Farewell to Winter!!

Spring is springing and thoughts are now likely to turn to the garage and occupants.

21830 (Aunty May) has settled into her new garage and now the process begins to ensure that everything is to the standard required for a TA 14s comfort.

Amazing how garage doors have moved on from the old days of the draughty up over doors with their ample ventilation and lack of heat conservation. So the 2 old doors are to be taken out and an insulated sectional single door replacement should arrive to be fitted by the end of the month. Lots of extras available now including parking sensors, alarms, auto stop should the rear not be fully in the garage. Really like Christmas but before Meghan gained the expression it has always been (What Aunty May wants Aunty May gets!) like many other Fourteen owners know to their cost!

A similarly cherished car was the subject of an Article about extras in 1967. A combination of extras when new and retro fits with Part 2 next month. Not sure many map reading lights will be fitted new today.

One of the extras not available from new were seatbelts. It is not uncommon to see front seat belts fitted but not rear. Now seat belts have been fitted to the rear of Drophead in Australia for the control and protection of children.

These photos show the fixings and results. Further details can be obtained for any one having similar requirements.

Another browse around the Archives of 1967 produced an interesting page of Alvis advertisements, another world. Quite a few TA 14s for sale many with technical problems that may have hastened their end. Interesting the student wanting a TA 14 to commute between London and York. Obviously wanted a solid reliable car,

The Mulliners mentioned in last month’s post has been sold by Mathewsons at Auction for £2902. Hopefully she will be restored and not broken up but we wait to see.

In the event you missed out on JZ 9758 there is another nice restoration project now for sale on carandclassic.co.u.k. and the price looks good. The sale is not by way of an Auction and the £2996 asking price looks realistic with the vendor’s description of the car. Chassis no. 23382, KUU 378.

Also on carandclassic classic, 2 very nice Specials remain for sale but not quite at the asking price of a ‘Racing Green’ Special that was up for sale at a Bonhams Auction in America in 2016. So next time you get ‘What’s it worth’? you can nonchalantly say ‘one went for $214500!

“…. this Racing Green Engineering-built Alvis 3-Litre Special is based on Alvis TA14 chassis no. 21251; a chassis completed at the Alvis Motorcar Company in 1938. As was quite common for these cars, 21251 wasn’t fully assembled at the works until the immediate post-WWII years ….


Please note that this vehicle is titled as a 1948.”

Not aware of any TA 14s assembled before the War.

We were searching for the fate of this car in June 2019 and an eagle eyed reader has been able to add another piece to the TA 14 jigsaw.

The Dutch blue Drophead believed to be bodied by Veth remains for sale as does the Carbodies in poor condition.

For anyone seriously considering a Drophead the red car is very worthy of closer examination. For older Members of the Alvis Owner Club the registration ARB 14 may ring a bell. Yes it is the car owned by the late Ron Buck and the photographs remind us of what a Special Carbodies she is. Don’t miss out on this one.

Another ‘dream car’ is Marilyn’. On carandclassic but strangely not showing up when you put in TB 14 to search. She was listed on the 14th February and is an absolute stunner, the picture does not lie. She was the subject of an extensive restoration and now available in Australia for £55k.

Couple of restoration/Special projects available on the AOC site. TA14 Carbodies DHC

Restoration Project; requires engine rebuild. With V5 Historic Taxed until Jan 2021. Engines, gearboxes, other parts also available, please see below.

Jack Meredith 07808897117 or Peter Milne 07710 187410.

TA14 Mulliner 4 door Sports Saloon

Rolling body, good candidate for a special. With V5 Historic taxed until 2021.

Engines, gearboxes, other parts also available, please see below. Jack Meredith 07808897117 or Peter Milne 07710 187410

We have some spares required for an owner in Canada trying to complete their car so if anyone can help that would be much appreciated. Let me know if you can help and I’ll put you in touch.

Plate ref# Part Number Name Quantity

F55 C2515 Adjuster link LH 2

F56 C2516 Adjuster link RH 2

F70 C2539 Contact plate 2

F77 C2551 Expander unit, Tappet 1

F81 C2555 Expander unit, Roller 4

In the 1960s a Company called Ruddspeed made a series of decanters styled as classic car radiators. What a talking point. Sadly have not found one done as an Alvis radiator. They were sold in upmarket establishments such as Harrods but now fetch good prices on the pre owned market. This Bugatti example is perhaps the closest with a red top!

For those with an interest in the Tickford Model it is still possible to purchase a book about the Salmons Company of Newport Pagnell who were also Tickford Coachbuilders. This review highlights and recommends the book. There are second hand copies around but rather eye watering prices.

Only 299 shopping days until Christmas so put out a hint?

Idiosyncratic is a word used to describe our cars and this Article from 2007 pulls together some questions. Some we win and some we don’t!

The Alvis Census forms have now started to be delivered for recording so many thanks to everyone who filled them in. For anyone who missed the census for any reason let me know and I’ll send you a form. Don’t forget the people census also arrives in March so plenty to keep us occupied.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring let’s hope Covid 19 allows us time with our cars.


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4 Responses to Farewell to Winter!!

  1. Adam gilchrist says:

    Great post,most timely…I have fitted new rear springs to the rear of my to 14 but alough thy are with some difficulty attached at each end l am having difficulty re attaching the axle!..apparently a. Spring straightener is needed!.does anyone in the Guildford area have one I can borrow,or any advice most welcom…Adam gilchrist…

  2. Wim Decraemer | OCVT says:

    Hello Eileen

    Some news for you

    I am the owner of the 1948 TA14 n22092
    My number plate is 0 AFB 825
    The car runs almost daily…
    Best regards

    Wim Decraemer
    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    • eileen4tatb14s says:

      Hi Wim,
      Nice to hear from you and many thanks for the confirmation.
      So nice to hear that your beautiful Mulliners runs almost daily.
      hope to see her driving by sometime on a European trip.

  3. Hope you are successful, Good Luck.

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