Richard Williamson – A True Believer

Very sorry to announce that Richard passed away recently and his funeral has now been held.

Richard was a true enthusiast for TA 14s in all their forms.

Richard owned 3 TA 14s, a Carbodies Drophead Coupe, a Woodie bodied by Jensen, subsequently rebodied about 1963 by Thomas William Marshall and was in the process of creating a Special by rebodying a Mulliners to a Saloon body and that is work in progress. He had lifelong interest in our cars and is a great loss to our world of Fourteen enthusiasts. He purchased his cherished Carbodies Dhc. , chassis and engine 22388 in 1968 and had one of the longest custodianship of a TA 14 for 54 years. The car is a good example of a car that was used and kept in good running order as opposed to Concours. Richard and the car were attendees at various Alvis Owner Club Days. In 1970 he added a Mulliners Saloon, chassis 22318 engine 22100 to the stable and this car was the Special he was working on. In 1981 he added a Woodie to the stable, chassis 20977 engine 22318 and this remained another good working car.

As expected with this fleet he left a copious quantity of spares!

Sadly there are no family members who can carry on the Alvis experience in the family.

Our sympathies are to his widow Anne and son Brent who will always have the happy memories of Richard and his Alvises.

Ideally a purchaser is sought for the 3 three cars and assortment of spares.

See Abay Section for details

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