but don’t blink. Can anyone identify the numberplate?

In the May 2020 Post there were details about the first edition of a book about Carbodies by Bill Munro.
Bill is now working on a second edition due to be out for Christmas 2021. There will be an expanded Section for Carbodies TA 14s and a special price will be offered for pre orders to Members of the Alvis Owner Club.
Interesting information from Bill confirms ‘Alvis was in the frame for building the engine for the Ferguson R5, but that project was abandoned.’ So would the Ferguson have been entitled to be treated the same as the Alvis engined Healey? In 1950, he (Harry Ferguson) started a new company, Harry Ferguson Research Ltd, with the aim of creating a safe family car with a four-wheel-drive system. The resulting R5 was at least forty years ahead of its time both in the technology it incorporated and in its overall design. Comfort and responsiveness were also significantly ahead of contemporary cars.

They did make the axles for the Novi-Ferguson 4WD Indy car of 1964 so that is something else for flying the Alvis flag.

A very nice Tickford, chassis 23249 has now been sold in The Netherlands and is relocating to Germany. Interesting to note that there are German requirements affecting trafficators and indicators. Unlike Britain where we can potter around with non flashing trafficators, in Germany the flashing lights are mandatory for the local cars.

A second generation Carbodies owner has just completed a respray of his car following a long restoration. As the car was bought back into the family it must be wonderful to see her back in the colour you knew as a child. A paint flake to the original Maroon was colour matched so if anyone is intending a Maroon respray at anytime in the future I can put you in touch with the owner and his paint supplier. I understand Red Triangle can also spray to the originally specified paint colour.

Classic Car Weekly around the 27th August, page 8, contained an Interesting letter by the Motoring Historian for the AAT about the first deliveries of TA 14s.
Obviously impressed the magazine staff as he was awarded a bottle of Autoglym!

A very nice Mulliners has recently changed hands in Australia and is now driving around in lovely surroundings. Just the place to have a set of White Wall tyres that set the colour scheme off so nicely.

There is a 1 kilometre drive down a dirt road to get to the main road but looks like this TA 14 just takes it in her stride.

Hope all goes well with everyone in these difficult times.


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