Engine Blocks for sale

Yes there is a rare opportunity to acquire 6 Alvis engine blocks for the sum

 of £250 for the lot. Yes for the lot not each! You never know when you

 might have a cracked block in the future.

2 of the blocks are from TA 14s but we do not yet know the engine numbers. The numbers on the TA 14 blocks are 233T and T261, they will be checked again shortly to try and find more numbers.

3 of the blocks are for TA 21s and the numbers are 24080, 24367 and 24565.

1 block is for a TC21/100 and has the number 25273.

The blocks are located in the north west of England and a purchaser should work on the basis of buyer collects.

It might be possible to purchase an individual block but that will be up to the vendor and the offer made.

The reason for the sale is that the farmhouse where they are located is to be sold.

For further information contact Martin at martinrbury@aol.com

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