Many will have enjoyed the exciting and successful landing of the Mars probe recently and witnessed the stunning new photos of Jezero Crater, an area of the Martian surface hitherto out of range of previous probes. The probe’s mission is to seek out signs of ancient life. Not so many people are aware that the time delay for the photos allows for the screening of the photos by NASA just in case a little green Martian waves at the camera!

What you may ask does this have to do with Alvis TA 14s?

Well, one of those photos screened and withheld is of great interest to us. Whilst not in the Edward Snowden level of WhistleBlower we are blessed with the son of an American TA 14 owner working at NASA who has provided us the photo the world needs to see and you saw it first here. At first it looked like another rock but as the exploration approached a familiar shape seemed to appear.

How long languishing in the parched desert climate we can only conjecture?

The late and much lamented Ken Day was the Author of the Alvis ‘Bible’ in 4 editions.

Most bookcases will contain a copy of at least one edition and it may be that the book has not been taken down and studied for sometime. This review of the excellent tome is a reminder that the editions changed in the material content as highlighted by this review. Something for a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

At the other end of the classic car spectrum is this book. Not likely to make the Best Seller List but obviously content that could prove useful!

Some interesting cars are available at the moment.

The first one being a red TB 14 that looks to be a good one. A car that has not been seen on the road for many years the sale particulars make interesting reading. As the Auction finishes on the 1st April you still have time to bid. Chassis no. 23515, MZ 9788.

The TA 14 Special on remains available and shows what attractive Specials can be made when the Mulliners body has gone. Chassis 23351, EDN 690.

Anyone who is interested in a TA 14 Drophead Tickford that has been fully restored has an opportunity to purchase one that is finishing restoration shortly. The car is available at well known Alvis fettlers M.C.I., email and then just enjoy the drive.

Mathewsons of ‘Bangers and Cash’ fame have a Carbodies chassis 22858 for sale at their next virtual Auction in April.

Another interesting Auction description could well be temptation for a possible purchaser. The car sold previously at Action back in November 2018 and reached over £16k including buyer’s premium.

It is nice to see that the Nave Plates still retain the middle ring as a painted area. It has always been a matter of debate as to whether the ring should show the colour of the bodywork or interior. Chassis 21830, ‘Aunty May’ was black originally and the Nave Plate colour was always Black. The interior has always been RAF blue. It was the purchaser’s discretion as to the colour painted on the Nave Plates.

So if anyone has just plain chrome then time to think again.

The new series of Bangers & Cash’ featuring Mathewsons starts on the Freeview Yesterday Channel 26 on Thursday at 8 p.m.

Garage Doors are the gateway to our cherished Fourteens and no doubt come in all shapes and sizes. It maybe that some might have an Alvis triangle above the door but with today’s technology the sky is the limit.

Whilst delighted to be a Fourteen owner, the thought of a 747 might be tempting but of somewhat limited practicality so this might be the next best thing for a 3 car garage.

Another peripheral that is said to be growing in popularity is the category Car Jewellery! Yes there is one. Originally focused on upstaging the traditional ribbons, all Manner of swags and swathes can be purchased for adornment. So the next Wedding or Prom night there are options available.

As extras have always been tempting here is the second part of the Article on available spares from the years gone by, no GPS or Mobile phone here.

Douglas Bader is often shown driving or being driven in a 3 litre but not his first love.

From the Memoirs of George Clarke we are told he wanted a TA 14 Drophead.

A Carbodies Dhc. is making excellent in Canada but needs some bumpers, can anyone help. Foreign owners are usually very good at arranging shipping. This car was exported new so will be nice to see her out on the roads over there in due course.

Finally the news of a Hybrid Alvis on the main site reinforces the move to electric vehicles mentioned last year in my March 31 post with the ‘Electric Blue’ car employing Tesla crashed vehicle components.

Summer is on its way and maybe the Roadmap will steer us out of Covid 19 restrictions!!

Where did I park it????

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  1. alvisarchive says:

    The Archive Trust holds a stock of Ken Day’s Fourth Edition for sale to Followers – if you would like one, just reply to this and we will contact you direct.

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