Please put on your detective hats….

Every so often we receive a request to help people find TA/TB 14s that were known to people in their youth. Sometimes we can help and put people in touch, sometimes we can confirm the fate of the car and lastly we just have to keep looking.

One recent enquiry was for a black Drophead with a tan roof and that was all the information that the original enquiry contained. The car had produced very happy memories. Discussions by email ensued and we then had the name of the relative. Dominos fell into place as the relation had been a Member of the Alvis Owner Club so we then identified KLM 51, chassis 22408 as the missing Black Tickford with a tan roof. Then able to see that our last known contact was in 1986 when she attended International Alvis Day. At the time she was living with a jeweller Mr Postlethwaite in Southgate, London then West Kensington. The very useful DVLA site shows the numberplate still with the car and the colour remains Black. We are hopeful that she may still be around. Further enquiries are ongoing but can anyone help with further and more recent information.

Also does anyone have a photograph that shows the car, maybe from the 1986 International Alvis Day? An email copy would be fine to pass on to the searcher.

On the books of ‘Oldtimer in Belgium is Tickford Chassis 20792, sadly not the number above we are looking for. She looks to be a very attractive car, right hand drive and the asking price is 35950 euros. Masses of photos to look at and the website is or look on

Chassis 23351 is a very attractive Special and has been advertised at £27 495, quite a high price for a TA 14 Special but the Fourteen Specials being produced now have some very attractive versions. The proof of the pudding is that the site shows that she is now sold. Should you have missed out on that one then there is a ‘baby Bentley’ for sale in Paris for £46000 or near offer. Another very attractive TA 14 Special that will gain many admiring glances. These and other details can be seen on

Chassis 22569 is a well known Carbodies in the Alvis Owner Club, her owner having held some of the highest positions in the Club. Currently based in Scotland she is well worth a look and again is shown on

Many will watch the excellent series ‘Bangers and Cash’ on the Yesterday channel and indeed seen TAs and TBs for sale by Auction there. A recent visit was made to Mathewsons to discuss the possible sale of a Ford Granada Scorpio 2.9. Derek the head of the family could not have been more kind and helpful, so nice to meet someone who is as nice off screen as on.

Further advice with regards to the prototype 3L2 shown last month with photographs confirm that the car was primarily used by the Chairman and M.D. of Alvis at the time Mr J.J.Parkes. He liked the car because of his inventive nature and camping pursuits. One wonders then why that prototype did not develop further as many others might have valued the car for its similar attractive qualities.

The Carbodies being restored in Canada, chassis 22324 is close to completion and we’ll soon be able to post up photos. She has lived all her life in Canada and been off the road since 1972. Looking resplendent in Red and Cream plus Whitewall tyres she will be a head turner when she goes out on the local roads of Ottawa. She is an inspiration to everyone who has a project in the wings in a garage as she has been with her current owner since 1972.

Interesting to come across historians and researchers investigating all manner of niche interests relating to transport. One such researcher is piecing together the history of Abbotts Workshops (E.D.Abbott Ltd.)and here our worlds collide. The research is to track down the identity of a 1950 TA 14 Woodie that was seen in the Workshops at the time. It was believed to belong to a Mr Crichton who was probably the first owner. The website shows an insight into that Coachbuilding world and is on

The red plaque shown there illustrates the interest in Motoring heritage and nicely compliments the blue.

Finally more Alvis Owner Club census forms have come through to process. In the event you owned your car last year we can still provide forms so that your car can be recorded in case for one reason or another you have not yet completed the form that takes only a couple of minutes.

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